Wednesday, March 30, 2005

9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

What I'm doing between questions: reserves, recuttering gov. docs so they’re all together on the shelf, trying desperately to stay awake...

9:00 - [holy cow—they’re waiting by the doors]

** Need more time [that’s not possible, you just got here!]
* Teen People? YM? [nope to both] “Tallken? Hobe-bet? [right, once I see his badly misspelled list, I show him the shelf where The Hobbit rests]
[TMWSAMIT is here. Joy. Oh, joy.]
* Look up patron barcode
* Tallken Guy is back, looking for a rock and roll encyclopedia
[One of the reserves I’m working on is for a video of “Little House on the Prairie.” That’s the extent of the information. So I call and leave a message for the kid’s mom to let us know which one they actually want.]
* Mr. Ick twinkles his fingers at me and stops to say hi
* How to make copies darker
* SAM registration
* Restrooms
* [phone] A book called The Swan, don't know author [Eureka!]
* Scan photos onto photo paper [we just started doing this…]


* Page arrives to ask what she should start working on [supervisor isn't here yet...I tell her to pick]
[Little House mom calls back and we decide what to get for her kid]
* Local business directories
* Where can I buy one of these? [from the business directory guy]
* Word proc signup
[Just noticed the first guy from 9:00 is using one of the word processors too....]
* Business list guy returns directories and thanks me
[We have a guy working today on our light fixtures, so about 1/3 of the reference area lights are off. He just decided to finally get back to work and turned on his mechanical scaffold: beep beep beep beep. How library-ish is that?]
* Scratch paper, big pieces, for Mr. Ick
* Scratch paper and a pencil (and I direct her to the pencil sharpener because all our freebies are deleaded)
[beep beep beep beep--and that's in the "Quiet Reading Room" where one (ONE!) light is burned out. He's been working there for over 2 hours!!]
[With the exception of the beep beep beep beep, it's quiet, so I catch up on my reading]
* "I printed something and.." [I tell her you have to tell it several times to print; it's like talking to her parents--she's about 11. Then she comes to me to get her printjobs; do I look like a printer??]
* Where can she use the wireless internet? [uhm, anywhere...she's going to need help, I can tell...]
* Pay for printjobs
* Pencil (and the sharpener's over there)
* Word proc guy tells me he's done. I wonder if he wrote another misspelled apology/love note to his girlfriend....
* Patron gets up and shuts the door to the Reading Room to block the beep beep beep. It doesn't work.
* How to print just page 2?
* Ms. Wireless's laptop doesn't have a wireless card [I knew she'd need help!]

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