Friday, September 08, 2006

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon; 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: Dewey updates (which I finished by 2:40, so I checked my RSS feeds after that).


  • Do we have any blank CDRWs? [nope, but I see 7 half-empty bottles of water and a coffee cup (empty?) instead....]
  • [I cut up more scratch paper as we're out of that, too]
  • Pencil & paper
  • [phone] Nearby library has lost part of the list someone did of all the Civil War casualties; can I photocopy the missing pages? [yup]
  • [I ask TechGuy if it's possible to (re-) program the function keys in Explorer; not that he knows of...rats. In turn, he asks if newly-installed monitor is "too high" and shows me the fancy new keyboards. We both agree: something else that can break. BUT, he knows where there are some CDRWs; too bad the guy who needed them has left]
  • Paper
  • Can I use my cell phone in a study room? [sure, as long as you don't shout]
  • Pencil & paper
  • Haven't used 'net here for a long do I do it?
  • [GrantGuy is here]
  • Do we have a computer catalog? [and then when I show him, he says, "Oh, duh."]

  • [As Librarian F leaves for lunch she whispers that Smelly Man has "already had his second hour of internet time" and he owes $3.65 for print jobs; I get to be the enforcer. Joy.]
  • How to print in color?
  • Guy comes over and stares at Kids & Internet Safety brochure and says, after I ask if he needs help, " org!" and walks back to his computer [Okie. Dokie.]
  • Renew someone else's internet time (someone who smells and looks better than Smelly Man)
  • [I call TechGuy to find out why the "renew time" guy isn't showing up on my list of people currently online--he fixes something from the Crypt and it should be good]
  • Headphones
  • [Internet station is weird]
  • [More time on net guy moves to different PC]
  • Truth & Beauty [our copy is missing] and Autobiography of a Face [we don't own] for a patron of a nearby library that is currently closed for rehab [I can't ILL for her as she's outside of our system]
  • Who in our system is abbreviated CW? [circ person]
  • Printer needs paper
  • Smelly Man has reupped his own time...somehow...[I'm too passive-aggressive to deal with him face-to-face...and I value my sinuses] TechGuy can't figure it out either but he shows me all kinds of new stuff that is coming on the upgrade, and also tells me we're getting all new PCs for one section as well as another new printer...woo-hoo
  • Yesterday's local paper [has disappeared]
  • Smelly Man stops to ask about Librarian H's baby [not here yet, she's on bedrest, and her name is so not anything close to "Debbie"]
  • Renew patron time [x 2]
  • Rats: Smelly Guy has returned...
  • Librarian H's mom arrives to "look over" our ESL collection; poor woman has to do this with Librarian F who will talk her ears off
  • Nice guy stops to reup his time and mentions that he logged in last night and got directly into someone else's email account [so much for the cache clearing automatically!]
  • Salesman from McFarland stops in [no one is here to talk to him]
  • [phone] Do we know of anyone who tutors high school Spanish? [I send him to a local tutoring agency]
  • Pencil
  • Wall St. Journal, yesterday's and today's
  • Sign up new Internet user [I need a T.M.I. placard]
  • Look up password for Internet use
  • [WHOA! Mr. Ick is here. He's usually only here in the mornings!]
  • Resume books
  • Sign up new Internet user, home on leave
  • Sign up new Internet user
  • [phone] Librarian D calls: any books on hold for him? [nope]
  • [phone] Circ Clerk M calls: are the tests in Learn-a-Test "real" tests? [yup]
  • Tech Y arrives to ask if I know if one of our patrons (whose name she doesn't know) has read the book in her hand [hellifIknow]
  • Librarian F is up next and I've got cataloging to do; of course, she's nowhere to be 3:10. Oh, well.
As soon as I hit my desk, my headphones go on and I start working on my stacks and stacks of cataloging.