Wednesday, July 26, 2017


What I'm doing between questions: trying not to rub my sore, allergy-ridden eyes which hurt like hell today. Also checking Fiction Core Collection against what we actually own.

  • Renew time online x2
  • "Can you look up my library card?" [yes, because he's a cute kid]
  • "Can I sign up for Summer Reading?" [well, it's got less than a week left, but sure since this week's prize is free entry to next week's county fair...]
  • Library card kid comes back--"can I get a guess pass?" [no dice figuring out his password]
  • I fill them both in on the fact that they can use the YA area now (going into 6th grade), which they decide is far cooler than hanging out here in the grown-up section [DUH!}
  • "Can we have a screen?" [he has a card, he knows his password, so...uhm, yeah....]
  • Mr. P (on of the regulars) "donates" two pens he found by his computer [they started life as ours anyway, so....]
  • Second time renewer finishes up and returns the pencil she borrowed earlier
  • Look up card number + compliment about how great our library is compared to hers [though, having been to her library, hers has a MUCH better view: lake + beach!]
  • Summer Reading kid returns, can't get online in YA [his birthday was entered wrong in his card; I fix it and give him a guest pass just in case]
  • "Screen" guy meanders over for a pencil; his daughter/sister/wife finds a writing utensil so by the time he meanders back she doesn't need the pencil she sent him here for [we discuss Job's patience and taking deep breathes while she mutters to herself]
  • Mr P stops to say bye and tell me that his wife is going to be incensed that he went to the library dressed "that way"--a pocketed clean blue T and clean jeans....--then he warns me it's likely to rain right around closing again tonight [great]
  • I'm searching for a book someone requested in my collection section (200s: religion)--I finally find it in Amazon: self-published manure re Jesus [call patron and say no-one owns and we can't buy]
  • "Screen" dude seems to be on the verge of murdering his companion; she is a bit (ahem) pushy
  • ...but they're leaving and she's actually fine in person, if a little ding-dongy
  • approx 3:35...RANDOM MAYHEM...
  • Husband arrives from train station to fill me in on his trip to the hospital in the Big City....
  • ...MAYHEM CONTINUES....till about 4:30 [I actually called for backup, twice!]
  • 700,000 Summer Reading check-ins [omg this is the last week thank God!!]
  • Reserve several movies for my regular Weds. aft. patron [she does NOT like subtitled movies, and she had two she asked for this time: "nevermind!"]
  • Help with scanning to a flash-drive and uploading the doc to email to someone
  • Mystery v. Mysteries, Western v. Westerns on genre labels [staff question]
  • Pen
  • Director from nearby library stops to say hi and give me a hug (she's a buddy) [the consortium directors met here this afternoon]
  • Sign-in for study room x 2
  • People magazine [we keep the current one back here so people might be less likely to trash it]
  • Someone I know from Al-Anon walks by and says hi [she looks great! ...hmmm and yay]
  • Scanned doc patron returns our flash-drive, and asks me to delete his file from it [I delete his AND four other people's....and send an email to Ref staff to remember to do this themselves!!]
  • more flippin' genre label questions.... "are we doing Horror? What color?" [I have a sudden realization that in about 5 months someone is going to 'realize' that we should have used "Russian Stories" or "Novellas" or "Pseudonymous Author" (or other random things) and want to add them. We already caved on "Time Travel" which I think is covered under "Fantasy" and we aren't doing "Suspense" which is basically 75% of what we buy it feels like.....  /rant
  • Ice Cream Museum yada yada yada

  • There was stuff

  • There was more stuff, and showing new staff how to close up shop and of course Zooey came in at 15 minutes prior to closing and stayed till 5 minutes after....

