Directors = In the beginning, we had MC, who retired in 2009 after nearly 40 years' employment here. She was replaced by MP who was opposite in every single important detail from MC, and had a difficult time fitting in. She left for another job in 2012, and the new director who started some 6 months later, in early 2013, breaks with tradition in many many ways and goes by N. He's also the first male director many of the staff have ever had.

Librarian A = There are actually two of these. The first A is a guy who left for another job in 2005ish, and who was replaced by the second A who is a woman who left for another job in 2011. They couldn't be more dissimilar, but both are amazing librarians.

Librarian AB = Sort-of replacement for Librarian J when she retired in 2016, but only part-time. She's very nice and energized and shares my warped sense of humor. Our second staff member from Alabama!

Librarian B = Began as a circulation clerk, went to library school and graduated school and was promoted to Adult Services Librarian in about 2008.* Left us in the summer of 2017 to become director of a small library in a nearby town.

Librarian C = Began as a circulation clerk, went to library school and graduated school and was promoted to Adult Services Librarian in about 2008.*

Librarian E = Probably the best, most organized librarian I've ever met, E worked at my library from 2009 till 2011 when she left for another job. She was the Children's Librarian hired after JK left.

Librarian JK = Children's Librarian from Time Immemorial until she retired in 2009. She also did a lot of the scheduling.

Librarian J= Adult Services Librarian since the beginning of time. She occasionally appears as Crazy Cat Lady, because even sans cat, she's goofy. She retired in the fall of 2016--at last!

Librarian K = After A1 left, he remained the Token Male on the professional staff for some 9 years. Also in Adult Services and a great guy.

Librarian KT = Hired in late 2013 as part-time YA librarian; became full-time about a year later. Is fabulous with the teens, and our programming and usage stats have exploded under her purview. Used to be a teacher, and is about the same age as her supervisor, Librarian MR.

Librarian KB = Formerly a TS tech who has been working on her MLS for several years. She fills in at all the Reference Desks (adult, J, YA) and also does some children's programming. Unfailingly nice, and it's been amazing watching her mature over the years she's worked here.

Librarian L = Children's Librarian hired to replace E. Lasted 10 months (got a MUCH better job offer), which is about 30 years too short.

Librarian M = Techie Adult Services Librarian. Also known as New-Mom Librarian. Filled in as interim director in 2012-2013 while we did a proper director search.

Librarian MR = Current Children's Librarian. Full of energy, much younger than the other professional staff. Likes to rearrange stuff. A lot. Often. Has really streamlined a lot of old-fashioned things here.

Librarian T = The Technical Services Librarian from whom I took over in 2002 when she retired. ...and then she came back as a the "maternity sub" in 2004, and never left again. She was, however, forced to cut back hours because of her pension requirements in late 2015.

Other staff members come and go. I'll try to fill this in as I edit and come across them.

The red font denotes current staff. Updated 6/16
*Creepily, I confuse them by name all the time too, although they are really not anything alike.

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