Wednesday, October 12, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: praying that it stays very quiet and no one asks anything complicated tonight: we're short (again) and my eyes are having a very bad time with focusing on things like spine labels and computer screens. Otherwise, switching over to the Updated Subject List since I'm all caught up with Death Dates; well, with checking them in the catalog.

  • Fermentation (for a college lab report) [why she is not at a college library I don't know]
  • I make an announcement about a car in the lot that was apparently parked by a drunken, a very nice older gentleman [once we know it's his car, I just tell him he's gotta not park on the sidewalk in the future, please]
  • Our paranoid letter-writer has been here, literally, all day doing something online [she called last night to make sure it was ok if she used the computer all day to type her genealogy into some governmental site--whatever that means] 
  • And our Weds night group home folks arrive: Wild Wild West (as in books on), Halloween, fire engines, Zoom! [I have to ILL the last one]
  • It's hotter than heck--on goes the fan that is always here now
  • Oooh, Ms. Paranoia is gone! yay
  • Soundtrack from "Ice Castles" (hello, my early teenage years!!!) [another ILL to do]
  • How many magazines can be checked out at once? [no limit]
  • Librarian KT is walking around like the ground is made of eggshells [sciatica flare up]; she can't walk, I can't see, together we make one semi-functional librarian
  • "How do I log out of Yahoo mail now?"[I show him] then welding books, then National Geographics
  • Call about Free: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff request [audible download only; no book, no CD--but now I know that she watches Bill Maher, as do I]
  • Eraser ... oh, and pen?
  • Tech calls to let me know that Ms. Paranoia has left the director another note. Sealed inside an envelope so we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what's buzzing around her brain today...sigh
  • "I got a call that the things I requested are here" [thump on the desk goes her giant bag purse--I explain that they are up front, after I ascertain that these "things" are books/DVDs/etc. not something extremely weird we might actually have here at Reference; she looks moderately put out and not sure she should trust me]
  • Different tech comes past on an errand and asks if we can tell from a cancelled hold where something came from [I check my record of cancellations...apparently not, which is weird]
  • Go on my mid-shift wander to make sure no one is naked or dead anywhere in the building, and pick up 3 more reserves from circ, all for DVDs
  • People using study room sign out
  • "Where are the restrooms?" [point and explain]
  • An hour till closing announcement
  • "Can I use a study room?" [sure, why not?]
  • Refill all the paper in printers/copiers/etc.
  • It's dead in here, just a matter of the computers shutting down and herding the stragglers to the door...
  • Dude in the study room is NOT leaving....grrr...ah now he is
We are finally getting shook of Librarian J a.k.a. Crazy Cat Lady. This is her last week of work. So of course she took today off. Weird that she hasn't had to call in sick once she she scheduled the rest of her time off so carefully. Anyway, that's why I'm going to be on the desk more often for the foreseeable future, especially on Weds. nights when she normally held things down here. So it's a trade-off, but overall, no one's exactly sad to see her leave.

Friday, October 07, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: checking the Death Dates lists--from August and September this year!--against our catalog.

  • Blowers are off today so it's deathly quiet out here today; every keystroke can be heard
  • "Does the printer print in color?" from someone with blue lipstick and a lip-ring [yes, if you tell it to, and she's quite nice]
  • I am old: what's this thing with baseball caps that look like they just landed on guys' heads, rather than guys wearing them? It looks ridiculous (also, wearing Miami Dolphins colors--teal and tangerine--is an interesting tribute to people in Florida dealing with Hurricane Matthew)
  • Boss stops by; we may not get the blower fixed till Monday. Yay--I work Sunday. It's like breathing tropical air in here already
  • Guest pass, but suggest he get a library card
  • Help making a photocopy
  • [Operatic Farter is leaving, fartless today]
  • Four leftover ILLs completed. Seriously, why weren't they done by the person who started them??
  • Black Hole Blues [put on hold for him]
  • "Did that last guy have an accent?" as he returns his Ethernet cable...[no...? I don't think so? and here's your card back]
  • How to pay to print
  • [finally starting the Death Dates list...]

