Monday, July 10, 2017


What I'm doing between questions: Rural and Reciprocal holds

  • I run to circ to swap the "big bills" for printing change
  • Library D has disappeared from here and not reappeared where he's scheduled, so Miss W is freaking out
  • No, the fact that Google has a (ridiculous) doodle today is not because they're trying to irritate you, Crazy Woman; and no, it doesn't look like poop: it looks like flour and potato peelings, which the subject's claim to fame [Librarian D already warned me that she's complained today about her card's barcode having her birthday in it--we did that on purpose of course]
  • Reset password
  • Password dude's dad strolls in whistling
  • Staple remover
  • Crazy Woman leaves, or at least logs off and heads to the front
  • Staple remover back
  • Help downloading books to her Kindle [she has an "emotional support" dog in a baby stroller--so that's a first for me]
  • Old maps [long complicated back story, and she didn't bring her reading glasses so she can't actually SEE the old maps....] I am saved by the next Ref person's arrival so I can eat lunch
  • YA reading logs--and someone has fubar'd the login (prob the boss) so it takes twice as long as necessary
  • Help finding link for job openings at local parochial school's website
  • Placed hold for The Daughter of Time (Josephine Tey) for patron who I am positive has read it at least a dozen times
  • Help with printing
  • Help with SSA printouts, logins, etc. Also electricity bills (can't access that for some reason)--poor folks with no computer skills being told to log in to do stuff they don't understand....sigh
  • Adult Summer Reading Prize
  • Local paper + CR buying guide for this year
  • Help with printing from a flash drive
  • Guest pass
  • YA reading log
Everything I typed here disappeared. Grr.

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