Saturday, August 19, 2006

9:00 - 11:00 a.m. ; 12:00 - 1:00 ; 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: multiple projects, including sorting through months of collected debris off my desk, weeding the 200s, collection development (i.e. reading reviews), formatting and printing new inventory chart...


  • Take local paper to Mr. Ick [it wasn't here till after we opened]
  • Tech Y comes to ask me about the Consumer Guide Auto series bib record [Damn, I hate that thing! Could they come up with more titles for it?? Just look at 'em all!]
  • Pay for prints
  • True to form, TGWSAMIT shows up right away. He needs a recent phone book. The one we keep here isn't recent enough for him; it's from "'86" [uh, no, that says "since 1886" dodo]. Then it doesn't have the name he's looking for. Then he needs a city map; the one in the phone book isn't good enough. Then he needs to be shown where the list of streets is in the Rand McNally Streetfinder. Then the print is too small to read...
  • Meanwhile, another patron has arrived looking for the end of Season 2 of Deadwood [he requested it, but he got the first 4 episodes only; I find it for him in the "send back" tubs...shh, don't tell!]
  • [I spend 10 minutes in the workroom ranting about the unbalanced air temp in the building--freezing in the workroom and cold at Reference, hotter than Hades at Circ], about SAMIT, and about life in general; I'm not in a good mood]
  • Mr. Ick stops by to thank me for the paper again, wish me a good day, and tell me "he's a tool-and-die maker, so [he] understand[s] pressure" [oooo-kayyyyyy]
  • More time in SAM [it's totally dead in here, why not?]

  • Help with printing [Microsoft strikes again]
  • How much left in print account?
  • TGW needs a pen
  • More time in SAM
  • Pay for prints
  • "What's the key counter on the copier?" [put in money, we don't have key counters...stupid machine]
  • Pay for prints
12:00 I'm sorting mail this hour, checking in magazines and putting them out on display, etc.

  • Folk musicians arrive to take apart display
  • I talk Value Line to mending person and ask her to "slap some tape on" it [the notebook is losing its cover]
  • Pencil
  • Pencil and paper
  • Patron with a printout from WorldCat; it's here, but I warn him to call first because WC only shows ownership at this point ["Really? I just assumed it was only reference books listed." Uh,'s EVERYdamnthing! Very cool, but not all the info that is helpful]
  • [Family member calls: "When are you coming home for lunch?" Uh, not...working through lunch.]
  • Tech Y brings out "misplaced" book on local murder of a couple of decades ago; it has been missing for a couple of months, is out of print, unowned by anyone else but us and frequently requested...the family is still in the area... Anyway, patron wanted to check it out; she found it on the shelves!! It's going to be processed and will 'live' at the Ref Desk now.
  • WorldCat guy can't get wireless connection to work. He knows more about PCs than I do, so I leave for lunch, letting Librarian D deal with solving the problem. [It's not the wireless; other people are having no trouble; some setting in the guy's laptop...? Or something. Anyway, he wires himself to the floor and all is well.]
I left early, to get to a baseball game. Thank you, crew.

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