Sunday, March 04, 2007

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: I'm going to attempt to do the budget totals for the past two months. We'll see how that goes....


  • Scratch paper
  • SAM registration
  • Password lookup
  • Copier not working (coin thingy, and no paper)
  • "Can I just use any computer?" [yes!}
  • Password woman can't access the website for a shower registration (because it was misprinted)
  • Reverse lookup out of the area
  • "Why isn't my card working to get online?" [she has the numbers written down slightly wrong]
  • [phone] Clever Tom the Leprechaun
  • Journal articles online
  • Books on tatting [we have none--I reserve some for patron and leave a note for crafty book librarian]
  • Internet printer having issues [actually it's the guy's PC, but eventually it prints]
  • Specific Consumer Reports issues
  • [All the 'golf pencils' in the box for the public are too dull to write with...grrrr]
  • [phone call from home]
  • Headphones
  • [There is a guy online who keeps glaring at the clock and watching his screen very intently--I finally figure it out: he's on eBay...{snort}]
  • "Can I use a computer to attach a file from this disk in an email?" [sure]
  • "Can I have more time?" [he hasn't even gotten online yet--I explain that we usually don't extend time on Sundays because of how busy we are, which is evidenced by the fact that there are no computers for him to use right now]
  • Car parts, like a dictionary [I eventually find something he can use]

  • [The dude who needed extra time is done--he chuckles with me as he leaves]
  • "Any free computers?" [uhhh, not too many] and then "How do I login again??" [she's only used our computers once several months ago...can't remember password]
  • "Is the internet available on that computer?" [yes]
  • Paper and pencil
  • Consumer Reports are returned
  • "Can you extend my time online since there's no one upstairs?" [nice]
  • Classified ads from today
  • Wireless connection issues, easily resolved
  • Friend here to use internet doesn't have card
  • Books on John Hancock, and why is the biography section so weird [I explain that we're moving everything...slowly]
  • The ADD Answer [our copy is checked out, so I reserve it for him]
  • Computer isn't working right [I turn it off and leave a note for the tech]
  • Headphones are returned
  • [I realize I'm not wearing my nametag and go get it]
  • "I ordered a book. Actually, I ordered two DVDs..." [I send him to the circ desk to pick them up]
  • He's Just Not That Into You [our copy is listed as Lost, so I reserve it for her, and write up an order card for a new copy]
  • "Is this the tax form?" [yes, and his dad who lives out of state can access them online...or you can mail it to him...whatever]

  • Classified ads are a different person... [?]
  • ExTREMEly opinionated man wants information about economics for his 'idiot cousin who been brainwashed by his Democrat friends for decades' [we are lacking in our Milton Friedman material, to his vocal dismay...another note for another collection development librarian]
  • More time online [fat chance!]
  • Change number in SAM, and can I print something off my thumb drive [yes]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Tarot card reading [we have too much on that, IMHO]
  • Pay for print jobs [number change guy above--but it didn't charge him for his 44 odd!]
  • Tarot lady thanks me
  • [The computer I turned off awhile ago has been turned back on and apparently is working fine...whatEVer]
  • Boy wants DVD of Discovery Channel show he watched last night [his mom and I spent a great deal of time explaining that it hasn't been released yet for sale]
  • [Closing announcement]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • [phone] Departed [there is, of course, a massive waiting list for this]
  • Tax forms
  • Print tax form [different guy]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Kid ran out of time online before his document went to the printer [I have him use the other PC at the Reference desk]
  • [The internet computers blessedly shut down]
  • Pay for print jobs
WHEW...and yes, somehow, I managed to get the budget numbers crunched!