Sunday, November 28, 2004

1 - 4

What I'm doing between questions: {insert laugh} barcoding new books. But it's the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so I don't know that I'll get much done besides answering homework questions from panicked students.

Computers are on, printer has been restocked with paper, yesterday's newspapers are collected, pencils/pens/scratch paper bin refilled.... Bring it on!

[Someone--"Tim"--left his 7th-grade spelling contract here; luckily he also has his name on it. I call and Mom says she'll be in to pick it up today]
* Can he wait for his wife at an Internet station? [sure, why not?--Meanwhile, the other 10 stations fill up]
* SAM registration
* Scratch paper
* Print Word doc
* St. Barbara [...has been de-beatified...?]
* Print payment
* Hi to ex-page, and offer to 'let' him to work today (ha ha ha)
* Word proc. Twice.
* First patron wants to use Word AND the we move him after all
* Scott Stamp Catalog has moved? [See, we should never shift the Reference books!]
* Patron has no money to pay for print jobs--we agree, with Mom, to block Mom's Internet use till she pays
* Ex-page stops to chat
* Help with Blogger
* Check on CCTV -- nothing untoward appears
* SAM registration
* Books on Colonial America
* Aphrodite (mythology question #1 for today)
* The Five People You Meet in Heaven on CD [checked out--reserved it for patron's wife]
* What books does previous patron have on reserve?
* Word proc
* World Book article on Colonies (because we "don't have anything...") [!! I find him some books. ahem... we have about 4 shelves, between the adult and the kids' sections]

* SAM registration
* Purchase a floppy/word proc signup
* Mythology question #2
* [phone] Phone number for restaurant downtown...long discussion of good places to eat downtown and what kinds of places are best for what sort of thing
* ...and #3
* Family member begging for money for booksale....grrr
* Artist information question #1 (Rene Magritte)
* Colonial boy is done with all the books; can he check one of them out? [Yep]
* Trouble logging onto SAM [they're just waiting for Dad to finish]
[Retrieved more green slips]
* City Ordinances and Code for person running for office
* Rubber bands
* "Where do I check out?"
* [phone] Do we have computers to type letters on?
[I suddenly feel sick--can I last another hour??]

* Chat with mother of child doing Magritte assignment
* Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About [I'm not sure we can order this: our jobber doesn't appear to stock it, but I do an order card for it anyway]
* Same woman: Consumer Reports on hair growth [Nope]
* Mom arrives to get spelling contract for "Tim"
* Headphones--"You close at 4?? I thought you closed at 5!" [No way, not today!]
[I start bundling up the books to be sent back to other libraries]
* Patron says his record shows a book he requested is in....but it turns out to be 'in' at another library--we delete the hold and I will try getting it outside the library system
[closing announcement]
* City sign ordinance
* Adult fiction
* Patron asks about security cameras
* Only one person left and she's done


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