Monday, July 10, 2017


What I'm doing between questions: Rural and Reciprocal holds

  • I run to circ to swap the "big bills" for printing change
  • Library D has disappeared from here and not reappeared where he's scheduled, so Miss W is freaking out
  • No, the fact that Google has a (ridiculous) doodle today is not because they're trying to irritate you, Crazy Woman; and no, it doesn't look like poop: it looks like flour and potato peelings, which the subject's claim to fame [Librarian D already warned me that she's complained today about her card's barcode having her birthday in it--we did that on purpose of course]
  • Reset password
  • Password dude's dad strolls in whistling
  • Staple remover
  • Crazy Woman leaves, or at least logs off and heads to the front
  • Staple remover back
  • Help downloading books to her Kindle [she has an "emotional support" dog in a baby stroller--so that's a first for me]
  • Old maps [long complicated back story, and she didn't bring her reading glasses so she can't actually SEE the old maps....] I am saved by the next Ref person's arrival so I can eat lunch
  • YA reading logs--and someone has fubar'd the login (prob the boss) so it takes twice as long as necessary
  • Help finding link for job openings at local parochial school's website
  • Placed hold for The Daughter of Time (Josephine Tey) for patron who I am positive has read it at least a dozen times
  • Help with printing
  • Help with SSA printouts, logins, etc. Also electricity bills (can't access that for some reason)--poor folks with no computer skills being told to log in to do stuff they don't understand....sigh
  • Adult Summer Reading Prize
  • Local paper + CR buying guide for this year
  • Help with printing from a flash drive
  • Guest pass
  • YA reading log
Everything I typed here disappeared. Grr.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: Death Dates list.

  • I can't imagine who will be in the library today: it's lovely outside, there is plenty of [local] sportsball on TV, and the kids don't have school tomorrow; I expect crazies and people without a life, i.e. our usual crew
  • Newspapers are out, printers have paper: we're GO
  • [phone message] Courageous Faith [I'll have to order it--no one around here has purchased it yet]
  • A book about the Holocaust, with pictures [he later tells me it's to show friends who've never heard of it...omg...but good for him!]
  • Headphones [one pair that maybe works, or he can $$, so we'll try the maybes]
  • Thumb drive not showing up on public computer [of course it does when I'm standing behine her--computers, making us feel dumb since 1980]
  • Leftover reserve from yesterday for The Muse [our copy on hold, so it goes on reserve]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • How to copy stuff from a file into email, and vice versa
  • Scavenger Hunt results [I can't find the answer sheet, but thankfully I know all the answers this week!]
  • "I can never find this book on the shelf..." [he was looking where it should be not where it actually is, but we've got it
  • Can't log in [card expired--easy fix]
  • Add $$ to printing account, paid for with credit card at circ
  • [family member is being a dick on chat because I told him he might not want to watch his "home team" play today because they're being more chat for me for a bit] he did eventually apologize for being unfair
  • Our Constant Job Seeker is here, sighing as usual, and learning something new. I'm sure at some point today he will come over and tell me all about how stupid/brilliant whatever-it-is length...after he cracks his neck a dozen times and stretches his back (arms in the air &; wave 'em around like you jus' don' care)
  • Are we open tomorrow? [no one told me we aren' says he'll see ME then for sure]
  • Email-to/from-file copier stops back with our pencil--asks why we would be closed tomorrow and then says, "I'm too old to care about Columbus Day anymore!" [heh]
  • [phone] The Gipsy in the Parlour [found it but wow, could you be more obnoxious about spelling?? I have to ILL it; it's 60+ years old]
  • Chat with circ ppl about a frozen print job on her computer...can't figure it out
  • "Why won't this save on my flash drive?" [after a few minutes of "huh, hmm" I realize she's put a / in the file name; delete that and it's all good]
  • [phone] The Last American Man [on the shelf, so I pull it and place it on hold]
  • [speaking of which: radio silence on chat after I came back and asked a question about dinner....wevs dickhead]
  • As expected, Constant Job Seeker is here venting on the job he has....sigh sigh sigh [eventually walk away]
  • Fix registration for library programs [all set, didn't need fixing....?]
  • CJS is back
  • Guest pass [she has a fine, but she needs a job...I'm such a sucker]
  • [Find a pile of requests at the circ desk while wandering through--find one on the shelf, reserve two others, and leave the others for Someone Else to do through ILL; oh and I leave one with a tech to search her piles of DVDs since our copy is supposed to be here and maybe it's gone to Repairland]
  • CJS...omg, I'm gonna punch him!
  • Extend time [will do, but the computers shut down in 20 minutes...]
  • Local paper
  • CJS . Srsly
  • Walk through to see what kind of crowd is scattered around...just about time to do the We're Closing Soon announcement
  • [phone] Is Columbus Day a federal and state holiday? [yup and everything's closed. Except us]
  • Guest pass [nope, not doing it since you'll log in with just barely time to use it] [The whole family is dingbatty]
  • And then the other daughter makes a [loud] phone call for help on the webpage she's using ...
  • Headphones come back! Unbelievable!!
  • "So you're going to close at 4 on Sundays now?" [we always have, yup]
  • Last-minute patron wants Rushing Waters on hold [done]
  • And we're done.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: praying that it stays very quiet and no one asks anything complicated tonight: we're short (again) and my eyes are having a very bad time with focusing on things like spine labels and computer screens. Otherwise, switching over to the Updated Subject List since I'm all caught up with Death Dates; well, with checking them in the catalog.

