Wednesday, June 09, 2004

9 - 10

This has been a crazy week; I have been at the Ref Desk numerous times, but it has been too busy with questions to keep track here at the time. Even writing down questions to input later hasn't been possible. I hope the entries today will get me back on track.

* Can we play games on the Internet now? [yep, summer's here, so games are now on]
* Word proc
* Undiscovered Self [there is a book group reading this!]
* [phone] "Any Victorian-era cemeteries in the vicinity?" Well, yeah quite a few [She needs to look at the stones to find artwork]
* [phone] ILL call--do we want Volume One only of a video series on bridge, or should she pass the request along to the next library in the queue? [patron seems to want the whole set, so pass along]
* Government Giveaways for Entrepreneurs IV [what he asked for was books by Matthew Lesko for businesses]
* Update card number in SAM
* Pencil/paper for the guy who NEVER TALKS and looks like a mass murderer [actually, he's not a bad guy; I've only heard him say thanks...twice...quietly]
* Pencil/paper for Mr. Ick

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