Wednesday, June 09, 2004

10:30 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: Last hurrah of filling in for the ILL person -- she's back today -- and the ever-present Dewey number checking. I'm up to 628.

* There is someone taking a test, so we have all her stuff and I'm to keep an eye out for her
* SAM registration
* Pencil
* Test is done [shoot, was I not supposed to sign as the proctor??]
* Scratch paper
* SAM not working for father & son; he argues with me about everything, says he's changed his address already, and also 10-year-old son should be allowed full access because he has it at home and school anyway [which isn't true; I know the school district has filters every which way from Sunday] sigh
* [phone] Investor's Business Daily calling to be sure we're getting the paper all right
[OY. Father and son cards are actually expired and I missed it. They are SO yanking my chain. They've also left already. Well, they can't use the internet anymore till they prove they live where he says. And the kid is back to filters. And I'm extremely annoyed. Even my Mountain Dew is annoyed: it just exploded when I unscrewed the top.]
[Librarian J is back from her vacation. Let the celebration commence!!]
[A very noisy, cutesy couple who doesn't 'get' library protocol, sitting at an Internet terminal which will be booting them in less than 3 minutes: hurrah.]
[How often are patron expected to open the books so the barcode is showing to speed up checkout? We used to do that when I was a kid, many moons ago (pre barcodes, in microfilm days). But here goes a woman with 12 books stacked up and open, and quite proud of herself for "helping." She has about 40 yards to walk; will the books stay stacked??]

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