Saturday, August 15, 2015


What I'm doing between questions: sorting the cart(s) of items to be cataloged into date order. 

9:00 [Librarian T volunteered to cover my first hour in the children's room]
  • [phone] "How do I set up IM?" Librarian T [can't log in]
  • "I don't know if you know but I told her that she has to call [other library in consortium: BPL] because she lives in [B] County..." [yes that's how she started the "question"] Librarian T again [Just because you live in [B] County does not mean you're in the BPL library district. Where does she pay taxes? "I don't know!" If she doesn't pay taxes to a specific district, she can pick her home library and pay the out-of-district fee, but then she can't use any other libraries' materials. "Well, I'm going to ask [Head of Circ] on Monday." So why did you ask (?) me in the first place?? This is going to be the longest day ever....]
10:00 in Children's Room
  • Naturally, the Read to the Dog lady is here with her dog and there's no publicity or anything about. I'm fed up: email to Children's Librarian and director
  • Librarian T comes in to chat, at length, about labels and meeting with other Tech Svc ppl, and stuff and things and OMG OMG
  • Finally a patron: "Can I be logged into the internet on two computers?" [no but I can look up your son's card number and you can both be on your own accounts...]
  • Tape
  • Stapler
  • I look over patron's "Cash Only" signs and approve [he went to school with my son since forever and is low-IQ but generally a sweetie and working hard at managing a hair salon]
  • New Debbie Macomber book [reserved for her]
  • Guest pass x2
  • More help for Cash Only dude re "do we have books back here?" etc, for his ??brother??
  • Help printing a Google map
  • Printer is over here now x 3or4
  • "I asked about [a local recreation book] awhile ago..." [I find the request; it's self-published so we're waiting to hear from them about purchase]
  • Guest pass ["I just moved here from California, and my ID and everything else burned"--dear God] -- he goes directly to YouTube, priorities being what they are to the young and multi-gauged
  • Pencil
  • Natural remedies for healthy living [not on the shelf, anywhere sensible; I marked it missing and reserved a copy from another library for her]
  • "Wifi" [uhm, yes? Not enough bars to please her and no thank you. Nice]
  • Extend time on guest pass [yup]
  • Problem on Ref #1 [I shut it down]
  • How to open an attachment in Gmail [stoopid Gmail...]
  • "Where's your wifi?" [she's actually looking for the rude wifi woman]
  • Ref #1 just blew up again--"I think it's snakebit" lol [patron moves over and I go kick #1 in the head]
  • Phone number for Yellow Cab in [Big City]
  • Guest pass [but they have a card for a nearby library; circ told them they couldn't use that card because it isn't in the I enter it for them, because circ is lazy]
  • Bones season 2--why isn't it here yet? [because it's not due till the 21st--I promise we'll call you!]
  • "Why can't I connect to the wifi?" [I think you need to learn how to use your very-off-brand's not working]
  • Ink nearly out on public printer [reset for 50 more pages and get new ink for later]
  • Consumer Reports April issue [guess why? Yes, I get to hear all about his car accident necessitating a review of what to get to replace the totaled one]
  • Forgotten PIN [reset]
  • And it's pouring rain....

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