Saturday, August 17, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: checking the catalog for dead people--I'm only 10 months behidn.

9:00 in kids' room
The entire children's room has been overhauled in the last day and a half--I knew about some of it when I left work on Thursday, but today it's totally rearranged, except for the books. And, naturally, the only email from the children's librarian mentions one part of the whole thing, something that's been ongoing for several days this week. So, yay: where are the puppets? I dunno. Where are the magazines? I dunno. Where are the intermediate-level activity kits? I dunno. [OK, actually, I do know, but only because I've prowled around and been given a heads-up by another staff member]
  • Easy books about occupations [they are now with the occupation....]
  • The Calling (Tiernan) [our copy isn't there, so I place a hold on it]
  • Woman from church comes in with a new pink cast (replacing the former over-the-elbow cast of two weeks ago); she's looking for books for her grandkids

10:00 in kids' room
  • Discussion of teacher cards and dual-language and checkout limits....
  • Look up library card number for SAM use
  • Oh carp that twerpy kid is here--it's his sister who needed her card # [the freckle-faced one in this post]
  • Librarian J wanders in with new magazines to shelve--and doesn't know where the magazines are now 
  • Bathroom keys for cleaning dude ... and back
  • Twerpy kid, his sister, and mom leave [he'd been pestering the grandpa/grandson on their computer--thank God for other kids' patient grandpas!]

  • [phone] Do we have public computers with floppy drives? [no, but we do have an external floppy drive that patrons can borrow]
  • I've already had to move three public-area chairs that apparently Librarian J didn't notice were completely out of their places, and while I'm up a do a quick walk-thru to get the lay of the land; there's a guy reading the paper with one of his shoes off ... lol
  • Of Mice and Men [for a h.s. kid--and it's here!--who just finished 1984 and loved it. YAY!]
  • Help with setting up Excel page for bill payment [the gentleman calls me "SeƱorita" thus earning massive cred for being blind to all the gray in my hair... ;-)]
  • Copier not giving change--out of order sign on it

  • Cleaning guy wheels past with mops, et al. [I suppose cleaning the bathrooms at the same time you mop them would cause some kind of short circuit?]
  • Oh, really?! BOTH copiers are out?! NIIIIIIICE. Good thing the scan station is working, unless you need legal-size
  •  ...and then I got swamped

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: checking the roof for worsening leaks, and various "do we have this?" lists against our catalog. [I also have vertigo today, so I'm trying not to move my head too much or too fast. And I'm crabby, too.]

  • "How do I get onto the Internet?" [new card--just sit down and go]
  • Please, Librarian F: talk squawk a little louder because we can't actually hear EVERY word you're saying in your office!
  • Sign in for study room (x2, oddly) 
  • One of those guys needs a guest pass for the internet
  • "What's my password?" [I show her]
  • Help with saving a screenshot and emailing it to himself
  • Add money to SAM account
  • Fax [of course the new system doesn't send the confirmation email right, so I end up sending the fax the old way, which of course works fine]
  • Guest internet pass
  • Help getting online  [these last three are all going at once]
  • Paperclip?

  • A whole flurry of stuff: YA prizes, help someone picking out a phone at Radio Shack's website, patron leaving a resume for Libarian T, money on SAM to print, patron looking at job ads, signup for study room  == all within 5 minutes
  • Two guest passes for internet [clearly, there are a ton of people here today from not-here]
  • Help printing
  • Help with printing (same person) and logging off
  • "My sessions are ?disabled?? But I haven't used up all my time today?" [all fixed--SAM doesn't like if you computer-hop too quickly]
  • Another flurry: two phone calls (horrible, horrible connection on both!), two people paying for print, some others needing to scan, GRE books [luckily, Librarian H happens by and can take on the scanning part while I do the rest]