Friday, March 04, 2005

11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon; 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of this site. Woo hoo.

OK, back to work.

What I'm doing between questions: trying to figure out a Facts on File order, updating, updating my Dewey books with the official changes, and checking OCLC's site for Technical Bulletin updates and new AACR2 rules.

* Look up SAM registration
* Atlases
* SAM guest registration [we're out of forms again--does no one else print them??]
* Can this atlas be checked out (same guy)?
* Current magazines
* "Is Librarian N here?" [No] "Can you help me do research like he did last week?" [uh, no, but if you have specific questions, etc. etc.]
* Two-week-old Newsweek
* Pencil (atlas guy)
* Big paper for notes [we have so many public-printer rejects...]
[Just realized I printed the forms on two sheets instead of back-to-back. So now I'm stapling. sigh]
* SAM registration
* Scratch paper
* Patron looking for info on cell phones and service. Thank goodness for Consumer Reports!!
* Librarian N Lady needs help: her computer froze. No idea why.
* Guest Internet user having trouble logging on [where has she been for 45 minutes?]
* Typewriter not working. We can't keep a functioning typewriter in this building!

* Librarian F asks how to access tutorials on the Gates computer [shrug--no idea]
* Sleek here looking for an "out of order" sign
* Librarian F figured out the tutorials; now asks if Sleek can please reinstall one of the printers on the other Ref terminal. He's not happy; apparently, this is a pain to do on a networked system (??)
* Scratch paper
* Dog videos
* Internet use: "Can I just sit down and go?" [Yep...trying not to smirk]
[phone call from family]
* How much does it cost to print?
* Librarian N Woman (LNW) is still here (!) and needs help and more time
* Copier is freaking out, and it needs paper too
* Librarian D is here working his 'other' job and having trouble accessing stuff on our 'net computers
* Envelopes for Circuit Breaker Form? [nope]
* Pay for genealogy print jobs
* Librarian D stops to chat about his other job, and offers me a cut if I shill for him (I suggest a button, so keep your eyes open in the sidebar in a few weeks)
* Cell phone guy is still here too; chats for an extended period about the article he read
* Librarian D goes after Sleek to try to get his perspective
* LNW needs paper in her printer
* Tax assistance [downstairs]
* Where are the last two weeks of ValueLine? [I don't know...wait, she found last week's, but today's isn't there. Get a life; it's probably delayed in the mail!]
* Historical stock quote

* Value Line is on the periodical librarian's cart; she puts it away so crazy investment woman can settle down
* Circ person asks me to come explain why someone owes us $89 in print fees [turns out she has an $89 credit, which Sleek kindly clears for her]
* Tax forms for 2001 and 2002 (state and federal)
* Tax assistance [downstairs]
* LNW is leaving: pay for print jobs and tell me how complicated filing FAFSA is
[Email check--nothing there except personal stuff]
* French language, but not a dictionary [I think I found something she can use...?]
* Patron who doesn't want help but is looking curiously at the criss-cross Directory behind me...
* 1040 Form C and Instructions
* Same patron stops to chat
* Patron wants to upload his resume [I have to figure out which computer has Word AND 'net access first]
* Books on Tasha Tudor

3:00 We're double team now because the kids will start showing up soon. Librarian F is here with me.
* Wall Street Journal ("any good news?") [we chat for awhile about this]
* Reup Internet timer for resume guy
[now that there are two of us here, it's dead out here]
[I leave on a school run]

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