Friday, January 12, 2007

11:00 a.m.- 12 noon; 1:00-3:00 p.m

What I'm doing between questions: Dewey updates (what else??)

  • Music books, nothing more specific [I walk her back and explain the general layout--she is totally in heaven!]
  • Internet printer needs paper
  • SAM app for patron of nearby-but-out-of-system library
  • [phone] Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's Chest [We don't own--though it is in the system--they wanted it for tonight, and he suggests we buy it--I've already started writing an order card for it!]
  • Pencil?
  • Music lady--a regular patron--returns to desk with 67,000 requests for ILL/purchase/reserve...[I spend the remaining 35 minutes of the hour dealing with her--luckily, she's nice--and have to squeeze the other patrons in around her]
  • SAM app for another out-of-town/out-of-system patron
  • [Librarian K comes to tell me I've a call from home, which I can't take because I've got three people waiting--Librarian K goes away without offering to help]
  • Travel videos
  • Pay for printing
  • [My cell phone buzzes: another call from home. They've given up on being on hold. I start worrying, but I still can't answer because I've doing Music Lady's errands in the music section...]
  • Smelly Man runs out of Internet time and moves to the catalog computer next to the desk
  • [They needed my sewing kit at home. Sheesh. National crisis averted when I tell where it is...]
  • Smelly Man finally runs out of ideas of things to search for and goes away
  • How to open a file on a floppy [it has been wiped, God knows how, but she has it saved on her hard drive at home: SMART girl!]
  • Smelly Man wants to know when we got black keyboards [when we opened the building in 2000...years before he started showing up!]
  • Upstairs PC froze [I go reboot it]
  • [Oh! THOSE black keyboards! We do have new black keyboards on some of the computers...oops....]
  • [Librarian Dr comes to tell me that there's an electrician in the basement working on the parking lot lights. We need to check all outside doors very carefully when closing tonight.]
  • Barefoot in the Park [we have it!]
  • Pay for print jobs, for her and her family (not currently here) [...and we spelled her name wrong, to boot, so I correct it!]
  • [I cut up scratch paper...again]
  • [Librarian Dr comes back to say that the circ person at lunch right now is running late, but she (Dr) has to leave promptly at 2. We'll have to punt.]
  • [...and she's back again, with the electrician looking for all the circuit boxes...which I show him...]
  • Tax forms
2:00 [covering for Librarian K, as usual--why is she even on the schedule? She is never here on Friday afternoons!]
  • [Director walks out and asks about guys who look like they are fighting in the reading room--they aren't, but I go ask them to talk elsewhere...feeling silly as they are both super-nice guys]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Why does it keep printing blank pages with just headers and the web address but no picture that I'm trying to print? [I explain about Print Preview and suggest he move to another computer]
  • Pencil/paper
  • Where are the books on CD?
  • [phone] Number for the IRS
  • Why does this not open right? [It's a pop-up, but I don't know how to override that for this use...and I can't find our tech guy.]
  • [Incredibly tall young woman comes in, sits down to use Internet. Very striking. She's forgotten her library card and asks me to look it up. I realize that she's Polish? Russian? Lovely girl.]

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