Wednesday, January 04, 2006

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Yes, I've been gone awhile. It's been so busy when I'm at the Desk that there's barely time to breathe. Plus, we are now keeping a log on paper for the director, so I don't want to keep track of two of them. Call me lazy. Whatever.

Today I'm here because Librarian F is a jerk. That's the condensed version. She's at home "sick" or pretending to be. Whateverwhatever.
What I'm doing between questions: updating Dewey changes.

* Note left from librarian previous about calling a patron re discussion questions for The Great Gatsby
* Pay for print jobs -and- discussion of why a website he accesses elsewhere won't work here [this from TGWSAMIT]
* Help with uploading photos from his Kodak disc [multiple times]
* The guy who fell last week asks for his headphones back, commenting wryly that he doesn't much look like his ID photo: two black eyes, scraped nose and cheeks. I feel bad for him
* Descriptive videos, for visually impaired people. We don't have any; can we buy? [emailed request to director and took patron's name]
* Woman talking on cell phone...shhhh dammit!
* More help for photo guy; plus he's run out of time on the 'net [I give him a little more time]
* Take printouts of Gatsby questions I dug up to Circ Desk in order to stay awake; I consider eyedrops, then figure it's too much trouble right now
* "Why is it printing this garbage?" [I show him how to copy/paste into a Word document]
* Confused patron looking for October '05 Reader's Digest [it's checked out] and a Field & Stream article cited in another issue of RD [which I can't find, but I did find the book written by the guy in the article, so she's thrilled]
* Pay for print jobs [$4.40!]
* Pay for print jobs (the guy with the garbage issues) [we barter down to 15 cents after I make him feel guilty]
* Photo guy needs MORE time...sigh
* Sweet Trans. is back again...but then, when is he not here?


* Copier repair guy needs keys
* "You got a book on display cases." [Fortunately I overheard the previous librarian talking to this guy on the phone and walk back to where we're holding it at circ]
* SAM registration
* Display case dude can't find the instructions for display cases in the book. He opens it here and, voila! there it is [God, I'm good!]
* Copier guy explains a bunch of stuff about the drum in the copier needing to be broken in...(blahblahblah). He's about twenty-teen and puppyish, and I couldn't possibly care less about the repairs. But he's doing his best to be helpful, so multiple points to him for that
* Scissors
* Stapler [same guy]
*[phone] Golf Digest for last month (Dec 05)
* Chessboard
[there is a guy sitting 30 yards from me with music on so loud I can hear it from here--he's the guy who never talks so I think I'll just have to let him go deaf with no intervention]
* Yesterday's Wall St. Journal, and the NY Times, which isn't here...hmmm...
* Scissors are back [I swear he already brought them back--I'm losing it]
* Renter's rights in [our state], and change to make copies of what I found
*[intercom] "Where is that Golf Digest you pulled?" [right there, I promise]
* "Numismatics" [we find some books on coins for him]
* Renter asks me to look up how much money she owes in fines [$1.90]
[At what point did I really think wearing a wool sweater to work today was a good plan?]
* The rest of the Scott Stamp Catalog for this year? [to be shelved]
* Photo guy thanks me on his way out and says he "enjoyed my help" [I'm now officially creeped out]

I'm free, I'm free!! Librarian K is here. Back to the batcave.