Wednesday, June 02, 2004

9 - 12

What I'm doing between questions: trying to figure out the ILL stuff, and doing the DDC22 dance.
{Hope today is quieter than yesterday morning!}
* "Can I help you?" needs to print a couple documents [looked terribly lost]
* Scratch paper
* Request to purchase Spitfire Grill on DVD
* [phone] Has Investor's Business Daily subscription started yet? [nope]
* Why isn't our car-repair website working? [dunno--he goes to use the old-fashioned books, I write a note for our tech]
* Guest Internet signup
[family member on phone]
* Car guy: "Any answers yet?" [Our tech won't be in till Friday. So, no.]
* Woman has logged onto SAM but can't figure out that she needs to click on the 'net icon to open Explorer
* Now she can't find the quote key; once I point it out to her, she asks if she has to use the shift key to get double quotes [we serve all levels here!]
* Today's issue of the local weekly paper
*[phone] Literacy publicity organization updating info for new directory; nothing's changed
* Local paper is returned
* How to use copier
* New Internet user signup
[Librarian K has shown up...early!]
[Librarian A also has arrived early!]
* Print job payment
* Word proc signup

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