Friday, April 29, 2005

11 a.m. - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: hah!

* Dictionary [Where is it?? I find one in Reference for her]
[phone] Any information on how much the Spring House cost when it was (re-)built in 1976?
* Pay for print jobs (x3)
* Criss-cross directory
[I call back the Spring House guy and tell him what I found...]
* Circ person brings dictionary out from back room...and takes away the stacks of singles we've accumulated
* Eagle and the Rose [I order it for her: Rural patrons can't ILL books]
[Why is the old printer printing? I thought we had turned it off when the new one arrived...]
* [New] printer needs paper [...but the old one is still printing...]
* Local classified ads [which we are now keeping behind the desk because people were stealing them...]
* Patron turns in state ID she just found in a book; I call patron to tell her it's here
[phone] How many women over 50 in the county
[Tech comes to question a couple of stupid mistakes I made in cataloging this week: 822.3 instead of 822.33, Arthur Clarke is SF not Mystery...duh! And then bugs me about a different copy of Hamlet that she says is cuttered wrong--like I care right now--which we then can't find in the catalog. And I still don't care!]
* Jobs PC
* Stapler

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