Friday, December 28, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: let's put it this way: I forgot I had a headache it was so busy!

  • The first 4 questions are "how to download ebooks/eaudio" to new (Chrismas present) devices [I sure sound like I know what I'm talking about now]
  • Day pass for internet
  • I call back a woman who left us a message about 2 hours ago for reserves, and get those sorted
  • [phone] "What's the book club reading this month?" [uh...I go find the books and let her know]
  • FIRST time I haven't had people at the desk or on the phone: 3:35
  • Look up card # for internet
  • Books on Richard Feynman [our copy of Surely You're Joking... is gone. Boo! But I find the guy something else and put a hold on another copy of that one for him]
  • The woman whose number I looked up fubar'd the computer she was on, and left her banana (and a stack of "Cash for Gold" cards ??)
  • [phone] What's a [system name] Computer Catalog PIN?" for downloading Kindle books [yup, we should probably explain that on the brochure]
  • Final Journey not on the shelf where it belongs [er, yes, it was..."Dad, we were looking in the wrong place, I]

  • [phone] Local free magazine doing an article on arranging home libraries [I'm being interviewed, I guess--luck of the draw]
  • Help with printing
  • Game of Thrones on DVD and books 1 and 3 in the series [all are checked out so I place holds]; also, Pillars of the Earth DVD [that is here!]
  • Number-looked-up woman is back....and again she borks the computer when she leaves [sigh]; but she does remember her banana and cards this time [lol]
  • Two interior decorating books requested earlier are now on hold outside our system--yes, it's taken me 90 minutes to do this!!
  • [phone] New Dr. Phil book [ only being sold via his son's website, so we're stymied, but I take her name and we'll try to get it]
  • In a quiet moment, I refill the printers with paper
  • ...which apparently made EVERYONE leave me alone...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day Wednesday

What I'm doing between questions: checking old items on order, and adding notes to award-winning books. Cleaning up typos...also looking through the other cleanup projects, as usual

  • First person in: how to get on the wifi [I know what HE got for Christmas!]
  • ...then about 5 homeless guys
  • ....then our maintenance guy is dragged out here to see if he can fix the keyboard tray at the second ref computer, and I check online to see if we can't just BUY NEW ONES (these are 12 years old)
  • Mr Ick needs paper and a pen, also wishes me Happy New Year ("even though [he's] not supposed to talk to [staff]"--according to the letter he got last week) [and Librarian T follows close behind him to tell me that he had another run-in with staff on Saturday, so he's probably out of here for another few months--second banishment in the past 5 months for him]
  • [phone] Nope, no tax forms yet...
  • Paper
  • Interim Director comes down with the latest Demand order slips, and says she's not well, kinda nauseous ["are you pregnant?" I joke...]
  • [phone] Help with downloading ebooks... [they decide to come in later and get some hands-on help]
  • Paper & pencil
  • [phone] I.D. checking to making sure phones are working...uh, yeah?

  • Maintenance guy arrives to fix the keyboard tray...sigh
  • Fax
  • Head of Circ here to ask why we aren't charging anything for our way overdue copy of "Elf" [primarily because the data entry person didn't put in a price on the record, so I do that and she's happy]
  • And the keyboard trays are solid again, and as clean as they can be, but still hideously ugly
  • Paper &pencil
  • I.D. just emailed that she's going home sick: Turducken must not agree with her
  • "This is a strange call number; I don't know where to look" [006.7--yes libraries are weird: we start counting at 0]
  • And he needs the catalog and a pencil
  • [phone from circ] Anyone find a red MP3 player back there? [nope, sorry]
  • [phone] "Heat" on DVD, the one with De Niro [we don't own, but I place a hold for it to be sent here]
  • K it's 11:10 and no one is here to relieve me....ah, because I.D. was supposed to and no one looked at the schedule...Librarian C and I sort it out....and I get another hour this afternoon....whee (not)

  • Kelley Blue Book [we no longer carry it, but I get him the Red Book and tell him that Kelley is now online]
  • There is a LDS missionary gang here--no kidding there are about 6 of them--and at one point I have to shake my head and say "BOYS!" lol
  • Pay to print x 2
  • The people needing help downloading this morning are here, and since they're only downloading ebooks to a laptop, it's all good and easy (if time-consuming)
  • Fax
  • Catalog
  • No Easy Day [checked out and on holds list, so nevermind sez he] and The Lost Boy [here!! what a shock--those are never on the shelf!]
  • Found earring? [nope, and there's a note about it in the workroom, so we're all aware of who lost it if it should turn up--they never do...]
  • Today's local paper ... x2 [how freaky that they show up within 2 minutes of each other]
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 2 [nope, not here, so I do a request for order]
  • Computer not opening his external device [doesn't work on this computer either, and eventually he admits that it's not the cable that came with it, so it's probably something there]\
  • Complicated fax

Monday, December 17, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • First thing at the desk, someone's cell phone rings, he answers and it's either got the volume up all the way or it's on speaker--and THEN he tells the guy he's "got it shut on" [fortunately, the conversation, loud as it is, only lasts about a minute]
  • How to get to a file on his flash drive [brain burp--he knows how but went blank lol]
  • Mom of annoying girls from last week is back looking for a piece of paper she left...[yeah, we do clean up every day, and it probably got pitched with other papers, sorry]
  • Borrow scissors
  • Help darkening up a copy on the machine
  • Pay to print
  • Lost and found for reading glasses [YAY! We have dozens of these!]
  • Paper and pencils ("I really hate these pencils; can I borrow a pen?) [ok, sure]
  • Librarian C has a couple of questions re Large Print books she's double-checking post-processing in the catalog

Friday, December 14, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: reading news reports about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, and trying not to give in to despair. Also, placing holds on the material we just ordered for people

1:00 in the children's room
  • Quiet. Again. 
  • Cleaning guy needs keys to bathrooms (one of which is labeled, ominously, "Needs To Be Cleaned"--presumably the bathroom, not the key...)
  • And the keys are back, with the assurance that both bathrooms are "sparkling"

Thursday, December 13, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: back to those subject lists (I'm basically caught up with cataloging, so this is my life now).

11:00 in the children's room
  • Not a soul in here when I start--lovely, quiet, clean...sigh
  • But at 11:06 a grandpa (presumably) and his grandson come in
  • Storm Runner and something by Rick Riordan about Egypt? [got 'em both, the latter being The Red Pyramid]
  • Definitely Grandpa Day in the children's room: two more came in with their kidlets...
  • Cleaning guy wants to know how long after the program the dog will be here Saturday...I wouldn't count on it being very long....
  • Time for lunch!!

1:00 in the children's room
  • Ooooh, there are 3 people in here on the computers when I arrive: a wild crew (NOT)
  • ...and it never got busier, and no one needed me...

  • Two very needy little girls and their also very needy mom are making me absolutely crazy; and no, if our IT guy can't fix Mom's new tiny laptop, neither can I
  • Red Ink... we don't own, but if we did, it would be in 336.73 so he goes to hang out there
  • Now the girls are drawing, and sharpening the golf pencils every 2.43 minutes; did I mention they aren't wearing shoes? And they're loud. OK, the one is only about 4, but holy shit they're annoying, also cute. Dad just arrived so maybe he can keep them in line....
  • Guest internet pass for a kid
  • Look up card number
  • Dude with pink hair has a new look: Eastern European army had and long brown trenchcoat (at least the had covers the pink that is still streaking his hair...)
  • Look up phone number for someone in Big City nearby [can't narrow it down for sure by name]; well, there's an email address [so I get him set up to create his own email addy so he can email her]

  • Guest pass kid ran his time out and can't get back in--I tell him to come get me before it runs out next time and reset it
  • Patron left about 6 requests here, all with publishers in the author line. One is a journal article, which (luckily) we actually have access to (I found it by googling the title and author when I couldn't find it in Amazon) [Printed it for her, then called]
  • Staff: how to find reviews in TitleSource (Baker&Taylor)? [middle of the page for the item...]
  • Mom of twerpy kids wondering about a box that popped up [it's just letting her know her time will be extended]
  • Pay to print [discussion of how much color ink costs]
  • Mom of twerpy kids brings back ethernet cable
  • I check in as the new-email dude leaves to be sure he knows how to get on the next time he comes in--he's getting a library card on his way out so we're set
  • Pay to print--but when she prints it doesn't work--"could it be because I didn't have to log in to use the internet?" [uh, yeah--so I go reboot that computer and she decides to wait till later to get online and try again]\
  • "Is that printer where everything goes?" [yup]

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

6:00 in the children's room
  • Anti-imperialism [uh, yeah, you should probably hit up the adult desk on this one...]
  • Sad little boy doesn't want to leave; his mom says it's cuz he loves our big chair [I promise him it'll still be here tomorrow or whenever he gets back here]
  • Books about counties [which ones?], any of them [ok, so they range from 940ish to 999, and eventually he picks Australia and heads off to Scouts]
  • How to print
  • "What's my password?"
  • Looking for Alaska [so annoying--I can't find this anywhere: in YA where it belongs, here in the kids' room, back on the weeding cart, shelving carts...and was used yesterday according to the record in the computer, so .... dammit! Where is this book? I place a hold for another library's copy, but still!]
  • How to get back in after locking the internet [Num Lock was on...]
  • Why, oh WHY, do people walk behind this desk to get to the books behind me? I understand the desk is a semi-circle, and it's easy to do it accidentally, but to stare me in the face and saunter past me is just really freakin annoying....
  • YA fantasy books [we have a long convo since nothing she wants is currently on the shelf]
  • Alaska is now reserved for patron

Monday, December 10, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: feeling sick, generally.