  • dead for 20 minutes
  • [phone] Librarian K asking for the first two Hobbit movies [on his way back from his honeymoon--needs something to do tonight with the kids; I pull them and leave them in his inbox]
  • More paper in printer--woman just printed about 50 pages
  • Help with printing, and then with printing blown-up print job on copier
  • Boss walks through--maybe we'll have blowers before we close
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Staff member's family is visiting, adorable little redheaded granddaughter included
  • Blower tries to start several times...nope
  • And...yes, it's on!! Sounds a bit off, but blowing air!
  • Latest guest pass person asks for a wipe--the keyboard is greasy [ew]; we have Clorox wipes and she takes one\
  • ...and help her print
  • Killing Kennedy [on the shelf--I grin maniacally as she tells me how GOOOOOOD this series is!! Finding the book for her "made [her] day." OK, so not my thing, but it's always fun to have seriously happy patrons]
  • Help with faxing [dude is 5 years younger than me and looks like he's about to keel over]

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: mostly just chatting to people and keeping this up to date. It was a little busy!

  • It's busy today--kids are out for conferences and the homeless are appearing...or something. Anyway, a LOT of faces, several of them new. And the usual people as well. Including:
  • The Operatic Farter: long, loud, musical, and occasionally stinky
  • The FOL Guy: super-nice, was in the paper last month for getting arrested for disturbing the peace & vandalism
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: NEW! tall skinny and hairy proto-hipsters x 3. Possibly meth-heads. Homeless?
  • Ponytail Gamer: used to be an aide with the SPED kids, now spends hours every day here playing a really weird game online.
  • Return of Big City Paper That Gets Stolen if we leave it out
  • Study room sign-in
  • More time for a guest user whose time just blew up [I give her a new day-pass and extend her time immediately]
  • Longish chat with FOL Guy
  • How to print from a laptop
  • Hello to/from family that usually comes in half an hour prior to closing
  • Proto-Hipsters decide to leave, so they turn their iTunes to max volume for the walk to the front of the building [and I "no no no" them, and then realize the "Pirates.." moniker is for the shitastic eyeline one of them is sporting; the loud one says, "Sorry, I didn't realize..." dumbass]
  • Commercial motor vehicle operator instruction series which is not anywhere in this state. After some back-and-forth, she decides one disc is fine to examine to see if she wants to buy the set for $600 on Amazon [and then I hear some random story about a doll? or something she bought from American Dollar Store that actually came from Amazon...blah blah blah]
  • Sign in for study room
  • Discover that there are old reserves sitting here--finish those up, including an ILL for Like Finding My Twin [I might snag this when the patron's done for a quick perusal]
  • Laptop printing person successfully prints off a zillion pages [ I 💚 PrinterOn]
  • ILL tech needs a port, so I volunteer the one I'm just finishing up with and log out
  • The population is currently half what it was an hour ago....I'm that scary?
  • Help with Excel I get the grade too?
  • Study room sign-out
  • Librarian C needs a port ... and then 2-year-old patron and mom need to meet our puzzle horse
  • ...and a lengthy gossip section ensues because Librarians M and KT appear with questions for us
  • KT wants the teen series called "Prey" separated from the adult series called "Prey" in the catalog (duh, yes, I should know better)
  • Help with Excel [I know NOTHING about charts and tables!] and she sort of thinks she's got it figured out anyway
  • Guest pass and help with printing
  • ....and DONE!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: not cataloging any of the (no exaggeration) 1000+ items in my backlog, and looking at subject heading changes from March through May. Librarian J is on vacation this week--after calling in sick Tues-Fri last week--and Librarian B is sick today, so I'm filling in as usual. And there's really not a lot of "in between" time.

