Sunday, March 20, 2005

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: yeah, right. Sunday afternoon...I don't think so!!

1:00 -- The hordes flood into the building
* Today's genealogy volunteer arrives asking for her 'assignment'
* Word proc
* Headphones, and can I plug them in for him? [same guy as Friday]
* "Death on Demand" series of mysteries--who's the author? [Carolyn Hart]
* Books on rock music
* "What do I need to get a library card?"
* Pencil
* Word proc, and log on (I forgot to do that one)
* Pencil
* Printer isn't printing [hasn't warmed up yet...patience, my young padawan...]
* Anymore Internet terminals? [I direct her to one empty one]
* How to print pictures from the Internet [copy/paste to wordpad, then print]
* Internet signup (in Spanish)
* Quick chat with yesterday's meeting leader
[I have time to find 2 books for myself; I'm actually out of reading material at home!!]
* "Can I get on the list for the next open computer?" [no list, sorry, you just have to wait]
* Books on firefighters, fire, etc. r
* Circ person brings me a long note from a patron on the phone who wants me to look for six books on white ironstone for her
* How much to print after the first five pages...[which are free here]
* "Is this a reference book?" [nope--she's thrilled!]
* Firefighter kid is back, looking for police now
* Headphones returned
* Any free word processors? [not out here, try the children's room]
* Pencil
* Legal forms (eviction notices)

* Pencil sharpener
[I warn the one-hour word processor users their time's up]
* DVD on the Vatican [the girl is amazed that the book and the DVD have the same call number]
* Internet signup
* [phone] Intercom call from kids' room: any good Internet sites on Mexico? [I tell her to use Yahooligans...]
* CRISIS! The file these guys have spent an hour creating isn't accessible on their PC or mine...the disc is fried. Oy--at least they have another 90 minutes to recreate it
* The Other Crown, by Lenihan [we'll order it]
* Books on gardening [I show them, and mention the classes we're doing next week on gardening...]
[chaos mayhem too many questions to remember]
* "If my mother's sister married my father's brother, would my cousin and I be more genetically linked as brother and sister than as cousins?" [aaaaarghhhhhh..........]
[I finally finish writing up the things on that six-item list...and call the patron back] r

3:00 -- An hour to go!
* Dental hygiene careers
* [phone] Does levaquin have any tylenol or aspirin in it?
* History of Thailand in the 6th century A.D.
* A blank piece of paper
* Printer won't print [try a different terminal]
* Two books on learning disabilities [only available out of state and far away]
* Still can't print (same guy) [I do a couple for him and then have him try yet another terminal: he needs something pictures of 20-some things...]
* Someone else can't print till he pays me
* The guys with the funky disc got their project all finished at last. Woot!!
* Print job guy strolls by and says "it's working." Woot woot!!
* I FINALLY finish the list from before: all items ILL'd or reserved. JEEZ....! r
* Information on local candidates running in next month's election
* Buy a floppy
[chaos mayhem we're closing people are panicking]

[I'll be staying after to pack up the returns for other libraries.

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