  • Fax
  • Four leftover email questions we didn't do yesterday
  • Two sort-of made-up words--how are they spelled? ("trailering" and "remodeler")
  • Miss W asks me to proof a letter to the City Council et al. about a plaque being installed at the big winter fest
  • One of the regulars needs a Spanish dictionary (not Spanish-English, just Spanish, and after I find one he didn't like it so he finds the one he wants--begging the question...why ask me if you know where it is??)

  • Printer needs paper [and ink--though it's just low, so we're ok for awhile]
  • The dictionary guy needs more time online
  • "What's my password?" ["What happened to your foot??" and I give her her password]
  • ...good Lord a bunch of stuff happened that I can't remember....
  • Fax
  • ...more stuff I don't remember
I'm totally going home now.....

Thursday, December 06, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: award lists. I'm down to the last 4: Book Critics Circle Award, Pen/Faulkner Award, Pulitzers, and Man Booker Prize. Of course, a couple of those are also the most convoluted. I'm still trying to figure out how to easily make a list of the Hugos....

1:00 in the kids' room
  • Who wrote Half-a-Moon Inn? [got it]
  • From the fish tank: "That fish looks like Tebow! Yeah, Tebow!" Grandma says "Tebow? Or Nemo?" "TEBOW! See he's orange and white. Tebow."  [I am totally cracking up]
  • Chat with one of my son's 3rd grade teachers, and a current friend of mine, who is now retired and tutoring
  • Kid at the computer nearest me has been playing a game the whole hour, without headphones on. I've enjoyed listening to him talking to and generally interacting with the game [quietly, but intense]

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: not much, don't feel good, probably going home as soon as  this shift is done.

  • 11:30--first interaction: today's classifieds
  • Metallica's "Reload" [yep, it's here, yay]

Monday, December 03, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • [phone] Hildebrand's Unbroken [two copies on the shelf, so I put one on hold]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Pay to print 
  • Complicated question--intro'd as a "dumb question"--involving the siphon effect and its limitations
  • Fax
  • Last week Sunday's NYTimes Style section [we forgot to get this week's out, apparently...]
  • Value Line update (for the siphon guy) [I check the mail and find it for him--he's confused because one is updated...ah, because this is Monday and the other one came Saturday...the physics stuff has melted his brain]
  • Help with logging on to (I remember from last year) write the annual Christmas letter [the question is : WHY do I remember this from last year??]
  • Help getting online for the first time in eons.....
  • Pay to print

  • Fax
  • Twilight movies
  • Pay to print
  • Jean Shepherd books
  • Fax
  • Help with printing
  • Pay to print
  • discussion with admin asst. re auto-comp time (something new)
  • Pay to print
  • Reserve some new books for a guy, including ordering the new Clancy book for him, and an ILL for an old CS&N disc
  • Forgot password
  • "Is the typing program off all the computers it used to be on?" [not that I'm aware of...shoot]

3:00 in the children's room
  • No headphones on my computer [find another one to use, we don't have extras anymore)
  • Child in play area commences full meltdown, screaming, throwing things, shrieking...ack
  • Bathroom key
  • Junie B. Jones books...

Friday, November 30, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: end-of-month projects.

1:00 in the children's room
  • Here I sit in a large-ish room with ALL of my friends, i.e., no one :)
  • [phone] How long are we open today? 
  • Printer starts printing...I guess it's ok, though it didn't go through the SAM Print thingy
  • Custodial dude arrives to clean bathrooms
  • Three adults + 1 baby arrive [yes, you can print in here, and no, you can't have the bathroom keys right now since they're being cleaned]
  • Keys are back

Thursday, November 29, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: awards' lists for a new project....and asphyxiating from the smell of burnt rubber that is permeating the building (it's either the heating unit on the roof or blown-up ballasts in the lights--we're on day 4 of this...).

1:00 in the children's room
  • YA nonfiction [turns out she's looking for a series of books about drug addition...which turn out to be Ellen Hopkins' Crank books]
  • Books on "making food" [I walk him to the cookbooks, and show him the general arrangement]
  • Just-learned-to-walk kid toddles back behind the desk--so freakin' adorable!!
  • Broken headphones are broken 
  • Check out here? [nope]

Monday, November 26, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: the end-of-month order cleanup

  • I clean out the "messages left" file and shred everything from August and September...including the request for a DVD of Mass Effect 3 [lol]
  • Forgot PIN, but his card's expiration date didn't get updated in SAM either, plus he has a fine over the max for internet use; I issue him a guest pass for today since he's broke till the end of the month
  • Pay to print
  • Possibly the most annoying phone alert EVER goes off: [high-pitched 'baby-doll' voice] "You have a message, a teeny-tiny text message..."
  • What seasons of MI-5 do we have? [only the ones he's seen, and since he hasn't ponied up for a full-service card--don't ask--we can't ILL anything for him]
  • Look up card number
  • Truman and the National School Lunch Program [which turns into a VERY long discussion of that, the local community college and this woman's tutoring student who is 19 and can't read--wtf, Nearby Rural School District, W. T. F.!--and books in the YA section he might be willing to wade through with help]
  • Help with 3-hole punch [you really do have to push HARD to get it to work!]

  • ILL person looking for a book with a weird call # [the call # is right, but it's nowhere to be found.... grr]
  • Woman with crazy eyes wants to get on the internet [I break the rules and just run a day-pass for her since I don't want to deal with anyone with crazy eyes any longer than necessary]
  • I check one last place for the weird call # book...and find it [woot]
  • Wow!  The Didache and something by an earth Church Spanish [uhm, not gonna happen]
  • There are days when SAM needs to be smacked upside the head and sent to bed without dinner...
  • Day pass
  • Day pass
  • [I feel like I work on a ward with all the passes I'm giving out today]
  • Pay to print
  • Help with printing

Monday, November 19, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: Best of the Year list compilation begins....

6:00 in the children's room
Librarian K came in to ask me a question, as did Librarian T, I helped someone print something off the internet, I found the Monster High books in then Spanish YA section, and I reserved a DVD for someone.

Thursday, November 08, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • Permanent guest pass for internet
  • Macbeth in "English" (i.e., not Elizabethan)
  • SAM hates me
  • How to use the internet
  • Pay to print x2
  • Guest pass a-go-go [I just don't care, nor do I feel like fighting with a woman with a screaming toddler]
  • Pay to print x 3 or 4 (can't remember) and lots of help too
  • Book patron reserved showing up "RECEIVED"-- when will I get it
  • Reserve Ghostbusters 2 (our copy is out)
  • ...and the sound tracks (don't have)

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: outside-city-limit patron holds

4:00 in the kids' room
  • "Do you have..." books for kindergarteners? [No, nor for 4th graders. {eyeroll, internal} Of course we do, I show her where]
  • [My college student/son calls in an absolute PANIC because his phone isn't working right. Totally wigging out....]
  • Help with printing
  • "Myth" Romney and Barack Obama books [we can do the latter...not so much the former for someone in grade school]
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins "number" [as in call number]
  • Bathroom key
  • Key is back
  • Wizard of Oz (book)

Monday, November 05, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: clean-up of mis-coded items, and watching the installation of historical American flags by extremely noisy people...and other duties as assigned....

  • [phone] "I was on hold for J.K. Rowling's book, but now I'm not?" [I remember that she was near the top and replace her hold...very odd]
  • Butterflies
  • Bestseller list
  • Discussion of flags; I've gotten two different stories from people about what flags they are....will look after the people are gone
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Help with email signup [no, your street address is not an email address...]
  • Oops, SAM made your password blank...stupid SAM [I undo it and he gets right in this time]
  • Used car price guide (not Edmund's anymore, but it'll work)

4:00 in the J ghetto
  • No, I can't check out here
  • ...and the middle school kids start to arrive...whee....
  • The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins [and our copy has been withdrawn, so I do an order request for a new one]
  • Earring found on floor
  • Bathroom key
  • Historical fiction for a reluctant reader...and the list mom has could have been given to me, the titles are that old... :-( Sometimes I wonder about teachers
  • Key is back
  • Word processor? [you have to log in to use it...she wanders away]
  • [I'm STILL dealing with the historical fiction mom and daughter....!]
  • Charlotte's Web, one copy for each of the two girls asking [well, we have one copy...they'll have to share]
  • Bathroom key
  • How to write a notarized letter
  • Key is back

  • My pastor and his wife stop by to chat--they aren't together here often (she volunteers here), so it's kinda cool
  • Alfred Binet. And cookbooks
  • Can I use this card for the internet? [yup]
  • [phone] Librarian B asks me to check the cameras on a couple of kids she just separated on her way to dinner; they moved, but when I go check they are lip-locked again, and I eject them 
  • And we're having a sneeze convention...dude's crying he's sneeze so many times...I blame the dusty computers and these flags, which are slightly mildewy [10 minutes...I think he's ok now]
  • Need more time
  • Pay to print

Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday (TGI)

What I'm doing between questions: hah!!

  • When I arrive, Librarian J is 'splaining over the phone how to get onto one of our databases from our website, and I'm torn between laughing and crying
  • Scratch paper
  • How to "sign up" for the Study Rooms, and for how long can they be used [first come, first served for as long as you need it]
  • "No climbing on the horse, hon" [cute little girl whose father is desperately trying to accomplish something while also keeping an eye on her--I should suggest he go in the kids' room so she can run around a little more safely]
  • Fax [and I have to go get change as Head of Circ has cleaned us out of bills for changing a $20]
  • Guest pass
  • [...and the little girl takes off across the ref area. I stop him on his way back to his desk to tell him that the access is the same in the kids' room, and tied to his card not the location of the computer he uses. He looks extremely grateful to know that.]
  • Pay to print

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: reworking my evaluation for the midyear review--apparently we all did them wrong, par for the course for the former boss...

