Wednesday, August 07, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: checking the roof for worsening leaks, and various "do we have this?" lists against our catalog. [I also have vertigo today, so I'm trying not to move my head too much or too fast. And I'm crabby, too.]

  • "How do I get onto the Internet?" [new card--just sit down and go]
  • Please, Librarian F: talk squawk a little louder because we can't actually hear EVERY word you're saying in your office!
  • Sign in for study room (x2, oddly) 
  • One of those guys needs a guest pass for the internet
  • "What's my password?" [I show her]
  • Help with saving a screenshot and emailing it to himself
  • Add money to SAM account
  • Fax [of course the new system doesn't send the confirmation email right, so I end up sending the fax the old way, which of course works fine]
  • Guest internet pass
  • Help getting online  [these last three are all going at once]
  • Paperclip?

  • A whole flurry of stuff: YA prizes, help someone picking out a phone at Radio Shack's website, patron leaving a resume for Libarian T, money on SAM to print, patron looking at job ads, signup for study room  == all within 5 minutes
  • Two guest passes for internet [clearly, there are a ton of people here today from not-here]
  • Help printing
  • Help with printing (same person) and logging off
  • "My sessions are ?disabled?? But I haven't used up all my time today?" [all fixed--SAM doesn't like if you computer-hop too quickly]
  • Another flurry: two phone calls (horrible, horrible connection on both!), two people paying for print, some others needing to scan, GRE books [luckily, Librarian H happens by and can take on the scanning part while I do the rest]

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