Wednesday, February 02, 2005

9:00 - ?

What I'm doing between questions: DDC checking and trying to figure out Consumer Guide's Car & Truck guides...
Librarian H called in with a fever, so I'm covering till someone comes to relieve me.

* Last year's tax forms?
* SAM registration (x2) and then they can't figure out how to log on...
* 1040-OL [I print it off
* 1040-K1 [ditto]
* Sr. citizen "circuit breaker" form; can she have two? [It's early in the year, so sure, why not]
* Map of "sowessalan" [We establish he's looking for the mountainous country in the center of Europe Americans call Switzerland; with his accent and general lack of English skills, it becomes "sowessalan"]
* Baby sign language video/DVD


* Scratch paper
* The Man Who Never Talks is skulking
* A book on all the colleges in the state [I show him the Blue Book, U.S. News, Peterson's...his eyes glaze over; but he's very grateful]
* Tax assistance [I give her the AARP phone number so she can make an appointment]
* Patron reports a man "compulsively scraping the tables" [the custodian and I have a good chuckle over him trying to get the glue off a tabletop]
* Tax forms
* 1) Why can't I access my library account online? [a couple of overdues]; and 2) can I use the Internet here? [I register him on SAM]
* Word proc
* Headphones
* ...and they come right back 3 minutes later
[Looks like I get to leave now; or soon, anyway, whenever Librarian JK returns from wherever she just ran off to.]

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