Sunday, November 20, 2016


What I'm doing between questions: Death Dates list.

  • I can't imagine who will be in the library today: it's lovely outside, there is plenty of [local] sportsball on TV, and the kids don't have school tomorrow; I expect crazies and people without a life, i.e. our usual crew
  • Newspapers are out, printers have paper: we're GO
  • [phone message] Courageous Faith [I'll have to order it--no one around here has purchased it yet]
  • A book about the Holocaust, with pictures [he later tells me it's to show friends who've never heard of it...omg...but good for him!]
  • Headphones [one pair that maybe works, or he can $$, so we'll try the maybes]
  • Thumb drive not showing up on public computer [of course it does when I'm standing behine her--computers, making us feel dumb since 1980]
  • Leftover reserve from yesterday for The Muse [our copy on hold, so it goes on reserve]
  • Guest pass for internet
  • How to copy stuff from a file into email, and vice versa
  • Scavenger Hunt results [I can't find the answer sheet, but thankfully I know all the answers this week!]
  • "I can never find this book on the shelf..." [he was looking where it should be not where it actually is, but we've got it
  • Can't log in [card expired--easy fix]
  • Add $$ to printing account, paid for with credit card at circ
  • [family member is being a dick on chat because I told him he might not want to watch his "home team" play today because they're being more chat for me for a bit] he did eventually apologize for being unfair
  • Our Constant Job Seeker is here, sighing as usual, and learning something new. I'm sure at some point today he will come over and tell me all about how stupid/brilliant whatever-it-is length...after he cracks his neck a dozen times and stretches his back (arms in the air &; wave 'em around like you jus' don' care)
  • Are we open tomorrow? [no one told me we aren' says he'll see ME then for sure]
  • Email-to/from-file copier stops back with our pencil--asks why we would be closed tomorrow and then says, "I'm too old to care about Columbus Day anymore!" [heh]
  • [phone] The Gipsy in the Parlour [found it but wow, could you be more obnoxious about spelling?? I have to ILL it; it's 60+ years old]
  • Chat with circ ppl about a frozen print job on her computer...can't figure it out
  • "Why won't this save on my flash drive?" [after a few minutes of "huh, hmm" I realize she's put a / in the file name; delete that and it's all good]
  • [phone] The Last American Man [on the shelf, so I pull it and place it on hold]
  • [speaking of which: radio silence on chat after I came back and asked a question about dinner....wevs dickhead]
  • As expected, Constant Job Seeker is here venting on the job he has....sigh sigh sigh [eventually walk away]
  • Fix registration for library programs [all set, didn't need fixing....?]
  • CJS is back
  • Guest pass [she has a fine, but she needs a job...I'm such a sucker]
  • [Find a pile of requests at the circ desk while wandering through--find one on the shelf, reserve two others, and leave the others for Someone Else to do through ILL; oh and I leave one with a tech to search her piles of DVDs since our copy is supposed to be here and maybe it's gone to Repairland]
  • CJS...omg, I'm gonna punch him!
  • Extend time [will do, but the computers shut down in 20 minutes...]
  • Local paper
  • CJS . Srsly
  • Walk through to see what kind of crowd is scattered around...just about time to do the We're Closing Soon announcement
  • [phone] Is Columbus Day a federal and state holiday? [yup and everything's closed. Except us]
  • Guest pass [nope, not doing it since you'll log in with just barely time to use it] [The whole family is dingbatty]
  • And then the other daughter makes a [loud] phone call for help on the webpage she's using ...
  • Headphones come back! Unbelievable!!
  • "So you're going to close at 4 on Sundays now?" [we always have, yup]
  • Last-minute patron wants Rushing Waters on hold [done]
  • And we're done.

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