11:00 in the children's room
  • ...which is blessedly EMPTY after yesterday's mayhem!!
  • 11:48: bathroom key
  • back

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

1:15 in kids' room, covering for a sickie
  • Half day for the school district today (not weather-related) so lots of kids in here this afternoon
  • Long discussion about YA lit with a patron, which ends when...
  • I go break up a kissy-face session going on across the room (behind the patron, so I'd been watching)
  • Bathroom key
  • "Have you seen a 10-year-old boy in a blue T-shirt, alone?" [apparently he was outside without a coat looking confused...the dude was concerned about him]
  • ...and back
  • Scissors and paper
  • Two little guys =  my new best friends
  • Help finding a new series
  • Headphones
  • My new best friends are using up all my staples, along with making me laugh....

3:40 covering while we call the cops 
  • Someone reported someone else with a gun. The someone else has (natch) already left after threatening the first person
  • Technology help, guest pass, spare headphones, contracts, lost phone (nope), and a very full set of internet stations and people with not a lot of functional brain own least we got a two-fer from the police

6:00 in kids' room
  • Spiderwick field guide [we don't own :( ] and no, MOM, I don't WANT to download it to the Kindle, I want a BOOK!! [omg, I'm so happy to hear that, and I tell her that!]
  • "We saw a book here awhile ago...not sure of the title..." [I adore keyword searching: "beach playa go" finds it]
  • "How many DVDs can we check out?" [uhm 5, I think]
  • Vampire stories [we find the scary short stories in 398....and I tell the girls they can take whatever doesn't scare their papa, cuz dads are easily frightened]
  • "Can we print on the computers?" [yup, but it costs 10 cents per page--then again, she's currently got mom's purse while mom's carrying the zonked out baby]
  • Dude runs into storytime without putting on the one shoe that fell off when he got off the chair
  • Very scary guy walks through in a very scary way...why do these people need to walk through this room to get to where they are going?!?
  • What is that long written thing after I log in that says "Agree" or "Cancel"? [those would be the rules...which I shorten up to "if you're mom would smack you for doing something on the internet, it's against the rules here too" -- and his face lights up in a big smile. I believe he was worried there'd be a test on the rules, and being ESL was more than a little concerned that he was doomed. Mom, though, those rules he can follow!]
  • ...and it won't load his game, something to do with add-ons and flash [I suggest he find another website with games]
  • How to get a library card for a 5-year-old
  • Captain Underpants [we should probably buy some more copies of those...]
  • More add-on problems...I move him to a different computer and reboot the one he was using
  • Do we have books for kids online? [yup, really? REALLY?? People still don't know this?]
  • 5-year-old is very excited about her library card :D
  • Do we have DVDs for kids? Uhm, yeah....
  • How many DVDs can I check out [5]
  • Do we have to check out before the kids go into adult section? [?? wow, uh, no]

Monday, October 29, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: series and name-change checking, but not much of it

  • "I remembered my flash drive! Aren't you proud of me?!" [dude, I am proud of everyone who remembers to take their flash drives--and he shows me the note he wrote himself to remember, lol]
  • Guest pass for internet [pretty adorable guy, too, sigh]
  • Nerdy Pet Mormon walks past, wearing a nice pink tie under his gray sweater...first sign of color
  • I call patron re a request she made for "Beautiful Ruins CD" [music or audiobook? Audiobook, for this month's book club--no one owns the CD yet, so...I order it and she eventually agrees to take a book]
  • Map of state just north of us [I talk her into copying a page of one of our Delorme Altases for the area she's interested in and she walks away THRILLED]
  • Temporary internet pass [she has $10 in fines, so I warn her and then print out a pass so she can print "one thing"]
  • Never fails: one complicated (-ish) question and suddenly 6 people need me by phone and in person:
    • Books with pictures of "cocoon" clothing from the 1920s [eventually, I do find what she needs, both via Google Images and in a few books]
    • [phone]
    • Circ person comes back to take this end of the call
    • Pay to print
    • [phone]
    • More time on card
    • Head of Circ collecting our money for deposit
    • [phone]
    • ...other stuff I can't remember...
  • No messages on phone after all that ??
  • "This map you made isn't right..." [well, I didn't make it, but I print out a new map from his new directions, and hear all about why he needs it...]
  • Librarian K here to snag a flash drive for a project
  • [phone] Chronicles of N-A-R-N-I-A [he spells it out] movies [I find the first one on the shelf and reserve Prince Caspian for him]
  • Rose calls for two movies, which we don't own so I leave 'em for Librarian C to find for her

  • [phone] Opera? er, AUTHOR of Like the willow tree [, my ears totally don't work] and commiseration about Schools These Days
  • Please oh please nothing else from N-A-R-N-I-A dude!!! [whew, he leaves as soon as I get here]
  • There is a dude online who has been acting rather weird, according to previous staff out here; I'll keep my eye on him, but I think he's less "drunk or high" and more "generally wacko"
  • "Is there a waiting list?" [wow we are full, but no waiting list yet--he just didn't look far enough]
  • "OK, wow, so, I haven't ever been in you have movies?" [yep, you walked right past]
  • Weird dude comes to ask if his search history and so forth is deleted once he logs off [yep]; is that new, cuz I used to have to delete it all? [uh, no, not for like 12 years]; ok, he's leaving....but I have to call him back about his plastic bag of stuff in the floor where he was sitting
  • International fax, which doesn't work [something is not right with the phone number: country/city codes are probably fine]
  • Consumer Reports for washers/dryers
  • Weirdness on the computers, and I call for help
  • Scratch paper
  • More weirdness on the computers--and someone left his college app and backpack at an empty computer (now behind the desk)
  • And...we're officially full
  • Help with attaching a file to an email [thank God for leftover flashdrives]
  • Regular skater-ish-dude wants to know what time we close [9, and oh, don't bother looking, all the internets are full--nevermind, he'll do something else even though we have a way to use the next available....]
  • Extend time (for later) for the guy who likes to call the cops for us
  • [phone] Dead Poet's Society DVD [our copy is long gone and she's not sure she can wait for it to be brought over here on load for her]

Saturday, October 27, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: LCSH-a-go-go. Looking back through old entries of this blog, wondering if I should create a page for our regulars and staff my spare time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.....I crack myself up.

10:00 in the kids' room
  • Guest passes for internet [and the printer in here doesn't work, so...I send them to the adult desk]
  • Bathroom key
  • Lightning Thief on CD or DVD [uhm, the audiobook is only on CD...and we have it]
  • Bathroom key back
  • Check out here? [nope]
  • All of the above has been for the same family...I'm their personal librarian today
  • Bathroom keys for cleaning
  • Pay to print
  • How much to print?
  • Lost sunglasses
  • Help with printing, and payment
  • Bathroom key
  • VERY pushy woman wants DVDs about Jesus, not animated: "real people" [uhm you do know they didn't have videocameras in 1st century Palestine, right? And I am NOT getting you Passion of the Christ for your 8-year-old grandson; sorry, you have to figure out where that is on your own (unless you ask)]
  • Key back [patron asks when we started doing that...uh, yeah, like YEARS ago, at least 3]
  • Help with printing (same kid)  -- 3 minutes later, he gets up seemingly having figured it out himself this time. ;-)

  • I'm enjoined by departing Librarian J to "have fun" [ugh]
  • Can't log in, password isn't right, so I fix it and she's in
  • Werewolf: pay to print and needs help [but not as much, she's getting the hang of it]
  • Pencil/Paper
  • Circ/Tech person asks me to run a weeding list for her to use for the Collection Development class she's taking
  • Paper--and he doesn't want to sit where I (or other passersby) can see him  (i.e., he doesn't take the computer that's right across from me and all the others are in use), so...he's off to the front of the building instead
  • Werewolf is working on this "Huns/Magyars genetically related to American Indians" thing. Still. Just printed off 19 pages from Wikipedia that need stapling
  • Stapler (bird-in-grill dude)
  • Day pass for internet (he forgot his card [I'm not supposed to do this, but ... ]
  • Pay to print
  • List of nursing textbooks [we don't buy textbooks, so she's SOL here; I suggest the community college library, and then show her that Amazon has rental and used options for less money--and by the way, the three specific ones I looked at totalled less than half of one of my son's chem texts]
  • Pay to print and today's classifieds
  • How to put an accent mark over a letter in Excel
  • How to upload pix from a camera card [I get the Belkin for her]
  • Ads are back
  • Renew time

  • I have no idea what happened for most of this hour...some phone reserves, some gossiping with staff, some LCSH stuff...lots of internet help

Thursday, October 25, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: items in processing lists to work on later, and Man Booker Long- and Short-Listed titles (at least we have the winner!). And, this will be a surprise (not), subject headings.

9:00 covering for Librarian K
  • Two phone messages return which result in me pulling 4 books from various shelves and putting them on hold shelf
  • [phone] Werewolf calls looking for books on Shawnee and Navajo, which I find and put on hold shelf
  • Suddenly it's 9:40
  • [phone] Register to vote [can't do it here nearer than 4 weeks from election and he hangs up in a bit of a snit before I can give him the number for the county clerk]

10:00 covering for Librarian K
  • [phone] Apartment lease to copy, and she doesn't have a computer [our book has been lost/paid--just about 3 months after we bought it: #$&^(@
  • Help with printing x2 [and some discussion of me having been here a long time, since way back in the 90s...: yes, almost 16 years]
  • Great, having just finished my breakfast (10:20), I now have the hiccups
  • Mouse not working [hmm, weird, eventually I get it to]
  • Computer shut down [loose plug he must've kicked--I plug it in more firmly and re-up his time]
  • Day pass for internet
  • "Can I print from my laptop?" [...sigh, no, not yet (probably not for at least another year since our tech budget got balled up for this year)]
  • Help with read-only PDF [no, I can't make it let you fill it out; they've blocked it, and I don't think we can convert it without an account in Adobe...anyway, it's a series of checkboxes with literally one line that needs writing in, so I offer to do the writing if she'd prefer]
  • Pen. For the printed PDF.
  • DVDs on U.S. history, 50s and 60s [we don't have much... :( ]
  • I discover I've been tracking all the questions this morning in the afternoon slot of the tally sheet so I toss it and start over
  • City of God on DVD [on hold lists--no, he doesn't want to add his name]
  • One of our regulars walks in, gets himself all set up at an internet station, including emptying his pockets--cell phone, sunglasses, papers, etc.--and walks away with it all sitting there [so trusting...]
  • City of God guy comes back past me and makes a phone call in the middle of the quietest part of the library [srsly?]

