Thursday, November 01, 2007

6:00 - 7:00 p.m. ; 7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: the ever-popular demand order cards...


  • [Phone message] Inventing Memory; Images of America [our town]; Pat Jordan's new book [which apparently is still not published; we had the others on our shelves
  • Headphones
  • Return headphones [different person]
  • Can I use my credit card on your internet connection? [uh, yeah...?]; where is a computer that's not in use [wow, we're full!]
  • [I empty out the singles from our copier payment drawer--they are overflowing]
  • Are these computers for public use? [yes, and grab it fast!]
  • Printer needs paper
  • Copy machine
  • Pen
  • Look up card number
  • Where did my print job go? And why aren't they free? [they are, it's just hard to see the way the screen is laid out]
  • Stapler [VERY green shirt!]
  • History of Germany [awfully sassy teenage boy whose father wants him to "stand right!" as in don't slouch]
  • Printer won't print [I think it's a popup window issue...leaving a note for the techie]
  • Return headphones
  • Where is the adult fiction section? How is it arranged?
  • Is there a drinking fountain?
  • Librarian JK heads to Board Meeting
  • [{bloop}--our database goes out on me...weird]
  • Printer problems
  • Guy on cell phone does NOT get message about not using cell phones in the library...what a jerk!
  • The patron who will not leave at closing arrives...of course
  • Soccer players are downstairs
  • Headphones [and his "collateral" (i.e., library card) is covered with gang grafitti]
  • Fiction is up towards the front of the building
  • Library cards issued at the front desk
  • Pencil. With lead, please...
  • Headphones
  • New library card, but it won't let him log in [odd, but we get it working finally]
  • Purchase a floppy?
  • Where do I...oh yeah... [print]; one page is free, right? [yes]
  • Doesn't cost me anything, right? [three pages--no]
And Librarian JK returns