Tuesday, November 23, 2004

10:30 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: placing reserves on the Demand Order items. There must be fifty of them this week!

* Word proc
* "Where's your fiction section?" (I walk her to it)
[QUIET morning!]
[Just realized I forgot to take the vitamin C I brought to work this morning, in a desperation attempt to avoid getting sick...at least until AFTER I cook for 11 people on Thursday! So: GULP, down they go with Dr. Pepper]
* SAM logged patron out of the Internet in the middle of a purchase; no clue why [she still has time left--I suspect she clicked the "End Session" button without knowing what it says, since it's not translated]
* Books on writing college application essays
* Pay for print jobs
[family member calls, sounding awful, to say he's leaving work to go home ASAP because he feels like he's "floating in space"...great]
* Pen
* Word proc
* Writer's Market "for magazines" [it's all in one, just like usual]
* Scratch paper
* Zip code for nearby town
* Stapler ("for just one staple")
* [phone] Circ desk is looking for the Director; she's been in her office since I got here to take over
* "What does 'J' mean?" ["Juvenile" section--I walk her to the shelf she's looking for]
* Word proc

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