Thursday, December 14, 2006

6:00 - 9:00 P.M.

What I'm doing between questions: December BookLetters order, and Dewey updates....and checking Bloglines and email.


  • Where does everything print? [over there, at the printers]
  • Where can I make a copy? and Why does it say it doesn't have the right paper size? [over there, and because it's thinking for you, and it's stupid
  • Where's my print j... oh, there it is [patience, hon]
  • "Marjorie"--song from the 1930s for her parents' 65th wedding anniversary [a little help here, I can find NOTHING!!]
  • "Chicken Soup..." books [no, they aren't in the kids room...who told her that??]
  • Why can't I access MySpace anymore? [same girl; I bump her SAM access up one level and ta-da!]
  • [phone] "Windows 2" software to help her reboot her computer [uh, no--copyrighted, can't do it, sorry]
  • Return headphones
  • [phone--family member]
  • More time needed on SAM

  • Headphones
  • Cookbooks [Chicken Soup girl]
  • Key for copier [for one of our tutors]
  • New card, needs updating in SAM
  • OK, kids' cookbooks [guess who]
  • Copier key returned
  • "Where's the printer at?" [keep going...right there!]
  • ["Ma'am, are you all right?" She's sitting at the internet, quietly snoring. After I wake her to check on her, she goes right back to sleep. Oooo-kaaaay......]
  • Ghost Girl [our copy was checked out in 2000 and never returned, so I do an order card for it]
  • Patron comes to ask about sleeping woman [I go warn circ that I may be needing to call an ambulance if I can't get her to wake up pretty soon]
  • "When I log off, is what I was writing saved anywhere?" [no]
  • [Whew, she's awake, and safely (I hope) on her way home to bed...immediately!]
  • [OK, so 20 minutes have passed with absolutely no contact with another person...]

  • Ghost Girl woman is looking for another Torey Hayden book, Sunflower Forest
    [we have, she's happy]
  • Loud somewhat freaky-looking dude comes in with friend--and immediately logs into MySpace...huh
  • [YA/Circ person comes to ask if she can leaves--it's DEAD in the building...why not?]
  • [Doing the Deweys updates: What is "hot shortness"??] [something to do with metalworking, but still...]
  • "My card's expired, but it's not really, and I need to print something off for school..." [sigh...I renew her]
  • Same girl can't get into MySpace [I move her to high school access]
  • [First pass through the adult area shutting off computers and counting noses. Everyone is over here by the computers, no one at all anywhere else]
  • [Announcement made]
  • [Basement checked]
  • [...and SAM goes down officially...]
Good night, all.

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