Saturday, June 22, 2013


So, yeah, it's been awhile. I've been buried, both from the cataloging standpoint and while out at various public desks. Busy times at the library. I'll see if I can keep up with this today since it'll be interesting to have a snapshot of a rainy Saturday during Summer Reading Program time.

Also, I'm setting this all up prior to the library's opening, so that helps. Lights in the building flash on at 8:43--yes, I have been sitting in the (relative) dark in here since 8:15.


What I'm doing between questions: checking the most recent Death Dates list(s) against our catalog, and checking my buying areas of our collection against the latest Public Library Core Collection (a.k.a. PLCAT). 

9:00 in the children's room
  • Two girls arrive, looking for the "Horse Diaries" series [no one in our consortium owns, so I do a request and get a name to contact when we get them]
  • They are also looking for their "first library card" pictures in the bin--Mom eventually finds them because they do look different from a year ago ;-)
  • "Where can I look something up in the catalog?" [I point him to the dedicated computers, rather than the Internet stations]
  • Pencil [same guy]
  • "How many items on a specific subject can I check out?" [same guy]
  • Nope, gotta check out everything at the front desk [same guy--really, there are other people here, but they're doing their own things]

10:00 in the children's room
  • Page comes in here to run this morning's picklist
  • One of my favorite patrons--whose wife has the same disease as the one my sister had--passes through with a cheerful greeting
  • How to look up children's books in the catalog
  • Sign up an adorable little guy for SRP
  • How to get online, and what the games computers have on them [yup: games]
  • Prizes for two little ones...

11:00 ...ok, I really thought I would make it today, but--like everyone else in town--I just don't feel good, so I'm going home early (again)


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