Thursday, January 03, 2008

6:00 -9:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: whole bunches of stuff (not).

  • [...and right off the bat, I break a nail...]
  • YA staffer asks where People Mag is for a kid [back here behind the desk]
  • Headphones
  • People is returned
  • [IMing with family member who works in academia--her library gets to close early; I'm incredibly envious]
  • Serial Killer dude arrives...and says hi
  • Headphones returned
  • [It's dead--I'm going to wander around clearing books off I stay awake!!] [Someone else beat me to it--all I found was one religious tract]
7:00 (in the kids' room til 7:30)
  • Headphones returned x3
  • Headphones x2
  • These headphones don't work [I swap with her, and throw the bad ones away--they cost us around 80 cents per pair]
  • Headphones
[Back to regular Reference desk]
  • Bible in Spanish
  • Register for Internet [new card, should work to just sit down and login]
  • Return headphones
  • Can I watch someone's homework? [sure]


  • Ownership info for address [hey, we can look up prop. taxes now, instead of just relying on the criss-cross...except that address isn't listed] This question is from a Crazy-Ass Paranoia Woman who is sure her ex-husband is trying something...and she rattles on and on and on...for half an hour. I finally tell her if she has no further questions I really need to get back to work.
  • Return headphones
  • Look up SAM ID #
  • Homework is retrieved [I'd totally forgotten it!]
  • [phone] New translation of The Iliad by Ian Johnston (we'll have to ILL it)
  • [closing announcement]
  • Where is my print job?