Thursday, June 23, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: not cataloging any of the (no exaggeration) 1000+ items in my backlog, and looking at subject heading changes from March through May. Librarian J is on vacation this week--after calling in sick Tues-Fri last week--and Librarian B is sick today, so I'm filling in as usual. And there's really not a lot of "in between" time.

  • Report back about Sunday hours at a nearby local library [and they have study rooms there too, which is what he's mostly concerned about
  • [Big-City] newspaper comes back so I can keep it safely behind the desk
  • [phone] Three paperback mystery books we don't own--we'll buy the two published this year and hope the other one is available to ILL
  • Help with scan-print station
  • Books to help get ramped up for taking nursing classes [and by gosh we have a lot!]
  • Nonresident registration to use internet
  • "Why won't my card let me log on the net?" [expired, easy fix]
  • That takes us to 12:25
  • "Where do I print?" [she's an oldie who knows where the printer used to be, but not how to use the 15-month-old system, lol]
  • ILL is done and entered
  • Sunday hours dude needs a study room, so I go evict the person here the longest
  • Another guy comes in for a study room, so I empty the middle one since the tutor using it has disappeared from sight
  • I go to check that I'm not going to get kneecapped for doing that; by the time I get back her stuff is gone--hope it was she who took it!
  • Help printing from wi-fi
  • Help with creating a tear-off public sign
  • Same guy needs to print something else from wi-fi
  • Cuh-RAAzy person arrives and talks to my relief person, Librarian K [I get to the workroom and summon K. for a "question/conference" back here]

2:00 [children's dept.]
  • HOLY CRAP -- Summer Reading Program checkins galore!
  • Nonna here with here grandchildren whose cards are so expired they aren't even in the system anymore; no she can't sign for them--has to be a parent--no she can't take the apps home and bring them back signed...poor kids, Nonna has also had a pop or two today :'(
  • Mayhem in the playing area, by the way; and loud giggling 9-year-old boys playing Minecraft on the computers
  • I know I keep saying this, but holy's never-ending in here! Bathroom keys, 1000 Books stuff, SRP stuff, Nonna From Hell....
  • Gigglers leave. Thank God. Refreshingly quieter, despite the squealers in the play area
  • Just realized I never ate lunch....

  • Ran to a nearby gas station and picked up a small bag of popcorn and an oatmeal cookie for lunch, at 3 p.m.; yay eating like an adult!!
  • Library MR: "Please read this and tell me if I missed something or it's not clear" [because we suspect the director should not be allowed to work the SRP desk if he can't follow directions--multiple complaints]
  • YA guest internet pass
  • Multiple kids (tweens) out here playing Minecraft--I can see six eight screens from where I'm sitting. And three of them are in front of boys with snacks so I get to go be the mean librarian....
  • "YA reading checkins are upstairs today.." [I love this girl though--she's from Uganda and smart as a whip academically and socially]
  • Earbuds purchase
  • ...and the snacking continues so I go remind them that I literally can't help but see them whenever I look up because of the way the desk is situated in relation to their computers; last warning before ejection
  • Of course, the smart girl (above) is wandering around with a lollipop in her mouth...ugh
  • Change internet password
  • "I reserved a study room"--well, there's (luckily) one free, but we don't do reservations..."The woman who is on vacation this week said she's write me in The Book" [we don't have A Book, not for anything like that]--email to staff asking WTF?!
  • Smart girl and her two cousins can't seem to get online; we change passwords, I look up the cousins' card #s and eventually they're all settled online
  • When I look up, six fewer Minecrafters, including the snackers -- hurrah
  • Cousins' dad (uncle?) needs to use the stapler 
  • "Can I copy these somewhere?"--very nice lady, and yes
  • Travel stuff for [town near where I went to college]--I show her the area we keep brochures on the metropolitan area it's in
  • [phone] Tech/Circ person calls in response to WTF email that four or five people got an email from Librarian J on Saturday about this because they were on the schedule for 4-6 today so that's all who would probably need to know [which is ludicrous since the schedule changes minute-by-minute around here!! why not throw caution to the wind and send the email to {{gasp!!}} everyone?!]

