Sunday, August 06, 2006

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: Dewey updates, but not many. This is, after all, a Sunday!


  • "Are the computers on?" [I turned them on at 12:30; they're off now. WTF?]
  • Horse books
  • Postal exams [I find the books, and push the online test center]
  • Chat with grant guy
  • [phone] Circ person calls about reciprical borrowing rules
  • Today's want ads
  • [phone] RA, one of my favorite patrons, calls for two books; we have one (Booking Passage) and will ILL the other (Jew vs. Jew)
  • SAM signup
  • Shush a patron
  • [phone] Reciprical borrower still has issues, so I talk to her
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Chainsaw sculpting
  • A/C repair -- curtains -- dieting [all for the chain saw people]
  • ...the want ads were returned in the 15 minutes I was helping those folks
  • SAM signup
  • "Where are the DVDs?" [I direct him back up front]
  • More time online? [why not? the guy's nice, normal, and pays for his print jobs!]
  • College info
  • Help with logging into a website with user ID and password
  • Scratch paper
  • Help with printing [although suddenly I can't say "print" so people will have to "plint" the rest of the day...]
  • Scratch paper
  • [There is a table without any chairs around it--they've all been hijacked for people doubling up on computers...sigh]
  • Help with copier ["college" guy--jeez, he's tall--he used to be a little kid...sigh...]
  • Extend time on SAM
  • "Internet for Dummies" and "are there any computers free?" [yes and yes]
  • Today's want ads
  • Remind people to tell the printer twice to print...
  • No, you don't pay until you've printed 5 things... [same person]
  • Person I helped understand the website thanks me for "all my help"
  • Extend time on SAM
  • "Where's the fiction?" [I walk her back to the front of the building]
  • "More time?" [she already GOT more time! I tell her no]
  • Want ads are returned
  • People magazine [and we keep it here because otherwise it gets stolen]
  • [Closing announcement done--lets see if the computers really do shut off automatically at 5 minutes before closing]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • "People" is returned
  • [Hey! The computer thing worked!]

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