12:00 in the children's room
  • New walker stumbles in, staggers all the way across the room to the play area, stops dead and then makes a good run back to Mom...SO FREAKIN' ADORABLE!!
  • Not one single question or interaction the whole hour....

  • Referral to the closest thing I can find at the high school to "shop" classes for a woman who wants to donate a bunch of woodworking (and other "man craft" magazines)....then I email the referrals so they can avoid answering their phones for awhile. ;-)
  • Renew time
  • Could Librarians J and C talk a little louder in their office? I can't quite make out the actual words to the full-volume laughter/conversation. Jeez.
  • Pay to print
  • Help finding a book she reserved 6 months ago that we ordered and hasn't arrived; I'm going to ILL it instead
  • "How much does it cost? I thought it was 10 cents?" [yeah, she did pick the color printer though; fortunately realized it before she started printing]
  • Weird interaction with bird-in-the-grill guy (from yesterday). He's one of our regulars and slightly bizarre but usually in a fun way
  • "Can the backpack kits be checked out?" [yup]
  • Pay to print (same printing person as before)
  • Pink-haired guy is back today....shudder
  • [phone] Ishmael (by Quinn) [we don't own and she has the kind of card that only allows access to our books]
  • Til Death Season 2 [we don't have ANY seasons...]
  • How much to print?  ...and then her card's expired (and she owes almost $11)
  • More time online (dude that loves calling 911 on our behalf)
  • Check out backpack here? [nope, and they have the keys for the little locks up front anyway]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hump Day

What I'm doing between questions: s u b j e c t s. YAWN.

  • "Time to make the donuts" says the 4th person walking past [exactly what I was thinking...creepy!]
  • A large group of 11-12 year olds just quietly went downstairs....hmmm
  • Pay to print
  • I decide to clean out the "lost computer paraphrenalia drawer and end up throwing away about a dozen CD/DVD discs and a 6" stack of floppies (after destroying them); I'll keep the 10 thumb drives to reformat and hand out as people  need them; also, all the Out Of Order signs are back in a folder together again, and the 2 calculators, 1 cell phone, and glasses case are in the regular lost & found where they belong.
  • Found money in wallet after asking questions about SAM (can't remember what--I was distracted by my project above)

  • Patron comes in furious because someone has a dead bird stuck in the grill of their car
  • How to get online [new user, new card]
  • Bird dude decides that he will fix our jammed stapler, and by the time I get back with a different one, he has, by golly!
  • Where is Notepad? [He can use Word for what he wants Notepad for, and I show him how]
  • Headphones? [I give him a pair of earbuds I saw in the paraphrenalia drawer...and now I'm untangling left-behind earbuds....]
  • Downloading a photo [need the cable that came with the camera, that there is your phone cable, but we have left-behind cables dice]
  • Fax
  • Substitute stapler back "home" as I get done at the desk

3:00 in the kids' room
  • How to change font color in Word [easy pitch to start the hour]
  • Fuh-reeezing in here
  • 3:25 and about 30 people (mostly kids of various ages) walk in, in clumps
  • Dork Diaries books [there are actually a few on the shelf!] and "can you check out with a school ID?" [only if it has your picture on it...not picture :( ]
  • "What time is it?" [3:35]
  • One minute of "Why?" "But why?" "WHYYYyyyyy?" [whine whine whine] child with mom, who stands firm and doesn't clock the kid either
  • yeah: one hour=3 questions........yawnnnn

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

1:00 in the children's room
  • Storytime is going on when I start, so I expect a mass of humanity to emerge in the next half hour
  • Scratch paper
  • Actually, pretty quiet group leaving
  • Former director looking for Head of Circ

6:00 in the children's room
  • 1st grade reading level books [Encyclopedia Brown to the rescue, eventually] and...
  • "Is there a Spanish story time tonight?" and where [yup, over there at 6:30] ...and...
  • Bathroom key
  • There really are other people in here--the usual suspects--but they seem to be taking one look at me and heading for the doors. Why, yes, I do apparently terrify 13-year-old boys playing computer games. [huh]
  • Tall Kleenex boy leaves the room, cleaning his glasses as usual. It strikes me that my dad might have looked a bit like him back in the day: tall, gangly, dorky (no glasses though) and uncomfortable in his 7th-grade skin
  • Confused dad and his son are back, the kid in charge again
  • Bathroom key [the blue bathroom key has a note saying the floor was very wet, but the other one hasn't come back, so..."if it's really bad, come back and wait" and they don't come back]
  • Pay to print
  • Kids are arriving for story time
  • ...and the first key comes back
  • Confused question from son of confused dad, but I find him some robot books which seems to make him happy
  • I overhear a mom tell her kid, "You can check out whatever you can afford to pay for if you lose 'em." I double-check to be sure my mom hasn't just walked in--that was totally her line!
  • Lots of running kids....sigh
  • How to get on the internet? [need dad's permission]
  • Where to get a library card? [front desk]
  • Bathroom key
  • Broken floor puzzle pieces [well, we'll see what we can do, but that's pretty much why that puzzle is out--it's towards the end of its usable life]

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Monday

What I'm doing between questions: listserves, I guess...nothing much to catch up on, except those damn LCSH lists...

  • Help with printing, and pay ($20 bill for a 60-cent print charge...ugh)
  • Info on a community where university is located--NOT the college community...ugh, wow, this guy's a little goofy
  • Pay to print x 3
  • Community guy still here talking my ear off
  • Update expiration date
  • There's a guy here with long white hair in a neat ponytailed of which is colored dark pink with that spray-on stuff...perhaps, if you have white hair, you should WASH YOUR HAIR when you're done with the whatever-it-is for which you sprayed your hair [my guess is the local 5K run/walk which was yesterday]
  • Stapler and discussion of gas prices and selling used cars

4:00 in the children's room
  • Credit report printing--only has a quarter, it's 12 pages long (actually 10, once all the junk at the bottom is accounted for)...[lots of ways around this, but eventually she'll need to find money...]
  • Two really old picture books, neither of which we own, but the second one is at a nearby library at least so I reserve it
  • Bathroom key....and returned
  • Lexile numbers, but teacher recommended Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys [this girl couldn't be less interested in this and still be awake]

Thursday, October 18, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: proofing the library's disaster plan before our discussion tomorrow at training day.

9:00 [filling in for Librarian K who ?sat on his glasses this morning]
  • Fax
  • [run to the back to eat my breakfast so I don't start gnawing on people's fingers out here]
  • Pay to print and some political commentary to go with [yay, not]
  • Schedule person comes to tell me that I'll be here longer than I/we originally thought
  • Scratch paper
  • How to print
  • ...I just noticed a little baby who's probably been here 10 minutes at least...quiet little one
  • Pencil
  • "My computer shut down and I lost everything and now I can't get back online because they say I'm still logged in" [plug was barely in and she kicked it by mistake...grrr...people suck, but I renew her time and reboot that computer]
10:00 [still filling in]
  • Baby and her daddy leave when she starts fussing
  • Pencil returned
  • Forgot PIN
  • Pay to print and a little help
  • Stapler
  • 10:32 and K is back!!
5:00 [now filling in for Librarian J who somehow still has vacation time to burn]
  • Pay to print
  • Patron standing by printers, then pounces on computer when printing people leave....oh, I guess we're full up on the public computers [moderately unusual for a weekday, though not at this time of day I guess
  • ...and it's actually nearly silent: no phones, no loud music, no talking, no giggling...just tippy-tapping keys and an occasional murmur from some kids down the way
  • Librarian C looking for People to read while she's at dinner (someone beat her to it!)
  • Yet another book about The American Dream [I place hold on the copy in the consortium and write up a request for purchase]
  • [phone from J] "Who's the author of the Scaredy Squirrel books?" [uhm, well...I guess she can't figure out how to spell "scaredy" to look in the catalog? It's Mélanie Watt, by the way]
  • I hear noises behind me [dude using the local prospectuses (prospecti??) littering the counter there--once he walks away I check: road improvement "Incidental Take Submittal for the State Threatened Species ...."]
  • Help with printing
  • [phone] Werewolf (doesn't introduce herself, but I can tell from the subject matter) needs the street address for the Salt Lake Tribune to write them about an article they published in 1996 [I suppose I could see if I could do more research on the article for her. Or not]
  • Waiting list dude...wondering where the chairs went that used to be here for waiting [we moved them so Mr. Ick wouldn't sit in them all day, not that I told the patron this]
  • Fax
  • Help printing a document: no color option for printing...WTF?! [I print it from the desk after saving it to a flash drive and renewing her time for 10 minutes just in case]
  • While I'm doing that, Impatient and Crabby Woman demands more time [I say I can't because so many computers are in use; "There are three empty ones right there! I will lose everything I've typed!" I renew her for a half an hour, and she stomps off. She'd stomp off if I handed her a Tiffany necklace though, so...]
  • "Did anyone turn in a flash drive in the last few days?" [I dump the box of leftover ones on the counter for him to paw through, but he doesn't find his]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Renew time [I can this time, but I have to explain the whole hour-a-day vs.up-to-3-hours-if-we-aren't-busy thing], and then he needs help figuring out how to lock his computer and some other stuff
  • Librarian M walks past about 4 minutes later and I confirm that the 1 vs. 3 hour thing is still true. Yes.
  • Pay to print
  • I clean up flash drives and restore them to their corner of tech purgatory

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: well, to start the evening, I'm following up the previous persons' attempts to keep the 4 kids running (literally) and laughing and generally having recess from doing any of the above. Mean Librarian.

