Wednesday, January 22, 2014


What I'm doing between questions: checkign the Death Dates list from last September to see what's in our . far . behind . . .

Two librarians are gone today, as well as two regular circ staff, and the director. This week has been rather mayhemish already, not even counting the staff drama.

  • Pay to print
  • I cannot stand looking at this crapola tape residue on the top of the desk another second!! Clorox wipes and various flat edges and elbow grease and it's finally gone--and now there is one 8" square of the desk that is cleaner than clean
  • Local weekly paper
  • Meanwhile, I'm being visually assaulted by a pudgy middle-aged buttcrack 10 feet from me. Dude could set the building on fire and I wouldn't look his direction
  • Question from tech person about whether DVDs have labels
  • Problem with logging on to the net with guest pass
  • I restart a few computers that are looking weird...and that doesn't really help
  • ...and discover someone else with a shirt/trouser gap....
  • Pay to print
  • Butt-Crack Dude's phone rings ("What Does the Fox Say?") and he leaves
  • Two people sign up for Study Room use and by the way, who is that in #3? No one signed in...I check and she's just leaving
  • Paper is back
  • There are a lot of homeless guys people here today, meeting and greeting
  • Study room shifting around
  • Pay to print
  • Another tech with a question about Scooby Doo DVDs = small kids' section or older kids' section?
  • Want ads fodler is back (oh, yeah, didn't even notice it was gone)
  • In my email:
    I just got off the phone with a representative from [vendor]. They make customized pencils and magnets and water bottles and the like for businesses and libraries. This is the second time I have had someone try to sell me mood pencils for $1,000 a box. I do not want to deal with them anymore. They come up on the caller ID as '[acronym].' If you see that and they ask for me, please tell them I am unavailable or not interested.
    I would add "dead" to the last, just to be sure they got the point ("the point" ha ha ha--I'm losing it)

  • "Something weird is on my computer screen" [wow, last person's Word docs are still there...I delete them]
  • The director's response to previous email:
    Better yet, refer them to me. I am long past holding back on telling pushy vendors to leave my staff and myself alone.
  • [phone] My Brother Sam Is Dead (our copy is out)
  • Purchase headphones
  • Non-local library patron needs to use internet; I add his card to our database
  • More time online
  • Library's address (for online map directions)
  • Chat with the usual regular guy--that I like--which he begins by saying "Good night for chili" and I ask if he's bringing me a bowl since I work till 9. I really do like this guy a lot
  • Mac (uh oh) PDF document saved on his laptop, won't print when USB is in our computers...ok, so technically, it will print but the parts he's filled in don't show up [some kind of 'translation' issue]; he ends up suggesting, theoretically, that he plug his Macbook into our printer and going direct. "Theoretically," it works, and he can fax now those "theoretical" pages off to the employer
  • Celiac disease and gluten-free stuff
  • Why do we have two different kinds of headphones back here to sell? Email sent...

  • [phone] Dr Brand that I used to bring my aunt to in the 1930s...yup, found him and the guy tells me a couple of fun stories about the Good Old Days
  • [phone] Everyone's favorite (or not) Werewolf, needs books about Wuertemmburg in the 18th century
  • Pay to print
  • Reserve for The Secret Rooms [and I put my name down for it too because it's about Belvoir Castle near where my sister's family grew up]
  • Signing out of study room
  • Pay to print
  • Children's librarian points out a book that has no photo in the catalog [can't get it to show, sorry]
  • Guest internet pass
  • Our local "nice" drunk is back, a little inebriated, but generally ok-ish