Tuesday, June 01, 2004

9 - 12 {plus}

What I'm doing between questions: hah! Thank goodness I didn't really have urgent stuff to do!

* Librarian C is trying to show me how easy it is to print word proc signup sheets ... except we can't figure it out...
    and the onslaught begins
* Furnace ratings
* Picture of forget me nots (thank you, Google Images)
[phone is ringing off the hook]
* Headphones checkout
* [phone] Promise You Won't Freak Out: A Teenager Tells Her Mother the Truth About Boys, Booze, Body Piercing, and Other Touchy Topics (And Mom Responds)
* Two guest Internet sign-ups
[phone is still ringing off the hook]
* How much canned cat food do I feed a cat? [1 oz. per pound per day, in case you were wondering]
* Headphones returned
* "Promise You Won't Freak Out" woman left message: nevermind I'll go get it at Border's
* More furnace stuff
[I figure out word proc signup sheets on my own--woo hoo!]
* Restroom is that way...
* Finally, something helpful on furnaces!
* "If I go home and get my email password, can I check my email here?" [?confusion--yessss....?]
* How to attach photos I've taken with my new digital camera to an email I'm sending to my daughter [she's pretty illiterate with computers]
* Red Pony, Spencer's Mountain, The Devil in the White City, and 125 Best Toaster Oven Recipes [Now THAT'S a well-rounded individual!]
* Pay for print jobs
* Restrooms are thataway
* [phone] "Can you check on Starz.com to see if I won?" [well, it's quiet enough, so yeah I guess--of course he didn't win]
[It's getting kind of loud in here--lots of people talking]
* Dream interpretation [same guy as last week], this time in English since the Spanish one wasn't what he wanted after all
* Stapler
* [phone] Cursed Children [no one owns, not in Amazon or BT...sigh...but I found it anyway]
* [phone] Ever After and HP/Goblet of Fire (CD) [one of two on the shelf--not bad!
[Sleek begins his attempt to unload all the garbage from the Ref terminals]
[I begin working on email reserves]
* Pay for print jobs
* Guest Internet signup
* Barcode lookup for Internet
* Guest Internet signup
* New Internet user
* Word proc ("for just one minute!")
* [phone] Therapy
* Patron needs Guest number looked up for Internet
[etymology of the word "stuff" as a noun: OED]
* City planning documents, city council packet for tonight's meeting, other assorted documents [This could be a fun meeting!]
[Sleek has finally fixed both PCs]
* Patron needs a book sent from the State Historical Society in Madison, WI [I love patrons like this!] and From Babel to Dragomans [which takes me forever to find!]
* City council packet for school board member ["sorry, it's in use now;" she'll come back]
* Other book by Bernard Lewis, for same patron
* Sunday's job ads
* Guest Internet user: "You're only allowed an hour?" [Yep, it's not long is it?]
12:00 [where's Librarian A?!?!]
* Pay for print jobs
[Librarian JK comes to tell me that I'm stuck here till A gets here, or 12:15, whichever comes first]
* Washrooms are right down there
* Local history on a family from the 1850s; she was sent here from the county courthouse who really had nothing much to help her
[Aha! A has arrived! woo hoo]

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