  • 6:12 and I've separated them and sent them to their moms to deal with
  • How to print which Spanish Storytime Woman deals with, as she does the other problem that arrives with the family of noisy kids
  • ...whom she then takes with her into the storytime [yay, for me at least]
  • Check out here? [nope]
  • Help printing
  • A mystery. And a book in Spanish. [whee]
  • Hocus Pocus, the movie [after a great deal of fumbling, I place the hold--seems I've forgotten how to use the catalog suddenly]
  • Mystery and Spanish Book Girl just found out her card's expired [books behind desk for her to check out when Mom comes back with ID later tonight]
  • And the hour ends with kids running through the library again (some of the same ones, and some different ones)
  • Stories about magic
  • Bathroom key
  • "They got their pictures taken when they got their cards? Do they NEED those pictures?" [no, I explain it's just a fun thing we do]

Monday, October 15, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

  • First act of the day: apologize to Librarian B for barking at her when she came back to the workroom a few minutes ago to 'warn' me about one of our regulars doing his usual inappropriate viewing...honestly, I don't CARE as long as no one complains, but...she does...and she doesn't deserve to be growled at
  • Ethernet Guy here for 'his' cable
  • [phone] Materials ordered last week; are they here yet? [nope]
  • Buddha in the Attic [checked out; I place hold]
  • [phone] World Book Encyclopedia rep; I take down info on sale price for Librarian M and send her an email in case she wants to buy
  • Paper &  pencil
  • Guest pass for internet [her mom says, "wow, this library is HUGE!" lol]
  • Look up PIN
  • Guest pass girl asks a sensible question about printing. I love sensible questions!!
  • Custodial dude comes by and says hello
  • Fax, and a look through the job ads folder
  • Pencil &  paper
  • Newbie questions the popup that just appeared on her screen--it's because I renewed her time so she didn't get thrown out in the middle of things
  • [phone] The second book in the Mysterious Benedict Society series, and the audiobook [I place holds on both--our book is checked out, but the CD is here, so they'll both probably get pulled tonight from here and...wherever]
  • Guest pass girl is ready to pay to print, so I walk her thru that

4:00 in the children's room
  • I come about 2 cm from colliding headfirst with Librarian D as we switch desks. We both need beepers, or bells 
  • The letter to Mr. Ick is posted--he's been banned from the building for 5 weeks, at least. Someone needs to put him back on his meds
  • Homelanders series, book 3 [our copy is, you guessed it, checked out--I reserve a copy for him]
  • Same kid asks for Mark of Athena [46 holds in the system, so I add him]
  • So, there's a kid, behind the computer tables, online who keeps chuckling and giggling at whatever he's doing. It's cracking me up.
  • Books on Sequoyah, Cherokee Indians, and the Southeastern U.S. Tennesse [got 'em all]
  • Lost library card turned in [I block in and put it in the box with the rest]
  • Spanish historical fiction book for 5th grader 
  • Books on colors, and I Spy books

Saturday, October 13, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: just found a huge mess in our orders that I need to clean up. The demise of BWI cannot happen soon enough for me!

  • Librarian J rattles on about Mr. Ick who has been on a tear this week (and this morning)
  • "I accidentally locked my computer instead of logging out" [I deal with it
  • [phone] Lady and the Tramp DVD on hold; where is it? [still in processing] and a book she saw on TV last night [I do an order for it because it's my buying section]
  • I go find L&tT in the workroom and ask Librarian T to process it quick if she has time today
  • [phone] I can't remember because I got distracted--Librarians T and J are blathering about Mr. Ick who has followed our cleaner in the the women's bathroom and asked him to move the chairs back to where he normally sits
  • Phantom Tollbooth not here [I call libraries in two nearby towns and finally find a copy for them--girl needs it this weekend]
  • Today's classifieds and pay to print
  • ...and three regular homeless-sometimes guys wander past in various versions of camo
  • Paper
  • How to spell "Chloe"

  • Librarian T shows me this resume-writing program we've just installed. Pretty neat. Glad I don't have to write a real one...or should I??
  • "Reesooms" [ok, fairly understandable in context--I'll catch her on the way out and let her know we have some programming about this coming up]
  • Elementary-aged kid wants a guest pass [got a parent here? No means no internet till they sign for you to use it]
  • Do we have a scanner? [not yet...sigh] but then need to get on Word [I explain]
  • Times Were A-Changin' [our copy is supposedly here, but the spot where it would be is empty...literally [kid needs it for school on Tuesday...someone in his class beat him to it]
  • Need to get on Word [I explain and she says her card's expired, so I start the renewal explanation, and then she says she can't because she has, yeah, no computer access either then, sorry]
  • Someone left after logging out of XP...why the FUCK can't people READ?!
  • Fee lady is back with a friend, and her card which doesn't have a password so I'm sure I'll be over there banging on the computer because...yup, the new password didn't work. Never does
  • Librarian J heads into the children's room, but since the door from Ref is closed, she backtracks and makes a complete circuit of the library to get there...rather than propping the door and driving her cart through it 

Thursday, October 11, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: checking subject headings woo-hoo

5:00 in the children's room
  • Two ?brothers using computers next to each other are having one of those really stupid arguments ("No you didn't say that, you said...", "I did not." "I totally HEARD you!" "You aren't even playing the game right." "What does that have to do with..."). I'm about to go smack them both in the head [but they stopped, finally]
  • 5:28 Bathroom key [well, I should probably ask if he has kids in here...but I'm so glad not to be invisible that I just let him use it]
  • "My card says it's inactive" [cuz you on $8+ in fines...oh, and you have a DVD on the hold shelf; "yeah, I know, but they said I can't check it out till I pay my fine" --nice, so you knew your card wasn't going to work, ya twerp...]
  • The arguing guys leave--still can't tell if they're brothers or friends
  • Bathroom key is back
  • [phone] Renew stuff that's due today for the whole family [total, I think they have about 80 things checked out, but they are regular good patrons so it's just nice instead of worrying]
  • Bathroom key
  • ...and back
  • [phone] How long are we open? [9 tonight]
  • New-walking kid staggers past, being chased by his big sister on her hands and knees....too cute
  • Big Nate Out Loud isn't on the shelf [well, yes, it is, just not on the regular BOOK shelf--it's with the graphic novels]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: fixing Battle of the Books titles so they all have matching subtitles/titles....

3:00 in the children's room
  • "The keyboard isn't working" [no clue why, but I get it working again]
  • Lilo & Stitch movies [the one with the red [S]titches on the back, and we find it!!]
  • Help with printing [can't use the express SAM computer to print]
  • Yu-Gi-Yoh graphic novels [the L&S kid]
  • Discussion with Head of Circ about Battle of the Books list (see above)
  • Biography project for school [the parents are freaking out about the part of the assignment that involves the kid (L&S again) creating his own book...really?]
  • 3:17 wow 
  • "Do you have any Spanish books?" [yeah....eventually, it turns out it's not for the girl that asked, but for her older sister...who is standing there with us, not talking ???]
  • Older guy walks through and asks how I keep it so quiet in here ["a big stick" I say, laughing--if only he'd been here 10 minutes ago!]
  • 3:52 yawn

Friday, October 05, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

9:00 in the children's room
  • I'm running late, so I'm eating in the children's room -- bad example!
  • Bathroom key x2
  • Look up kids' card # [it's expired and has $4+ in fines, so I warn the mom and extend the time thru today, and leave a note]
  • Head of Circ asks if I know if Librarian J is here ; no clue, though the light in her office is on so...probably?
  • There are a TON of people here this morning--probably because there's no school, but still, weird
  • Help finding a "girls game" online called Fantasyland Dress Up [snort]
  • Check card for money for printing, tell him he has a DVD on hold, and he asks about the "new" Big Nate book (due out next February!), and reserve for the new Dashner book [VERY chatty, fun kid]
  • Books on MLK, and a chat about why he was killed [with a six-year-old, uhm...]
  • Bathroom key x2
  • I'm asked to check out the dresses the Fantasyland girl has found for her avatar to wear...sigh...prom dress a-go-go ; also sea turtle movies [nope]

10:00 in the children's room
  • YA Graphic Novels
  • More time [for Fantasyland and her mom]
  • Mom trying to put kid's shoes back on--this is a preschool (at the very least) aged kid, and the process is strangely silent as they wrestle on the floor [she eventually wins....silently]
  • Can't get out of the game he's in [fixed]
  • Email received from colleague: ocm50908541 I didn't realize that Star Wars characters were authors now. o.O [yes, Boba Fett has written a 20-page-page autobiography "with" a ghost-writer ..sigh
  • Renew Fantasyland's card [front desk, sorry]
  • Wayside School....[got it]
  • "Where did my mom go?" [Fantasyland...probably to the desk to renew your card--and I log her out of SAM]
  • Check out at front desk
  • [phone] Reserve meeting room [being very unskilled in this area, I go ask someone else to do it and take her place at the checkout desk for 10 minutes, which is mayhem-ish]
  • Good book for a 5th grader for a book report [since he's the kid who asked for the new James Dashner book before, I get Maze Runner for him to try]

11:00 in the children's room
  • [phone] Event registration, which is more complicated than it needs to be because I don't really know what I'm doing
  • "Did anyone turn in a wallet?" [No. Oh crap...she looks like someone ran over her dog--this is the silent shoe-wrestling-match woman]
  • Help move craft-room table so custodian can mop
  • Help printing an email attachment
  • Lost wallet saga continues [I end up calling the cops, and the whole thing eats about 45 minutes of the morning]
  • Spanish books for book reports
  • "Where does the movie Rio belong?" [we have a copy in E and a copy in J, and it's wigging out our shelver]

Friday [yay!!]

