Sunday, April 20, 2008

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: collecting all the books left laying around and sorting them onto a shelving cart (yes, it's supposed to be done by teenage pages, but most of these things have been sitting around waiting for over a month), fixing the call numbers for foreign films [unfinished], and prepping the Demand order for entering.

  • "Those terminals don't have the internet on them"
  • "Call of the Wild" only with lots of commentary about the area and the author, no year... [can't find it; she's going to call her friend who has it and ask for some more info and call me back]
  • Classified ads
  • "Check the kids' room for open internet stations"
  • Magazines from 2001 [I introduce her to microfilm--"COOL!"]
  • How do I find books in my Lexile score? [damn--at least she knows what it is]
  • Which computer did it assign me?
  • Where is this book? [the new books section]
  • Classifieds return
  • When did Enron first hit the news? [World Book]
  • Which computer did it assign me?
  • Playgroup mom from 12 years ago--omg, is that her little girl??
  • Where is this book? [eventually we find that he only needs to finish his bibliography; I show him the catalog record and introduce him and his friend to WorldCat citations]
  • ...ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Random memories:
  • How to listen to CDs on the computer [I spend about 20 minutes off and on with him]
  • How to print pictures...but I've never used a computer, and can't be bothered to learn now [probably close to 45 minutes]
  • Scissors
  • Do you have a typewriter?
  • Circ person brings me a message to return a call
  • Can I use a study room? [sure, go nuts!]
  • Scissors come back to me, point first [niiiiice]
  • The light bulb on the microfilm reader just went out [I go shut the machine off and turn it right back on...and it works again]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Books on Rx drugs
  • How to print just page one from Yahoo! mail [I can't get it to work]
  • ....and I'm sure I've forgotten a ton of others...
  • AAARGHHHHHHH!!! Panic stations continue....till about 3:20
  • Do I need to check in with you to use the internet? [nope]; but I can't remember my password [I look it up]
  • I need to type something up on Word [good luck with that--I send him into the kids' room to see if there are any workstations available there]
  • Call back message--do we have anything by a group called "Ten Years" [no]
  • [I go check to make sure the rest of the building is under control--so much for trying to do that a couple of times an hour...]
  • How do I find the résumé template in Word? [Start Bar--oooooh]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Of course: the mom-and-kids from hell are here [she calls 'em "little bastards" under her breath when they misbehave...which they seem incapable of not doing]
  • Paper needed in printer [uh-no]
  • CD-listener is done, but now what [I show him out to eject the disc and log off]
  • Closing announcement done early [GET THE #&%*$ OUT!!!!]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Stapler
  • Peter Himmelman "Time Just Flew" guitar chords [lots of other songs by him, but not that one]
  • Pay for print jobs x2
  • Did my resume save when the computer shut down? [nope, sorry]
  • FINALLY everyone leaves....