  • Somewhat nutty patron wanders by and stops to say "Hi, Girl!!" She's a riot--though she doesn't always make sense and she can seem rather combative
  • "How do I get online?"
  • How to get the microfilm back on the original roll once you've looked at all of it
  • "What time is it?" for study room sign-in
  • How to print (for the new online person), and then how to get home [she's using the map from the local phone book, so I Google Map her a bigger map so she doesn't go blind walking]
  • ...for some reason that reminds me that it's garbage night, so I have to get all the stuff to the curb when I get home....maybe I won't stay late at work after all....
  • Interview lady is done
  • "Can old magazines be checked out? [Yes] Eyes light up: "is there a limit to how many??" [not, he's excited!]
  • Stapler returned, with pencil as interest
  • Tech: "I need candy--where's the adult prizes!?" [so I have a piece with her]
  • Can't log in--card is expired
  • Help scan-print
  • Card expired, and he doesn't have it anyway--back to circ for a new one
  • Tech (different one) asking about room thingy

Monday, December 28, 2015


What I'm doing between questions: first hour or so, downloading orders done last week while I was out. Next up, catching up on emails. Then peruse listserves (delete most) followed by ALB so I can check our catalog against the backlog I've developed in my feedreader for that site.

  • Ownership-stamp and distribute today's papers to their spots
  • "Can I take the jobs folder to a table?" [technically we're not supposed to, but sure--and he does bring in back in 20 min or so]
  • Guest pass
  • Pencil
  • Help with adding money to print account
  • Question from shelver about Spinjitzu DVD; is that what she's holding? [yes]
  • Printer not working right [works for me, but the guy moved to another one and now he can print...?? Note to tech ppl]
  • Look up card #; help with color printing
  • For some reason the Scan/Fax station isn't logging in this morning; Librarian Z is dealing with it because I didn't even notice
10:00 [children's dept.]
  • 2 girls and then mom arrive; mom asks for the author of the Gregor the Overlander series [Suzanne Collins--"oh yeah, the Hunger Games author"]
  • R.L. Stine books 
  • Mom + daughter here getting DVDs and books and doing a decoration for our "gingerbread" house
11:00 [children's dept.]
  • Mom looking for the R.L. Stine kids
  • People looking at school district art show [the mom (grandma?) is the lady who served my dinner on Christmas Eve--I love small towns!]
  • Mr. Pols stops on the way out to chat about the holidays and we have a nice rambling convo--love this guy
  • Bathroom key
  • Help with Excel formatting
  • Very loud noise from computer bays in the middle of Reference
  • Five minutes later, lovely older woman comes to say that it was the guy next to her, and he's drunk and smoking; I go suggest he leave...he's not with it enough to understand or remember
  • Another regular (usually drunk guy) comes in to schmooze; the boss comes out in 10 minutes and "reminds" the ACTUAL drunk guy to go [I feel bad--dude's a mess, and it's really crappy outside, but yeah]
  • ...and in he just came again [so we roust him again--"I thought you just wanted me off the computer"--uh, no]
  • Regular not-drunk-today guy asked for fireplace to be turned on
  • Announcement from boss that we're closing early today, at 5
  • Friends board member mentions he's addressing envelopes and can't figure out some of the zip codes--because the previous librarian gave him 1997 phone book to use to look up streets [I pull the zip code directory and show him how to use it so he doesn't have to Google 35 addresses....jeez]

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday Evening

What I'm doing between questions: Crazy Cat Lady is on her 73rd vacation of the year--ok, not really, but she's gone SOOOOO OFTEN....--so I'm holding the fort tonight. Reading reviews, checking end-of-year Best Books lists against our catalog, and hoping all the weirdness happened in the 5-6 hour (pages fainting, DVDs returned dripping in some sort of oil/lotion, people battling over study room use, etc.