What I'm doing between questions:

1:00 in the children's room
  • Update SAM access
  • Bathroom keys to custodian for cleaning
  • Highlighter
  • Keys back
  • Changed her mind, doesn't know where the DVD goes on the shelves [no worries]
  • Highlighter back
  • Bathroom key
  • Books in Spanish for dual-language student
  • Weird But True [nothing here so I reserve the one in the catalog even though his card is expired...]
  • Garfield books and Big Nate graphic novels [nothing here right now]
  • A whole passel of kids pile into the room, including a baby and a todder in a stroller whose mom plops down to do internet stuff
  • ...Weird But True guy says his mom will reserve the book on her card so I take it off his [??]
  • Toddler in stroller is not happy with being ignored and trapped in his seat [and neither am I,  jeez--who WOULD be?]
  • Pay to print
  • Kid with large stack of books walks past; his brother (the Weird But True guy) says, "He's obsessed with reading...and the military...and politics....mostly about how bad Obama is" [okay then: props for reading and for knowing to pay attention to politics at least!]
  • Magic Treehouse books
  • This toddler('s idiot mother) is making me CRAZY--thank God it's time for me to go!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Wednesday (let's hope it's not a repeat of last week!)

What I'm doing between questions: taking bets about when Librarian J will call in sick [she threw her back out yesterday, but worked all day, so it's not unexpected], and the never-ending subject headings...oh, and it's a half day for the kids today, so the afternoon could be strange(r than normal)

9:00 in the children's room
  • Charlie & Lola books, who is the author? [Lauren Child]
  • Storytime at 9:30 and folks are already showing up
  • Bathroom key [oops, I never closed the doors!]
  • ...and Librarian J just called in to talk to Schedule Person whom I can overhear from this desk : 9:15 [Librarian B wins the prize!]--mad rearranging of schedule ensues [I loathe this woman right now]
  • [phone] Rose needs to renew the posters she checked out (what, no DVDs??] and wants to talk to Librarian C, who is just arriving...
  • [phone] VERY SICK woman calls to find out due dates for books [I renew them--she sounds absolutely terrible!]
  • My choir director is here for storytime, so I warn her that I may not be there, again, tonight

1:00 12:45
  • In the interim, things have worked out so that I can leave when I'm supposed to instead of staying till 9 again
  • Markers [no, but I have one green Sharpie--he is way too excited about that]
  • Someone left their phone at the computer someone else just sat down at
  • And someone else's phone starts beeping [dude doesn't really know how to use it, but it eventually stops bing-bonging--hmm, I think this is a homeless dude, to boot]
  • Marker is back
  • "This is like the second time I've used a stapler in the past 6 years!!" [again with the weird excitement--different person though]
  • "Come to the library to watch porn?" [uhm, really? I start over...oh, not ACTUAL porn...ok] then a long story about a woman's family history which starts out, I presume, as a question and eventually I realize she's just talking [more excitement that I'm not feeling]
  • Pay to print x 2
  • Guest pass
  • Group of four teenage boys I'm watching, but they're quiet and (I think) behaving, just watching YouTube music vids
  • Buy flash drive + pay to print
  • Pay to print and some help
  • Pay to print
  • Stapler
  • Guest pass, and help him and his friend get online; they will need a load of help 
  • Pencil [no, you can't have my good one to use, sorry!]
  • Fax
  • Look up password
  • There are now 6 guys, and a skankily-dressed girl (one of our regulars) hanging out in that group, on two computers -- and they know I'm watching, so two leave the building lol
  • [I can't ... stop ... yyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaawninggggggg]
  • "50 cents to print?!" [only color--I show her how to change the printer to b&w]
  • Now down two more teenagers; only one guy and the girl are left, talking
  • Fax
  • Still won't print in b&w..."oooh, I have to change it before I print, I get it!"
  • Dude, if you're ANYwhere close to my age, you should NOT be using "Call Me Maybe" as your ring tone! And you should also NOT be talking on the phone at the library! Srsly....grrr
  • Stapler
  • Dear God, one of the needy pair just applied for a job in "loss prevention" at!

  • And the loss prevention guy is "that guy" who is The Best Lipreader in the World [you know, that [his name]] and worked for TSA until he got tired of them not paying him...something about Hillary and Obama shoving cash in their pockets till the Chinese caught them...[go, GO!! Leave with your friend now please!!]
  • Bing-bong phone guy needs the local paper and this week's People Magazine [turns out he's already seen the latter--he likes looking at the pictures, which is an unfortunate statement since this week's cover story is all about Kate Middleton's pictures]
  • Two books in Spanish, one we have one we don't
  • Rude dude thinks his printing is more important than the girl with the books [he even interrupts AGAIN to thank me]
  • Circ person comes back to ask if I know who was on computer #24 [yeah, it was the Call Me Maybe guy who left after he hung up] ; apparently someone just complained about what he was looking at; I have no idea what his name is {grr}
  • ADHD books
  • Pay to print
  • Today's classifieds [actually, she needs the TV listings, which she uses right here]
  • Skanky girl and guy she left with are back

3:00 in the children's room
  • Help with printing in color
  • Books on rock music
  • Two requests for purchase in my collection development areas are going straight to OCLC--I'm not buying these esoteric items anymore for this woman every time she asks [both are coming from "Bible Colleges"]; a third request goes in the "ILL when available" pile [ditto this patron who only asks for fringe psycho-Christian books]
  • "Can I borrow the stapler?" [it's for a poster, so...yeah]
  • Local paper is back, at last
  • [phone] Two Kellerman and three Gerritsen books [all on the shelf and  now on hold for her]
  • "There's no one on this computer but there's a purse and a bunch of stuff on the table...?" [I grab it and put it behind the desk. Still have the phone, too]
  • Stapler is back
  • New Yorker article and a request for a book
  • Ethernet Guy is here for "his" cable
  • Purse-owner finally returns (easily 25 minutes later)
  • Pen
  • Other Ethernet Guy returns a cable
  • Stapler
  • Algebra for Dummies books (for a 5th grader who "likes doing algebra problems) [dear God!]
  • Local classifieds, and he stays to look through the job ads folder
  • Classifieds are back
  • Help finding the date an article ran in the paper so he can go find the paper and make a copy
  • Compatibility View switch from Firefox; bank website doesn't mean porn stupid security popup

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

6:00 in the kids' room
  • Bathroom key!! [desperate]
  • Dork diaries #4
  • Bathroom key back and immediately gone again
  • Other bathroom key is MIA...and needed
  • Johnny Appleseed books
  • How much to print in color
  • Bathroom key is returned, but I don't know where the people who were waiting went...?
  • It's now 6:09
  • After knocking, I 'break in' to the bathroom with the master key--yep, our key was left in there by the last person
  • Battle of the Books list: any mysteries? [no, I don't think so...I also can't believe that the oldest girl in this family is nearly 10--I remember making library cards for the parents when they moved here, pre-kids]
  • Computer froze [poor kid: he's Hispanic, and he's named after his dad...whose first name is Joan (zhowe-on) which means years of teasing from classmates]
  • And then it reserved the computer for him somehow...ok, weirdness everywhere
  • Storytime begins
  • Staff member needs Bilingual Book sticker [we eventually find the right drawer in the children's librarian's desk...]
  • There's been a mom/tutor here since I arrived in here reading a book out loud to a young teenaged boy while he answers questions
  • Bathroom key...and back
  • Bathroom key (and some help unlocking the door)...and back
  • Flash cards for addition [well, it takes awhile to figure out where they are....but we do find them]

Monday, October 01, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: end-of-month stuff, and collection development journals.

  • Librarian B asks me to call back a consortium library looking for a CD that doesn't appear to be on the shelf [bummer]
  • Pay to print
  • Consumer Reports car issue
  • Need to type a letter, and will need help with printing later
  • Pay to print (and some help)
  • Pay to print (new-to-me Pet Mormon)
  • Fax
  • Can print fees be put on a credit card? [yes, but it's my current favorite Pet Mormon and I plead with her to go up front to have them run the card or we'll be here until closing while I figure out how to use the damn thing]
  • CR is returned
  • Print--but it doesn't print in color (hmmm) [I refund her money]
  • Help with printing
  • Fax 
5:00 in the children's room
  • Help with computer [it's borked, and as I wait for it to reboot I discover two others have been turned off at the power strip, so I restart them too]
  • Bathroom key...
  • Easy books to read to my baby
  • Key is back
  • Help with printing (in Spanish)
  • Monster Science books, and chapter books [for 3 kids, and I find 'em all something to take home, cuz I rock]
  • How to replace a lost card [it costs $]
  • "What's my password?" [CAT, really? lol]
  • "The computer isn't correcting my errors" [aside from the idea of wanting/expecting it to actually do that, I can't figure out how to turn the goofy underline thing on]
  • Books on [our state] [uh, yeah, we have a]
  • I Spy books
  • DC Comics character encyclopedia [checked out--"OH MAN!"--but I can reserve it for her (not a him)]
  • I Spy books
  • A mom on her way out stops to say, essentially, "My kids didn't make that mess in the play area, it was the (white) boy who just left who was throwing stuff..." [grr, I go clean up]
  • I Spy books [different family]
  • The obnoxious fauxhawk boy comes up to me to donate his "book" (6 pieces of paper stapled together with drawings) to the collection; "it's about Scooby-Doo" [I tell him I'll have to ask the de facto children's librarian but what a nice thing and maybe he can come back and read it to the little kids himself--too CUTE! He's very serious about it]
  • Both bathroom keys
  • Neither Meet the Robinsons nor Free Willy are on the shelves where they belong [then again, the DVDs never stay in order]
  • Keys are back
  • Help, major help, with printing

Sunday, September 30, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: as if....figured out my desk schedule for this week, griped about feeling like I'm coming down with the crud everyone else has had, etc.