  • Fermentation (for a college lab report) [why she is not at a college library I don't know]
  • I make an announcement about a car in the lot that was apparently parked by a drunken, a very nice older gentleman [once we know it's his car, I just tell him he's gotta not park on the sidewalk in the future, please]
  • Our paranoid letter-writer has been here, literally, all day doing something online [she called last night to make sure it was ok if she used the computer all day to type her genealogy into some governmental site--whatever that means] 
  • And our Weds night group home folks arrive: Wild Wild West (as in books on), Halloween, fire engines, Zoom! [I have to ILL the last one]
  • It's hotter than heck--on goes the fan that is always here now
  • Oooh, Ms. Paranoia is gone! yay
  • Soundtrack from "Ice Castles" (hello, my early teenage years!!!) [another ILL to do]
  • How many magazines can be checked out at once? [no limit]
  • Librarian KT is walking around like the ground is made of eggshells [sciatica flare up]; she can't walk, I can't see, together we make one semi-functional librarian
  • "How do I log out of Yahoo mail now?"[I show him] then welding books, then National Geographics
  • Call about Free: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff request [audible download only; no book, no CD--but now I know that she watches Bill Maher, as do I]
  • Eraser ... oh, and pen?
  • Tech calls to let me know that Ms. Paranoia has left the director another note. Sealed inside an envelope so we will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what's buzzing around her brain today...sigh
  • "I got a call that the things I requested are here" [thump on the desk goes her giant bag purse--I explain that they are up front, after I ascertain that these "things" are books/DVDs/etc. not something extremely weird we might actually have here at Reference; she looks moderately put out and not sure she should trust me]
  • Different tech comes past on an errand and asks if we can tell from a cancelled hold where something came from [I check my record of cancellations...apparently not, which is weird]
  • Go on my mid-shift wander to make sure no one is naked or dead anywhere in the building, and pick up 3 more reserves from circ, all for DVDs
  • People using study room sign out
  • "Where are the restrooms?" [point and explain]
  • An hour till closing announcement
  • "Can I use a study room?" [sure, why not?]
  • Refill all the paper in printers/copiers/etc.
  • It's dead in here, just a matter of the computers shutting down and herding the stragglers to the door...
  • Dude in the study room is NOT leaving....grrr...ah now he is
We are finally getting shook of Librarian J a.k.a. Crazy Cat Lady. This is her last week of work. So of course she took today off. Weird that she hasn't had to call in sick once she she scheduled the rest of her time off so carefully. Anyway, that's why I'm going to be on the desk more often for the foreseeable future, especially on Weds. nights when she normally held things down here. So it's a trade-off, but overall, no one's exactly sad to see her leave.

Friday, October 07, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: checking the Death Dates lists--from August and September this year!--against our catalog.