  • Tutor wars have commenced; first chore of the evening is to remember to go boost one of the people in a Study Room in 10 minutes so next person can use it...yay
  • Look up library card number for internet usage ["[Librarian H] would have made me show ID"--and the patron is probably right, but we all know her so that's just stupid]
  • Next tutor is her for her room
  • "I can't get online" [her card # isn't in the system anymore; there are three other people with her name in town, and none of them have the same birthdate, so she's needing a new card...]
  • ...and Circ thinks she got deleted by accident so rather than issue a new card, they're looking for her original application [!!] to reenter
  • [phone] Phone number for Good [...] Hospital in [city near us] [dude was JUST HERE--I watched him walk out 10 minutes ago after playing today's chess game online...wth]
  • Walk-through
  • Tutor needs headphones for her charge
  • Dirty looks issued to girls goofing off at the table behind me [wonder of wonder, it seems to work]
  • Dude uses pencil on the fly and almost literally flings it back on the desk when he's done

  • Group home folks arrive [they're late--usually they arrive about 6:20]: first request is tractors for the usual guy
  • Life insurance lackey is back--he's here a couple of times a month--to fax two patient's data forms to the company; $12 later...yikes
  • And he starts pumping me for info about who does our wellness stuff for insurance...sigh 
  • Walk-through, and double-check that everything's ok at circ [they never found the card app for the missing account from the last hour--very weird]

  • "Do you loan laptops?" [not even]
  • [same woman] "Do you have headphones?" [she manages to miss the point that I have some for sale for a buck, but otherwise no]
  • Reference printer is "very low" on black ink so I retrieve a replacement so we aren't running laps when it finally goes. Oh, and I refill the paper while I'm over there
  • Walk-though, pick up strays and do a quick head-count
  • Waiting on two stragglers: one reading the paper, the other zoning out in a study room EVERYONE ELSE IS GONE
  • 8:58 and they are headed toward the door...finally

Saturday, August 15, 2015


What I'm doing between questions: sorting the cart(s) of items to be cataloged into date order. 

9:00 [Librarian T volunteered to cover my first hour in the children's room]
  • [phone] "How do I set up IM?" Librarian T [can't log in]
  • "I don't know if you know but I told her that she has to call [other library in consortium: BPL] because she lives in [B] County..." [yes that's how she started the "question"] Librarian T again [Just because you live in [B] County does not mean you're in the BPL library district. Where does she pay taxes? "I don't know!" If she doesn't pay taxes to a specific district, she can pick her home library and pay the out-of-district fee, but then she can't use any other libraries' materials. "Well, I'm going to ask [Head of Circ] on Monday." So why did you ask (?) me in the first place?? This is going to be the longest day ever....]
10:00 in Children's Room
  • Naturally, the Read to the Dog lady is here with her dog and there's no publicity or anything about. I'm fed up: email to Children's Librarian and director
  • Librarian T comes in to chat, at length, about labels and meeting with other Tech Svc ppl, and stuff and things and OMG OMG
  • Finally a patron: "Can I be logged into the internet on two computers?" [no but I can look up your son's card number and you can both be on your own accounts...]
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • I look over patron's "Cash Only" signs and approve [he went to school with my son since forever and is low-IQ but generally a sweetie and working hard at managing a hair salon]
  • New Debbie Macomber book [reserved for her]
  • Guest pass x2
  • More help for Cash Only dude re "do we have books back here?" etc, for his ??brother??
  • Help printing a Google map
  • Printer is over here now x 3or4
  • "I asked about [a local recreation book] awhile ago..." [I find the request; it's self-published so we're waiting to hear from them about purchase]
  • Guest pass ["I just moved here from California, and my ID and everything else burned"--dear God] -- he goes directly to YouTube, priorities being what they are to the young and multi-gauged
  • Pencil
  • Natural remedies for healthy living [not on the shelf, anywhere sensible; I marked it missing and reserved a copy from another library for her]
  • "Wifi" [uhm, yes? Not enough bars to please her and no thank you. Nice]
  • Extend time on guest pass [yup]
  • Problem on Ref #1 [I shut it down]
  • How to open an attachment in Gmail [stoopid Gmail...]
  • "Where's your wifi?" [she's actually looking for the rude wifi woman]
  • Ref #1 just blew up again--"I think it's snakebit" lol [patron moves over and I go kick #1 in the head]
  • Phone number for Yellow Cab in [Big City]
  • Guest pass [but they have a card for a nearby library; circ told them they couldn't use that card because it isn't in the I enter it for them, because circ is lazy]
  • Bones season 2--why isn't it here yet? [because it's not due till the 21st--I promise we'll call you!]
  • "Why can't I connect to the wifi?" [I think you need to learn how to use your very-off-brand's not working]
  • Ink nearly out on public printer [reset for 50 more pages and get new ink for later]
  • Consumer Reports April issue [guess why? Yes, I get to hear all about his car accident necessitating a review of what to get to replace the totaled one]
  • Forgotten PIN [reset]
  • And it's pouring rain....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday evening