Let's just say that with two librarians here, we end up talking to everyone more often than not, and I can't keep track of what I actually DID. So, a lot, though it wasn't particularly busy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday (end-of-week for me, thank God and not a moment too soon!)

What I'm doing between questions: subjects-a-go-go.

10:00 in the children's room
  • oops, I'm 10 minutes late arriving...but since there's no one except a couple changing a baby's diaper--I think? I have no idea what's going on over there, really because they are all lying on the floor (ick!)--I think all is well
  • Am reeling from the news that our HR person feels that we ought to be expecting--and scheduling--all full-time exempt employees at least 45 hours a week since we're short-staffed (not that we'd get paid for those hours because we are exempt from overtime)
  • Also, a former colleague has raised a major kerfuffle in academic librarian circles this week, and I'm torn between admiring the fact that someone is standing up to journal publishers and wanting to murder her for being a self-serving beeyotch (the latter is by far the usual reaction I have to her shenanigans)
  • Children's dictionary (for grownup)
  • Children's thesaurus is returned (by a child)
  • I think this is the family that is here regularly--this seems to be a supervised (or un-?) visitation thing or something, cuz they are literally just sitting on the floor passing the baby back and interaction, no reading, no toys
  • Forgot my card [I look it up, and have to re-register her in SAM because there's a new number...]
  • "Is the printer in here working today? [I do a test print from my account and YAY! it's working]

11:00 in the children's room
  • OK, it's either supervised visitation or "Baby Has Three Parents Who Don't Really Know What to Do With Her" [they just left]
  • [phone] Out-of-consortium library checking on one of our patrons [all clear]
  • I'm trapped here, a sitting duck in random conversation with the cleaning guy...sigh 

4:00 in the children's room
  • There's a kid with a fauxhawk chasing littler kids around the play area--all of them screaming and shrieking
  • Nope, check out up front [one of the shriekers and parents]
  • Fauxhawk has made a very large gun out of Legos....ahhh, here comes the woman that must be his mom [skanky blonde in fleece with green lowlights in her fake blonde hair and pierced lower lip....yep, it's mom; and eventually they leave, with the kid on full speed]
  • I'm slowly coming to hate that we have puppets in unlocked bags.......
  • The PowerPoint kid is back, and he hasn't checked in with his teacher to figure out how to open his work, so we're still stuck here....
  • Books for preschool kids about clothes [omg--well, at least she has a list to work from]

5:00 in the children's room
  • Headache approacheth....
  • PowerPoint kid needs shortcuts, but we're working through the transfer...slowly
  • Apparently I can't print guest passes in here? Or at circ?
  • [phone] Out-of-consortium library checking on one of our patrons [all clear, and since it's the Head of Circ's husband, I'd lie even if he wasn't]
  • Help with printing
  • Bathroom key [adult bathrooms are through there..."but I'm on a computer back by those" and "those" are children's bathrooms, so the adult ones are through there....]
  • This PPT kid is awfully adorable, in spite of the fauxhawk [must be the day for these]--I help him save  to his thumb drive, and re-up his time too
  • "What does this word mean?" [typically=usually, normally] "Ah, ok"
  • Where's the realistic fiction? [Realistically it's EVERYwhere...sigh]
  • PPT: columns? [found it!]
  • A Child Called It [a.k.a. A Boy Named It...sigh...I write down the call # and send her into the adult area to ask there]

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: if I wasn't chicken-hearted, I would SO be at Librarian J's house right now beating her with a lead pipe for taking the day off because her cat is sick when we are at less than half-staff all week with one sickie librarian and one injured librarian (both here today so far), and one vacationing librarian--and at least one other other librarian not feeling 100%. Not to mention the vacations and sickies at the circ desk! 

12:00 in the children's room in adult area after we rearrange things (see below)
  • Sent the sickie home and told her NOT to come back tonight--I will
  • After consulting with Librarian B, I will cover Ref now while she deals with a time-sensitive project for Head of Circ (who is on vacation), then I'll go home and come back at 6 and work till 9
  • Strange guy who says I helped him out with something yesterday [could be, though he doesn't look at all familiar] wanders by, stops to chat randomly, and then goes and gets online [whatever]
  • Pay to print, and help with printing
  • Internet books [eventually, books about blogging and facebook etc.]
  • Pay to print
  • No, I need ID to look up your card number, sorry
  • Card expired, I renew it thru tomorrow so she can use the internet
  • Catalog not working [well, it does if you are patient and vaguely know what you're doing]
  • Scratch paper
  • Resume templates on Word
  • Specific song off the Obsessed soundtrack, sung by a guy, can't remember name or title [and when I finally FIND a list of the songs, none of them look right or ring a bell for him--he'll ask his girlfriend and get back to us]



6:00 in the children's room
  • Not a huge fan of split shifts, but here I am again, now feeling a little GI-unsettled myself
  • Labradors on the Lawn [we don't own it, so I reserve it from another library and show her where some of the rest of the series that we DO own are {--grammar-death, victim of this day
  • Our local group home of developmentally-delayed adults arrives for their weekly library outing:

  • One has a callous on his foot
  • One needs books on racecars
  • Bathroom key
  • One found the LIW books on her own and needs hand sanitizer
  • One guy has not stopped staring in this direction for 10 minutes--I think he's frozen
  • The callous guy is trying to distract the staring guy
  • LONG conversation with The Train Guy, whom I remember from years ago when I worked the night these guys came; he's very concerned about why Librarian M isn't here
  • Bathroom key is someone else...?
  • ...15 minutes later, one caretaker is looking for the other one (who returned the key) as they are MIA
  • Now the OTHER caretaker is here, and the first one is gone! UGH
  • Look up password [she's my oldest niece's age and has a daughter my son's age, omg]
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid : The Third Wheel [not here yet...SOOON!...I reserve a copy for him]
  • Coloring paper and crayons
  • Wimpy Kid kid looking for Frankie Pickle books [turns out they're too easy, but I find a brand-new Choose Your Own Adventure-style book and he agrees to give it a whirl]

  • Printer in the children's room not printing, so I print her Word doc here...
  • Mapquest directions to new doctor's office, and back
  • I walk through the adult area and do the chair-pushing in, book-picking up thing [how does a chair get from one side of the nonfiction stacks across to the far side of the reference area??]
  • Librarian T does closing announcement
  • Pay to print, and a comment about something someone else left sitting here at the desk
  • Librarian T tells me to "knock those two off" the internet [why--they shut down automatically at 5 till...?]
  • Last minute question that turns into a nightmare....arrived at 8:55, not sure what books she wants, card is expired so placing holds is more complicated, and when I check to see what's going on ("I think I might have fines...") it turns out she owes almost $180! And "I haven't lived at that address in years!!" (Duh, honey: your card expired in 2009) Holy shit what a clusterfuck.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: checking rural card-user's holds, checking our orders and marking off what has arrived that I missed, and whatever else I can find to kill 6 hours of desk time instead of doing my actually (cataloging) job! grrr

  • Clark Gable movies [doing a Shakespeare play and resetting it in the 30s, so all the actors have to research a specific actor and his/her style for their roles--cool idea]
  • Circuit breaker form [and of COURSE the printer jams!]
  • Do we have PPoint on the computers [he can't see the icon, so I show him]
  • [phone] Updated card, password didn't transfer [all fixed now]
  • Reserve a few Nora Roberts books for patron
  • Pay to print
  • How much is left "on here" [hands me his card--$8.75 because I know without asking what he's talking about, and God forbid I engage in conversation...]

3:00 in the kids' room

  • Register to use internet [which, of course, doesn't work--but I think I've found out the rule for entering them, finally]
  • Pencil [still not much here]
  • Mom + 2 9-ish-year-old kids comes in, walk toward the "American Girl Dolls books"--they stop, mom mutters something to one of them, and they stalk back out [hmmm]
  • Bathroom key, for a grownup, which I don't register till he's gone
  • Key is back
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid books [he's so excited to see the one he wanted!]
  • Same kid wants How to Train a Dragon [and he's thrilled to discover they are a series!!]
  • Can a dad park his stroller by the desk while he wanders with his kid? [sure] Where are the Very Small Kids' books? [right over there]
  • Bathroom key
  • Wimpy Kid movies [ours are checked out so I place holds for him]
  • Where to put books we don't want after all? [my hands...]
  • Movies [from the Very Small Kids' guy]

4:00 in the kids' room
  • Books "folkloricos" [stupid me--the only thing with that word I know is a dance troupe--it's the folktales assignment for dual language, duh]
  • "WALK!" and "Slow down!" to one of our regular (cute) kids
  • Rules by Cynthia Lord [here, got it]
  • The circuit breaker dude from this morning is back [he told me earlier he'd just gotten out of the hospital last week, so I expect he's doing his laps to get back in shape]
  • Author of The Magic Thief [yes, and it's even on the shelf]
  • Questions from Librarian M about a new online subscription
  • Bathroom key (and apparently too late, as the little girl comes to tell us she pooped in her pants)
  • Books for Asperger's 5th grader

  • Stapler
  • Refill printer paper
  • Look up passwords for two kids
  • Computer #5 in the kids room isn't working so I'm chasing that down too
  • Something I can't remember in there too
  • Pay to print x2 (the lost pw kids)
  • Pay to print
  • Problem with overdue--we don't know what library the book she lost is from, so we don't know how to do the check
  • Reserve an Atkins diet book

  • Pay to print [she rattles off her number to me on her way to the printers...]
  • Unused scratch paper returned
  • Early- to mid-20th-century American art. Oh, and impressionism too [off we go to see what I can scare up]
  • [phone] Supposedly there's a call, but when I answer it, they've hung up
  • Ah but there is a message, which involves ordering a book from another library, but I can't do it for him since he hasn't got a full-use card...blah blah blah [he'll come in and pay the extra so we can ILL it for him]
  • Study room? [pick one and take it over!]
  • [phone] Doom 2 [doesn't exist in IMdB (with that name), sorry]
  • Pay to print x2 [lost pw kids...yes, they are still here!]
  • ...quick walkthru the adult area to see what's up at 7:50...not a hell of a lot I need to worry about....
  • Except the guy on computer 1 who is hyper-sensitive to anyone else talking--he's been spinning around to glare at people periodically the whole time I've been here tonight [GO #*%*ing home!]
  • I do go ask one pair of kids to quiet down a bit--the young man is totally polite and says, "That's on me, I'm really sorry!" Wow. Nice.

