Friday, August 11, 2006

1:00 - 2:-00 3:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: Deweys. What else?? Oh, and going through my email, etc.

  • "Where is [asst. city manager] doing the computer class for the Rotary Club?" [good thing the director mentioned this to me earlier]
  • Consumer Rpts. car issue [2006 is missing...grrr]
  • [Circ/Tech person comes to retrieve the On Order file; the drawer in which it's kept is absolutely frantic (is that possible??) with papers, cards, notes, stickers...I clean. As usual. I clean]
  • Car guy thanks me for what I was able to find for him
  • "Do you know where [asst. city manager] is giving that class?" [Why are they asking by the person's name, I wonder?]
  • [phone] Two different books on fatherhood for someone outside our library system
  • Christ Our Advocate, which we will be doing ILL to get...
  • Can I babysit a bag? [sure, he's a nice guy and he's here EVERY dingdong day]
  • More time in SAM
  • Headphones...and she returns to get her card number from me since I kept the card as 'collateral'
  • Person beating on the keyboard; when I suggest he stop and ask him if he needs help, he says, "Well, fuckit then" and tells me he's "impatient" [not too impatient to log out properly from SAM, however] actually, he's drunk
  • Headphone girl returns headphones
  • WSJ and his bag back for returning patron [but I can't see the Journal, it must be in use (I hope)]
  • Sign up for NetLibrary account, for eAudio books...aaaahhhhhh, er.... [I go get Librarian F who shows patron, and me, how simple it is]
  • Look up SAM access number


  • Free locked PC
  • eAudio guy thanks me on the way out...
  • [SAMIT is here. Joyohjoy]
  • [I check to see who is supposed to take over at 2:00...oops, I guess I'm out here for another hour]
  • Check email and find a message from an author who wants to come visit us...I forward it to the program person: Librarian H
  • How to sign up for hotmail...I walk him through it
  • Restart the same locked PC: voila!
  • SAMIT stops to pay for prints and harangue me about his request for "Lois & Clark" on DVD--"government around here obviously does the exact opposite of what they're supposed to do, which is serve the public..." [I'm more pissed off with him than witht he guy who swore at me half an hour ago]
  • [phone] The Sandlot on DVD [reserved for a copy for him]
  • Former cataloger and her husband stroll by and ask for the director; I point upstairs
  • Paper for printer
  • [No dice with the director, so the f.c. is hassling Librarian F instead...]
  • [Page looking for work...problems arise...I hand her off to my relief: Librarian F]

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