  • Blowers are off today so it's deathly quiet out here today; every keystroke can be heard
  • "Does the printer print in color?" from someone with blue lipstick and a lip-ring [yes, if you tell it to, and she's quite nice]
  • I am old: what's this thing with baseball caps that look like they just landed on guys' heads, rather than guys wearing them? It looks ridiculous (also, wearing Miami Dolphins colors--teal and tangerine--is an interesting tribute to people in Florida dealing with Hurricane Matthew)
  • Boss stops by; we may not get the blower fixed till Monday. Yay--I work Sunday. It's like breathing tropical air in here already
  • Guest pass, but suggest he get a library card
  • Help making a photocopy
  • [Operatic Farter is leaving, fartless today]
  • Four leftover ILLs completed. Seriously, why weren't they done by the person who started them??
  • Black Hole Blues [put on hold for him]
  • "Did that last guy have an accent?" as he returns his Ethernet cable...[no...? I don't think so? and here's your card back]
  • How to pay to print
  • [finally starting the Death Dates list...]

  • dead for 20 minutes
  • [phone] Librarian K asking for the first two Hobbit movies [on his way back from his honeymoon--needs something to do tonight with the kids; I pull them and leave them in his inbox]
  • More paper in printer--woman just printed about 50 pages
  • Help with printing, and then with printing blown-up print job on copier
  • Boss walks through--maybe we'll have blowers before we close
  • Guest pass for internet
  • Staff member's family is visiting, adorable little redheaded granddaughter included
  • Blower tries to start several times...nope
  • And...yes, it's on!! Sounds a bit off, but blowing air!
  • Latest guest pass person asks for a wipe--the keyboard is greasy [ew]; we have Clorox wipes and she takes one\
  • ...and help her print
  • Killing Kennedy [on the shelf--I grin maniacally as she tells me how GOOOOOOD this series is!! Finding the book for her "made [her] day." OK, so not my thing, but it's always fun to have seriously happy patrons]
  • Help with faxing [dude is 5 years younger than me and looks like he's about to keel over]

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: mostly just chatting to people and keeping this up to date. It was a little busy!

  • It's busy today--kids are out for conferences and the homeless are appearing...or something. Anyway, a LOT of faces, several of them new. And the usual people as well. Including:
  • The Operatic Farter: long, loud, musical, and occasionally stinky
  • The FOL Guy: super-nice, was in the paper last month for getting arrested for disturbing the peace & vandalism
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: NEW! tall skinny and hairy proto-hipsters x 3. Possibly meth-heads. Homeless?
  • Ponytail Gamer: used to be an aide with the SPED kids, now spends hours every day here playing a really weird game online.
  • Return of Big City Paper That Gets Stolen if we leave it out
  • Study room sign-in
  • More time for a guest user whose time just blew up [I give her a new day-pass and extend her time immediately]
  • Longish chat with FOL Guy
  • How to print from a laptop
  • Hello to/from family that usually comes in half an hour prior to closing
  • Proto-Hipsters decide to leave, so they turn their iTunes to max volume for the walk to the front of the building [and I "no no no" them, and then realize the "Pirates.." moniker is for the shitastic eyeline one of them is sporting; the loud one says, "Sorry, I didn't realize..." dumbass]
  • Commercial motor vehicle operator instruction series which is not anywhere in this state. After some back-and-forth, she decides one disc is fine to examine to see if she wants to buy the set for $600 on Amazon [and then I hear some random story about a doll? or something she bought from American Dollar Store that actually came from Amazon...blah blah blah]
  • Sign in for study room
  • Discover that there are old reserves sitting here--finish those up, including an ILL for Like Finding My Twin [I might snag this when the patron's done for a quick perusal]
  • Laptop printing person successfully prints off a zillion pages [ I 💚 PrinterOn]
  • ILL tech needs a port, so I volunteer the one I'm just finishing up with and log out
  • The population is currently half what it was an hour ago....I'm that scary?
  • Help with Excel I get the grade too?
  • Study room sign-out
  • Librarian C needs a port ... and then 2-year-old patron and mom need to meet our puzzle horse
  • ...and a lengthy gossip section ensues because Librarians M and KT appear with questions for us
  • KT wants the teen series called "Prey" separated from the adult series called "Prey" in the catalog (duh, yes, I should know better)
  • Help with Excel [I know NOTHING about charts and tables!] and she sort of thinks she's got it figured out anyway
  • Guest pass and help with printing
  • ....and DONE!!