Thursday, February 01, 2007

6:00 - 7:007:30 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: Dewey updates, and cutting up scratch paper....


  • [phone] "I think there's a meeting there tonight; can you check?" [we decide that what she's calling it and how it's in the meeting room book is the same thing...probably]
  • "How can I center something when I print it?" ['...from a webpage, you can't if it's set up in columns...but you can copy and paste into a Notepad doc'...her eyes glaze over] "Can I put some money on my account for printing; do you take charge cards; can I get a receipt? [Yes; not for under $5--she owes $3.60--and not here but circ can do that for you and get you a receipt] Heavy sigh [Life is very hard for her. Very hard. So hard that she can't even complain except to sigh gustily. grrr]
  • Circ staffer needs to know what time the Board meeting starts tonight [7:30, no matter what the newspaper printed]
  • Stapler [a regular]
  • Stapler [a regular]
  • Different circ staffer comes back to tell me that the "fish guy" isn't coming today; he'll be here tomorrow to clean the tank, etc. [woo-hoo]
  • Stapler [one of our former 'nightmare children' -- she's now a sophomore in high school and...well, some things don't change, but she's a nice girl]
  • What's a "ligawka"? [a Polish trumpet...who knew?]
  • [Lesson : never leave your email account open at a staff desk...or, anywhere]
  • How old do you have to be to give blood? [16 with parental permission]
  • Graffiti and the Bermuda Triangle [two different patrons, but I end up showing them the online databases together; we find stuff on the Triangle, but not graffiti]
  • Tupac (the graffiti guy) [All our books on him have been stolen...grrr]
  • More time in SAM

  • [Looks like I'm actually out here till 7:30....]
  • [phone] Date the city was founded [well, that's a complicated question, and here's why...]
  • SAM registration
  • Where do I get on the Internet? [right there]
  • Pay for print jobs
  • [Aide B takes the rest of the SAM registrations to check]
  • Board member wanders through before meeting
  • What is an "orkon"? [a flute? Again, who knew?]
  • Can I have extra time online? [I tell him to ask when he gets the 10-minute warning, but probably so]
  • What time is it? [There's a clock right there, but I tell him it's 7:25--cute kid]
  • "Surdo"? [It's a drum...and this time I found it in Wikipedia...]

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