  • Report back about Sunday hours at a nearby local library [and they have study rooms there too, which is what he's mostly concerned about
  • [Big-City] newspaper comes back so I can keep it safely behind the desk
  • [phone] Three paperback mystery books we don't own--we'll buy the two published this year and hope the other one is available to ILL
  • Help with scan-print station
  • Books to help get ramped up for taking nursing classes [and by gosh we have a lot!]
  • Nonresident registration to use internet
  • "Why won't my card let me log on the net?" [expired, easy fix]
  • That takes us to 12:25
  • "Where do I print?" [she's an oldie who knows where the printer used to be, but not how to use the 15-month-old system, lol]
  • ILL is done and entered
  • Sunday hours dude needs a study room, so I go evict the person here the longest
  • Another guy comes in for a study room, so I empty the middle one since the tutor using it has disappeared from sight
  • I go to check that I'm not going to get kneecapped for doing that; by the time I get back her stuff is gone--hope it was she who took it!
  • Help printing from wi-fi
  • Help with creating a tear-off public sign
  • Same guy needs to print something else from wi-fi
  • Cuh-RAAzy person arrives and talks to my relief person, Librarian K [I get to the workroom and summon K. for a "question/conference" back here]

2:00 [children's dept.]
  • HOLY CRAP -- Summer Reading Program checkins galore!
  • Nonna here with here grandchildren whose cards are so expired they aren't even in the system anymore; no she can't sign for them--has to be a parent--no she can't take the apps home and bring them back signed...poor kids, Nonna has also had a pop or two today :'(
  • Mayhem in the playing area, by the way; and loud giggling 9-year-old boys playing Minecraft on the computers
  • I know I keep saying this, but holy's never-ending in here! Bathroom keys, 1000 Books stuff, SRP stuff, Nonna From Hell....
  • Gigglers leave. Thank God. Refreshingly quieter, despite the squealers in the play area
  • Just realized I never ate lunch....

  • Ran to a nearby gas station and picked up a small bag of popcorn and an oatmeal cookie for lunch, at 3 p.m.; yay eating like an adult!!
  • Library MR: "Please read this and tell me if I missed something or it's not clear" [because we suspect the director should not be allowed to work the SRP desk if he can't follow directions--multiple complaints]
  • YA guest internet pass
  • Multiple kids (tweens) out here playing Minecraft--I can see six eight screens from where I'm sitting. And three of them are in front of boys with snacks so I get to go be the mean librarian....
  • "YA reading checkins are upstairs today.." [I love this girl though--she's from Uganda and smart as a whip academically and socially]
  • Earbuds purchase
  • ...and the snacking continues so I go remind them that I literally can't help but see them whenever I look up because of the way the desk is situated in relation to their computers; last warning before ejection
  • Of course, the smart girl (above) is wandering around with a lollipop in her mouth...ugh
  • Change internet password
  • "I reserved a study room"--well, there's (luckily) one free, but we don't do reservations..."The woman who is on vacation this week said she's write me in The Book" [we don't have A Book, not for anything like that]--email to staff asking WTF?!
  • Smart girl and her two cousins can't seem to get online; we change passwords, I look up the cousins' card #s and eventually they're all settled online
  • When I look up, six fewer Minecrafters, including the snackers -- hurrah
  • Cousins' dad (uncle?) needs to use the stapler 
  • "Can I copy these somewhere?"--very nice lady, and yes
  • Travel stuff for [town near where I went to college]--I show her the area we keep brochures on the metropolitan area it's in
  • [phone] Tech/Circ person calls in response to WTF email that four or five people got an email from Librarian J on Saturday about this because they were on the schedule for 4-6 today so that's all who would probably need to know [which is ludicrous since the schedule changes minute-by-minute around here!! why not throw caution to the wind and send the email to {{gasp!!}} everyone?!]

  • Somewhat nutty patron wanders by and stops to say "Hi, Girl!!" She's a riot--though she doesn't always make sense and she can seem rather combative
  • "How do I get online?"
  • How to get the microfilm back on the original roll once you've looked at all of it
  • "What time is it?" for study room sign-in
  • How to print (for the new online person), and then how to get home [she's using the map from the local phone book, so I Google Map her a bigger map so she doesn't go blind walking]
  • ...for some reason that reminds me that it's garbage night, so I have to get all the stuff to the curb when I get home....maybe I won't stay late at work after all....
  • Interview lady is done
  • "Can old magazines be checked out? [Yes] Eyes light up: "is there a limit to how many??" [not, he's excited!]
  • Stapler returned, with pencil as interest
  • Tech: "I need candy--where's the adult prizes!?" [so I have a piece with her]
  • Can't log in--card is expired
  • Help scan-print
  • Card expired, and he doesn't have it anyway--back to circ for a new one
  • Tech (different one) asking about room thingy