What I'm doing between questions: the ever-popular Death Dates list: searching the March 2015 list, but I'm 9 months behind in actual cleanup....oh, and desultorily IMing with my husband periodically.

  • when I arrive at the desk Librarian Z is on the phone trying to explain our ridiculous "bus system" to someone who is calling from 1300 miles away for a friend who lives locally [so that sets the tone, perhaps, for the evening]
  • pencil sharpener? [all the 'office supply' stuff like that is on a table together now, in sight of the desk...except scissors]
  • Wednesday night group home visit [I warned circ that I really wasn't going to be able to wander around looking for one-hit wonders or random bands for people tonight....]
  • Pick up 6 reserves from the hold box at circ--all for the same patron, all true crime stuff from 5-10 years ago, none of which we own [I'm not allowed to ILL anymore because I do so few hours out here, a rather draconian decision taken because of T doing them wrong more than she does them right; she works out here more than I do, but it's "easier" to make a rule for part-timers than be "mean" to T...I love libraries and their passive-aggressive idiocy]
  • Annie (the new version) and Home on DVD--the former is checked out, the latter isn't due out for another 5 weeks [didn't want to reserve]
  • Same girls looking for Chicago Fire [all checked out, and now they do want to reserve everything]
  • Headphones to buy [yup, down to two more pair]
  • [the pen I'm using is from a Renaissance Hotel; this makes me laugh: obviously a left-behind-by-a-patronpen]
  • How to print
  • Librarian H is here--"just a figment of your imagination"--and says "there are only 3 cars in the staff lot--are there only 3 people working?" [we are, obviously, a little short-handed tonight...]
  • Note to ILL dept. about the six holds--since they are, in essence, all on vacation next week, should we not order anything for the duration?
  • And the YA summer reading checkin is here for the rest of the night, so the prizes and so forth have arrived 
  • "Did anyone turn in a library card?" [not here, but....] "then I need a new one" [ok, dude, relax...go back to circ and they'll hook you up]
  • Cute little noisy toddler with apologetic parents trying to do something quickly online
  • [YA Librarian T calls to say that she forgot to grab the extra reading logs]
  • I pull the apologetic parents over and let them know that there are internet stations in the kids' room if they want to take him in there next time [but he is super-adorbs, just wants to run around so I could care less if he's squawky out here]
  • "I got a new card; do I need a new password?" [nope, looks like they just changed the card # on your computer record, so the PIN stayed the same]
  • Same guy can't get logged in [we really REALLY need to get the extraneous crap off the login page because people WILL click on it instead of the "go" arrow]
  • Hairstyling books for a woman who wants to open her own salon...we have, essentially, nada [so I order some ILL options for her]
  • [phone] Address/location of former amusement park in metropolitan area [and I pronounce one of the streets wrong cuz I'm not from around here]; and are there black widow spiders in Belgium, England, or Poland [not native, no]
  • ...and I restock the request slips
  • ...and the paper in the printer
  • I greet one of our regulars, a tutor, and ask how she's doing: "TERRIFIC!" Well, ok then! :-) And she signs into a study room to make a phone call (which is weird since we're dead as a doornail and no one is in any of those rooms, but whatever)

