Friday, April 15, 2005

11:00 a.m. - 12 noon ; 1:00 - 2:00 and 3:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: demand order, Dead Deweys (pulling them, finally!).

* SAM registration for an online test
* Patron needs more time on SAM and help with margins on Notepad. [I reset her timer and it logs her out. OK. Gonna be one of those days.... I can't figure out how to reset it from the Ref Desk because we've been upgraded and nothing looks the same. Luckily she's not furious. Just annoyed.]
* Patron asks if the 'net is "working better" than it was when we opened.
[I notice a funky/half-loaded Start screen, and just give up trying to figure it all out. Call Sleek the Wonder Tech--he's here today, for a change--who says: "I have no idea what you're talking about" among other lippy/snotty comments. Yes, I am an idiot; get your MENSA ass up here to help me, you lousy snot! In spite of my not saying this, he still doesn't bother to show up. Putz!]
* Another patron needs more time. When I reset her timer it works fine. [grrrr...]
[I'm now in an even worse mood than I was when I came out here. Sleek is a jerk.]
* Patron asks to use Internet; I start signing him up and then ask if he's done this before. Yep [could you mention that to me?!] [See I really am cranky]
* Original time-deprived patron returns for WordPad help [her computer doesn't blow up this time!]
* Directions to courthouse for out-of-towners [who are nice and partially restore me to a better mood]
[Family member arrives to hassle me]
* Genealogy question [guess what: the page she wants won't print! Shocking]
* More time on SAM
[I call Sleek and tell him there are at least 4 other PCs with half-blank screens; he finally deigns to make an appearance]
* A multitude of 8th-grade students show up for research, just in time for me to head to lunch


* More kids (different class):
I chat with the teacher, who looks 8 months older than the kids [I'm old]
is there a cart with books on my subject....? A-hah
stapler use
look up card number [nope]
old newspapers (the card number girl)
solar energy
* Out-of-state tax forms
* Where to send tax forms (different guy)
* Do you have to reserve the study rooms or can you just go in? (non-teen) [I tell him to jump quick before the kids get them all]
* How much are copies? [10 cents] Can I make change? [yes, but the machine takes dollars]
[order person comes for cards--she takes only the AV ones]
* Kids leave
[where would the cards for "Hotel Rwanda" and "Spanlish" be? {shrug}]
* How come we can't connect to K's extension? [circ person. We need to call the phone people....]
* Paper for printer
* Tape
* Stapler
* Circuit breaker form [this poor woman needs loads of help, more than I have to give]

3:00 -- backing up Librarian F

* Story from 1997 about missing teens; old newspapers [I spent 30 minutes finding the date the story broke, in the process of which another computer blows up. Sleek hates me]
* Calculator [and patron stands at desk and figures out his taxes]
[now a circ staff member wants to know how to access the Microsoft calculator]
* Guy who needs out of state forms arrives for help [I set him up online]
* Middle school kid arrives and hangs about pestering us
* More technology problems
[ I can't deal I'm going far away from computers now! ]

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