Saturday, April 13, 2013


What I'm doing between questions: six-year-old cleanup project that was run prior to The Migration That Didn't Happen. I work on this whenever the guilt gets to be too much.

9:00 with the kids
  • First kid in trots past ["slowly..." I say] to grab 'his' computer [he's a regular I'm pretty sure he's autistic]
  • Second kid in walks in quite strangely--half-limb, half tip-toe
  • Tip-toe needs bathroom key...and it's back
  • Grandpa (?) and kid come in [another regular duo]
  • Father (?) daughter pair pass by saying hi as they do so
  • ...and can't remember their SAM passwords [they are the same: 1234]
  • Help finding "Award Winners Shelf"--oops, wrong library [we find Eragon on the regular shelves under the author's name, of course. ;-) ]
  • 8-year-old has two CDs: Neil Young and ICP. o_O  He says he's going to keep them in his drawer when he isn't listening to them so his grandpa won't find them and take them away [I like his grandpa already, whoever he is!] Cute, freckle-faced kid with a cowlick...
  • Grandpa & kid need to print his artwork, which turns out to be pretty awesome

10:00 with the kids
  • And suddenly there are loads of people in here, all behaving nicely. Nice!
  • Kleenex [I steel a box from Circ]
  • Bathroom key [and mom needs to help with key]
  • Help listening to music on computers [freckle dude; and he can't because he needs internet access to do that, or a games computer, but he doesn't have access for the net, and the games computers are all in use]
  • OMG OMG OMG: Eric Estrada! [no, actually, first name is spelled differently and he's about 10 years old; cute, but in a wholly different way]
  • Mr. E needs to print...his dad wants me to break a $100 bill for a 50-cent print job 
  • Freckle-Face's mom is here yelling at Tip-Toe Girl to leave...ah, yeah, gotta love families
  • OK, lots of work with Mr. E later, he has his Lamborghini photos
  • And I pull down First Library Card photos from February while I'm waiting for the next print-job

  • OK, I'm seeing a lot of our regulars here
  • ...and the first question is one of them: local weekly paper and People [which he declines because he's as tired of Wills and Kate as I am]
  • Tax forms
  • Guest pass
  • Help with printing
  • Werewolf is paying for stuff she printed a couple of weeks ago [technically, I printed it for her, but she's been worried about paying for it...] and some new stuff
  • Pay to print (guest pass)
  • Stapling tax forms
  • Local paper comes back
  • Tax forms
  • Armor pictures for the werewolf [she's going to draw them and try to sell them at this summer's Ren Faire]
  • Dude is talking to himself...and a patron asks if he's talking to her which vaguely confuses him: "I'm lookin' for somebody"

  • Massive number of things all at once: help with specific songs/CDs for a class [one we have, one no one has], Thompson v. Oklahoma information [they execute minors in OK? Not OK!], pay to print, nice romantic fiction for a woman who is a caregiver (for the patient) [she had a list of authors: Snelling, Carr, etc.], other stuff I don't remember... Oh, and someone left a flash drive in one of the computers and StickMan returned it
  • Pay to print
  • Help printing
  • Check in on how the court case girl is doing
  • Babysitting dude's stuff in one of the study rooms; technically, I guess I'm watching to see nobody goes in there while he's peeing
  • Chopin Nocturne (op. 9 no. 2) [we do have it; helps if you aren't spelling it "nocturnal" lol]
  • [long quiet spell while I catch up on Autocat posts...sigh]
  • Pencil and paper
  • Pay to print

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