  • [phone] Another computer froze in the kids' room; I walk through how to unlock the patron's card so they can use a different computer
  • Ethernet Guy leaves the cable on his way out
  • Pay to print, and then fax...and then she wanders away after I get our credit card site all ready for her [wtf?] AND she stole my pen! grrr
  • Help printing in color
  • Oh nvm, fax woman/family is still here but she's having trouble getting what she needs to fax to print...and I'm having trouble using our credit card site so we're sort of even
  • Closing announcement
  • [phone] Overly Familiar patron needs to reserve Eight Men Out on DVD [done]
  • Meeting rooms and basement doors are checked
  • What time do we open? [9] "You should be open 6 to" []
  • Stapler...and the computers all shut down YAY

Monday, September 24, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: I have about a gazillion RSS updates I have been ignoring for a month...time to clean that pony up and make it rideable again. Also, subject headings...zzzz

  • Immediately, new guest SAM user, which somehow gets snarled. I end up deleting and reentering him and it finally works
  • Bang bang bang goes the mouse-finger on Reference #6...yes, it's quiet enough that this is what I'm hearing
  • Man walks past, doubles back and then double-takes when I say, "Hi there!" in greeting. What can I do for him? "Just wanted to say thank you and tell you, again, how incredible this library is." [wow, I've never seen him before, but gee it's nice to hear that!]
  • Today's classifieds
  • ValueLine (and other mail) arrives so I go put that out; I'll miss that when they stop the paper edition
  • Scratch paper, and can she use a study room to make a quick call [sure, Pet Mormon, sure]
  • Classifieds are back
  • Refresh time for the mad clicker
  • Return of "pencil" (looks like a pen to me) borrowed before I was here
  • Pay to print
  • Guest SAM guy leaves...very polite, and yet...I'm a little weirded out by him

  • Help attaching a document in YahooMail, the Spanish template
  • Ethernet cable for a different cable guy
  • [meanwhile phone is ringing off the hook]
  • Reserve "Relidj-yoolous" [Well, it's actually "Religulous" and it's here--and OMG, "You have movies on THIS side of the shelves too? Documentaries are my thing!"]
  • I love my Chucks
  • Help printing/Pay to print
  • [phone] "Can I get an absentee ballot from you?" [Nope, the County Court Clerk at the Courthouse. Then he argues that "The County Center" isn't a courthouse. Uhm, yeah, there are courts there.... But no we don't do voting, just registration. He has the "County Building's" number memorized...hmmm. (And yes it is a courthouse, goddammit (in my head))]
  • "Thank you" from Yahoo lady
  • Regular Ethernet Dude arrives for 'his' cable
  • Resumes...and the History of Art
  • How to get online....thankfully, it was a bloop, the connection works fine
  • One day, I'm going to keep a tally of how many times I say hello to people and how many times people say hi to me (as in, how many people just walk by and say hi)
  • How to print part of an email
  • Bone series (Jeff Smith) volume 9 for a kid, and "maff test buuks" [Bone is no problem, but the "maff testink buuks" for 5th grade? No. School library, and the kids textbook are your go-tos there]
  • Slightly odd woman (a.k.a Mouse-Basher, above) comes over and whispers, "Have a good day!" on her way out. Then goes and pushes in several chairs and leaves.
  • Our volunteer magazine shelver comes up and asks if "an older woman" just came and asked for help finding an obit [no]; now she's panicking and wildly looking for her so she can get my help [sigh...thanks Volunteer]
  • ...and Vol. finds her in the bookstore and reports back to me; I guess this is known as being forewarned?
  • Guest SAM user (see above) returns--"Can I sign on again?" [sure, and sadly, I even remember his pass number]
  • I have a bad feeling about the next ten minutes--like I could get trapped here after my shift ends at 3
  • Scratch paper
  • Guest User leaves again, and says goodbye again
  • Somewhat off-the-wall woman needs scratch paper to write down a soup recipes...and I'm regaled with a (short) soup dissertation before she leaves again
  • High-school-hoodie-wearing kid needs the stapler [nice kid, but...why not in school??]

4:00 in the children's room
  • Kleenex [none in here, so I steal the circ desk's box]
  • Key for "girl's bathroom"; and some help using it
  • Bathroom key
  • One key is back
  • Where's the restroom? [I send her to the adult area, as she is {ahem} an adult (without child)]
  • Other key is back
  • Bathroom key [yes, these are all different people]
  • "I'm leaving for coffee, will be right back. Boyfriend's in Reference if my kids need anything" [she is here every day and her kids are self-sufficient tweeners who behave so I'm not overly fussed]
  • Bathroom key is back
  • Pencil for homework [we're down to golf pencils so I send her to the Adult desk]; she comes back in a couple minutes: "Where's the adult desk?" [oops--I walk her over]
  • Husband calls to ask for my Gmail password so he can sync my new smartphone at the Sprint store
  • ...and calls back because it didn't work [seriously, I have to type it up to get it right!]
  • Battle of the Books list for West... School
  • Coffee mom is back
  • BoB list is returned; she found a book
  • Bathroom key (2 girls, sharing)
  • ...and back (giggling)
  • DVD movies? [her eyes get huge when I point to the wall-o-movies in here]
  • [phone] Renew books

5:00 in the children's room
  • My new phone is here....yay!!
  • 13 by Lauren Myracle [we don't own and she doesn't want to reserve]
  • How to print
  • Holes and The Outsiders on DVD [we don't have Holes, but I put them both on hold since our Outsiders is checked out]
  • Good Dog, Carl [our copy is not where it belongs :-( ... but it turns out to be on the hold shelf for her :-)]
  • Do backpacks count as one item? [yes]
  • Can't get online [I delete his temporary number and move the money from it to his actual card, delete his password...and hopefully it'll work]
  • Ethernet Guy comes by
  • Refill paper tray

6:00 because Librarian K went home early with pain from his stitches--he 'tried' to cut off a finger yesterday or something
  • Family with kids who need to do homework but all cards are blocked because they all owe money; after totaling it up ($160+) I go ahead and give them passes for today, but warn them that this is the ONLY time we can do that until they talk to Head of Circ and work out a payment plan
  • Help with printing x 2
  • AP US History test books...he's Irish, and taking the CLEP but AP test are close enough for studying [nothing here, but at the next city over there is something]
  • Proctor a test (on World History) for home-schooled high school kid [how freaky that I'd get these two questions together]
  • Pay to print
  • How to spell "versteht" 

Friday, September 21, 2012


What I'm doing between questions:

11:00 in Siberia in January the children's room
  • The SpEd kids from one of the high school in town were here (instead of the park, since it's raining)--now their aides are trying to get them organized to leave. Joey introduces himself, asks my name and says hi. What a cutie.
  • Librarian M wants to have the graphic novel version of Jane Austen novels in the same section--YA or adult--but doesn't care which...[why be boring?]
  • Help with TumbleBooks [help from Librarian M more than me, tho]
  • What order to read the Narnia books

Thursday, September 20, 2012


What I'm doing between questions: checked catalog for Hugo award winners then started an order for the nominees and winners (can only find one "best related work" title in Baker & Taylor--what the heck?!)

11:00 in the children's room
  • oops, thought I was supposed to be here at noon...oh, well, it was dead anyway

2:00 in the children's room
  • Someone made off with our scratch paper bin--it was MIA yesterday too. We find another and I cut up some paper to fill it
  • At ten after a woman comes in to use the computers; otherwise I'm alone in here {yawn}
  • Bathroom key ... and returned
  • Programming stuff for kids
  • Chapter books [we find the A to Z books and Katie Kazoo...hurrah]

4:00 in the children's room
  • Best Christmas Pageant Ever [nearby community theater performing it this year]
  • Adventures in Cartooning [checked out, so I reserve it]
  • Books on learning Spanish [little girl actually knows Spanish but won't speak it back to her mom]
  • Family I know comes in, missing the oldest because he kicked his sister and had to miss the library trip [how awesome that missing the library is a punishment!]
  • Folk tale for 4th grade ... in English [hurrah--those we have] -- "Paul Bunyan is a classic, right? asks dad [uhm,]
  • I hear a voice growling at someone, look up, and it's a MOM, son walks into the room away from her, and she reminds him to hurry, at which point he whirls around and says, "Forget it, let's just go" [lots of crabby today]
  • A small sweet boy dances into the room, arms up, humming [this is why I like kids--how many (sane) adults dance into a room?!]
  • Scratch paper
  • "Headphones at my computer aren't working..." [so, move to a computer where they are...really ppl, especially kids, I know that 90% of you are carrying earbuds/earphones in your backpacks; use 'em!]