Sunday, January 14, 2007

1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: there isn't any time between questions on Sundays! However, there is a football game today that will probably keep people away and glued to their TVs till 3 or so.


  • Why aren't the computers turned on upstairs? [cuz I forgot to do it--which I do for this very nice man]
  • Forgot card; can I look up her number? [yep]
  • Internal Combustion, recently returned [found it]
  • I can't log in [she moves to next computer station and I find that NUM LOCK is off]
  • Where do things print? [right there--patron comes back and says wonderfully nice things about this library...preen preen]
  • Gangbanger alert
  • [I notice a cart with a note from yesterday re items that couldn't be done because of the computer outage, and take the cart to today's page to finish]
  • Complimentary woman asks about printing the stuff at the side of the page, which was cut off [can't do it]
  • Internal Combustion woman asks about a list of all our travel videos and DVDs [I print off one for her from the catalog]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Local classified ads
  • What do I click on to get into the internet?
  • [Ugh--Smelly Man has arrived]
  • Pencil/paper
  • [Circ person comes to let me know she's noticed some teenies wandering around--"circling"--mostly hovering at the computers; probably up to no good. I turn on the security camera viewer.]

  • Middle school teacher arrives with a million questions about the 1920s [good thing she's nice!]
  • Pencil/paper
  • Online magazine indexes [teacher from the other middle school in town]
  • SAM registration
  • Pay for print jobs
  • The Art of War [find it, and patron confirms it's the right book--"by a Chinese guy"]
  • Novelist...and Diana Gabaldon [I look up the fan site and give it to her, too]
  • A Child Called It
  • Two separate SAM registrations
  • Smelly Guy asks for help [I'm too buried in a flurry of questions to get to him: and he doesn't get cranky with me! WTF! yay]
  • When I print off the internet, where do I pay? [one of the previous registrants, hasn't logged on yet]
  • More time online [Are you kidding? Every station is full! I'm polite but firm and she gives me several dirty looks]
  • Smelly Guy brings me extra scratch paper from printer [??]
  • Stapler. And scissors--Art of War guy
  • More time online [teenager, and she understands completely when I explain]

  • Art of War guy is stapling together resumes and head-shots and starts talking about politics with me
  • 1920s teacher asks about radio shows [I gratefully walk her to the media area]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Is this street [in a suburb about 90 minutes away] a North or a South or what? [since the map shows that it's only about 5 blocks long, we decide it doesn't matter]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • [phone] How to download ebooks onto my MP3 [I refer him to Librarian H who will be here tomorrow]
  • Are my DVDs that I requested here yet? [no, and one is overdue 3 months, so I put it in the line for ILL instead of getting it in the system]
  • Inorganic chemistry book [hah! I reserve one for him...not likely to be here!]
  • Rants [for Smelly Guy--it's misshelved but I find it]
  • Can't print [stupid PC--this station just has a mind of its own--she tries another station and it won't work, so I print from here]
  • [Punk poseurs arrive with green hair, pseudo-mohawks, and leather jackets (they make me giggle)]
  • [Circ staff member does closing announcement FAR too early]
  • [phone] Today's winning team's fight song, just the lyrics [I'm totally cracking up reading them to her]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • Chat with MLIS student about library 'stuff'


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