Friday, November 26, 2004

11 - 12 noon ; 1 - 4

What I'm doing between questions: DDC22 checking. Yes, 'still.'
* Typically long discussion with with Librarian J, on weeding for Weed & Feed grant
* Change library card number in SAM
* Word proc
* Turkey Day confab with tech + she is wondering why Librarian JK left a couple things on her desk to catalog (she types labels)
* Patrons needs today's Wall Street Journal--now kept behind Ref Desk because people were cutting it up/stealing bits of it
* Reverse lookup from patron's cell phone caller ID
* "Hi" to Sleek
* Printer payment (some confusion because he can't find his card for me to look up account, and account with the name he gave me doesn't show any activity today...)
* Printer payment
* Turkey Day confab with Sleek
* Pen & paper
* Circ person asking where "Oversize" books are for lost patron
* [phone] Librarian JK looking for Librarian J
* Restrooms' location
* Renew time on SAM for job search patron
* It's homeless day today, oddly enough (usually Wednesday/Thursday). Maybe today's group is made up of those living in unheated lodgings around town?
* SAM password
[I just realized that I can check to see what's going on with the guys who keep wandering around: we have CCTV now!]
What I'm doing between questions: processing new "demand" order.
* Drunk needs help finding the family he hasn't seen in 10 years. Sadly, they (mostly) aren't where he thinks they used to be
* Please turn on fireplace in reading room -- the building is cold today
* Former page needs help with college English paper on occupations
* Wireless network setup (clueless--I call Sleek)
* [phone] Local service numbers for electricity and gas companies
* Word proc
* Restrooms
* {Current} page asks where the Local History CDs go, and why the same CD is shelved in two different places
[lots of drunks here...]
* Help with PC (CD-ROM)
* Yet another ex-page arrives to use Internet
* Printer has been turned off--major panic at the Internet stations!
* Look up library card number for SAM
* Greek god info (6th grade assignment)
* Recommend a good book: Jasper Fforde
* [phone] Pathway Publishing phone number: this is the best I could do
* How to do bibliography for Greek mythology kid's mom
* Ex-page reserves book; we chat
* Ex-page #2 returns Occupational Outlook Handbook
* Circ person looking through recycling bins for Dell ad
* Word proc/Internet
* Can you copy info to a CD from the Internet terminals? [uhm, yeah, I think so...?]
* Microfilm from last year's local paper
* CD-guy says it's not working; I send him to research terminal to try it there
* Register for SAM/update card information
* CD-guy says it's asking him for administrative passwords; I call Sleek
* Greek god guy is done
* Sleek explains why CD won't work for the guy....anyway, I sell him a floppy and start formatting CD-RWs since they are useless as they stand now (unformatted)
* How to used word processor without library card: I log him in as staff
* Register for SAM
* More 6th graders, more, wait, they want to reserve the new Clive Cussler book sitting on my cart here!
3:00 (Librarian J and I are at the desk together this hour)
* Word proc
* Reserves
* 6th graders areback; good thing I like/know these guys! Much discussion of Clancy and Cussler
* Paper for word proc printer
* Help printing off Internet pages
* Word proc printer is acting weird; I tell him to print at the big one across the room
[have now formatted 2 CD-RWs, working on #3)
* Christmas tree lady here to find out when the group can put up the tree here
* How to get a library card
[homeless cross-dresser strides through the Internet area looking for a non-existent vacant terminal]
* Messy printing; dealt with


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