  • [phone] Season 1 of Suits [says it's on the shelf but isn't where it belongs, so I place hold and hope the shelver/picklist person can figure out where it's hiding
  • Announcement re CALL FOR YOUR RIDE NOW, we're closing soon
  • Catching up on email, reading Now I Know, which is all about leprosy today, so now I'm researching leprosy, which totally counts as a reference question!
  • Son texts to say he's home from his hour-long commute to his summer job
  • First walk-through to pick up strays done--mostly so I could glare at one of our annoying regulars who spent 10 minutes talking on the phone [ok, he was fairly quiet, but it's SO dead in here that I could literally still hear him in the back of nonfiction]
  • Dude, we have another regular across the room talking to himself
  • "When do the computers shut down?" [y'all have 10.5]
  • Today's papers put away, final warning about computers shutting off at 8:50; time to clear the basement....
  • Of course, the only YA to need to pick up prizes arrives at 8:55 AND the children's librarian didn't shut down the meeting room after the program, so closing was a total cluster 

Saturday, December 06, 2014


What I'm doing between questions: ha ha, funny. Back-checking an order I started Thursday, and RSS feeds

9:00 [children's room]
  • Pay to print
  • Help with opinion paper support documentation, due Monday [Mom's PIIISSSSSED, but he's a good kid]
  • Stapler
  • Pencil

10:00 [children's room]
  • Where are the printed documents going? [adult area, why?]
  • Email to IT about weird printing--note stuck to computer for staff
  • Introduce self to volunteer whose name I never knew (probably won't remember either... Lilly, Lilly, Lilly...)
  • [forgotten, random stuff]

  • Help logging in to take real estate test online [takes 20 minutes]
  • Scratch paper 
  • Tax forms
  • Candlestick charting for dummies? [well that's 6+ years old, but there is a Candlestick charting demystified from 2012 I can try getting--yes please]
  • Why can my boss who lives in [next town] use this library? [well, the state let's you use your public library card anywhere in the state, can use his library too: "Why would I want to?" Awww....]
  • Consumer Reports on cameras
  • Help with scan-to-print station
  • Can we load stuff off a thumb drive? [yup]
  • Help printing
  • T out here asking when I'm going to lunch, etc., and 'warning' me about the logo "thing" that's going on this afternoon....yeah, nice timing Boss, an hour before we close on a Saturday
  • Dirty looks and scowls and sighs from Professor Shhhhhhhhh! because he needs SILENCE for chess-playing.  Asshat-combover 

  • Books on Buddhism for a co-member of my Friday night AFG
  • Help saving resume
  • Just noticed that Prof. Shhh is wearing a HGTV RoseParade Crew hoodie. Now I want to ask if it's for realz
  • [phone] How to get from the nearest interstate to the local post office ["can I get there by 1?" only if you drive like an asshole]
  • Where is the non-fiction? [right here, but what are you looking for?] The crash of 2016 [checked out on Monday, do you want to do a hold?] Nope
  • about on Kindle or audio? [it is available that way but no one local has it; ILL the CD?] No, thanks

  • The internet just kicked me off [well, yeah, dude you've been online ALL DAY--sigh--I give him a short-term pass while he blusters about taking a quiz and no warning and how he can't have been hear six hours....]
  • Board member comes to tell me that our ladder (the one that belongs in my household) is still behind his sister-in-law's house and he's worried it might get stolen (it's been there since spring and the project isn't done yet, so yeah)
  • Logo "thing"? [upstairs]
  • [phone] Four Wanda Brunstetter books, none of which is here, and we only own one of them anyway
  • I finish ILLing a DVD that T said wasn't in our part of the state to ILL--yes it is
  • Refill the printers, check to see who's hanging around in the study areas, listen to applause from upstairs re the logo "thing"
  • Kid (age 10-ish) asking for "guides" about knives [we, which fortunately is what he's looking for]
  • Announcement for kids to call their rides NOW
  • Pick up today's papers
  • Mumbly-stutterer asking about Google Earth...also paying to print
  • Same guy--he's been coming here for decades--also tells me about the article he printed that tells how to know if you're stick because you're sick or because of bioterrorism, cuz that's how he rolls
  • Final reminder that we're closing in 15 (GO HOME!)
  • Basement check
  • And it's 4:53 with two people left back here besides me, one online, one not....
  • ....DONE!!