Friday, November 02, 2012

Friday (TGI)

What I'm doing between questions: hah!!

  • When I arrive, Librarian J is 'splaining over the phone how to get onto one of our databases from our website, and I'm torn between laughing and crying
  • Scratch paper
  • How to "sign up" for the Study Rooms, and for how long can they be used [first come, first served for as long as you need it]
  • "No climbing on the horse, hon" [cute little girl whose father is desperately trying to accomplish something while also keeping an eye on her--I should suggest he go in the kids' room so she can run around a little more safely]
  • Fax [and I have to go get change as Head of Circ has cleaned us out of bills for changing a $20]
  • Guest pass
  • [...and the little girl takes off across the ref area. I stop him on his way back to his desk to tell him that the access is the same in the kids' room, and tied to his card not the location of the computer he uses. He looks extremely grateful to know that.]
  • Pay to print

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