Sunday, October 28, 2007

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: downloading Demand OCLC records,


  • Circ person brings today's papers to me and I take out want ads before putting the rest of the papers in the reading room
  • Headphones
  • Headphones (2 pair)
  • "Full already?" [not quite, but well on our way to all net stations in use]
  • Headphones [that's it--I'm out]
  • Wireless connection password? [there is none--eventually her computer lets her in]
  • "I don't remember my password" [with upgrade, she just needs to reenter her info and and start over] ; headphones [try children's room]
  • [Wandering soul does not need help]

  • "The printer never works for me anymore. When I need to print, can you help me?"
  • One of the two headphones is returned
  • I turn into a traffic cop: you need PowerPoint so you get that computer; you just need the net so you get this one
  • Printer guy wasn't waiting for the 'are you sure you want to print' box--mystery solved!
  • Headphones
  • Taskbar not accepting clicks [no clue--it's PowerPoint and I never use that; she logs out and logs back in to start over while I find a book to answer our questions...and then it works fine]
  • Check out at the front desk
  • Print jobs on kids' computers print in kids room. Yes: all the time. Yes: in color.
  • Parenting teens [tempting to suggest duct tape, but she seems very nice and not frazzled]
  • Kids' room staff calls to say that the copier in there actually does print in color
  • "Is this the library list?" [no, that's the net waiting list signup--catalog is over here]
  • Where did the print job go?
  • [we're nearly out of red and yellow toner so I go get some more just in case]
  • PowerPoint chick got it to work--yay
  • Circ person wants to know if a U.S. passport means someone is a U.S. citizen, and is it legal to use that plus a driver's license to register her to vote [well, yeah....?]
  • Highlighter
  • Foundation grants to individuals [we have it, but it's been put on a shelving cart so it wasn't at all easy to find]
  • Headphones returned
  • Cute little guy (about 2) playing tag in the adult nonfiction aisles....his mom scoops him up


  • Is there an election next week? [ I can't find anything, and I haven't seen any of those ubiquitous yard signs...the county's website is no help whatsoever]
  • Current People mag.
  • Headphones returned
  • [How is Sweet T. getting more time online? He is looking really clearly something is up...?]
  • Headphones
  • [The Bears are losing. YAY!!]
  • Headphones...and she returns them within 3 minutes
  • [Speaking of people who shouldn't be online Mouthy Fish Girl has been blocked at her mother's request, and she's online as well! I replace the block on her card.]
  • World's Fastest Indian [we have it--she's happy]
  • How to search Google [school-age girl--eventually, I send her into the children's room with her mom to sign up....when I call to give the heads-up to the staff person in there, she sighs as if this is the final straw: that she has to show someone how to use Google. So I bite off her head. #*%^!(*]
  • Headphones

  • Headphones returned
  • How to retract a bid on eBay
  • Headphones
  • Where did my print job go?
  • People mag returned
  • Computer with Word on it
  • Pay account balance
  • [eBay woman tells me I'm good luck as she leaves]
  • Travel books, Switzerland
  • Nope, no headphones left (again) [second time she asked]
  • Mark Fuhrman book
  • Headphones returned
  • Headphones returned
  • Headphones returned

  • Email to Librarian H about assorted problems I've come across about technology and this order thing I'm supposedly working on
  • [phone] One of our regulars calling to reserve 5 more bestsellers
  • Highlighter and PowerPoint book returned
  • SAM guest registration
  • [The Bears lost--Bigger Yay!]
  • How much does a library card cost? [Nothing but you do need ID...which kills that plan for her today]
  • Living Beyond Breast Cancer [I ILL it for her]
  • Why can't I save to the CD drive? [no idea, so I left a note for the tech to look at it--right now it's Admin Only]
  • Where are my print jobs?
  • I clean up all the books lying around and make the closing announcement; check the basement
  • W00t! We're done!

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