Thursday, November 18, 2004

9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

What I'm doing between questions: checking new books against our database
{It's time to resurrect this, on occasion, since I will be doing more Ref hours, and I've "volunteered" to teach a How to Blog class in a couple of months}
* the usual Morning Spaz:
turning on all 25 computers and copier,
sorting yesterday's newspapers (while scanning the headlines) and putting them with the other old papers,
putting out today's papers,
picking up all the junk left laying around the reading and Reference areas, refilling the printer and copier with paper
....which takes us to 9:10
* [phone] Do we have the first two telecourse tapes for Psych 151? [he tells me it's "grand" that I have them and will hold them!]
* Mr. Ick comes by and registers his (probably daily) complaint that since we are getting CCTV (4 cameras) installed this week, we'll soon be a police state
* word processor signup
* patron looking for a children's book from the early 70s about a boy named Collier; it's a western. Her friend named her son Collier because of this book--son was just killed in Iraq. I dig for awhile, then she asks me to show her how to use FirstSearch so she can keep looking. What a nice thing for her to do.
* paper clip
[It's homeless day (they rotate through the county, depending on which city's church keeps them overnight)...they are wandering in slowly. Since it's not too cold, it's only a few today, those who really can't be outside, like the couple with the new baby who just wandered past.]
* local city paper, this week's and last week's
* Adult Programming Librarian comes and confirms abovementioned blogging class with me; I counter with an idea for parent-child craft class. I also show her the "weird stuff" on this desktop, which she messages our tech about, along with my limping cataloging PC.
* ILL person wondering why Waking up Screaming isn't coming up in our catalog [because it was marked to index it under the 'n' in Waking....]

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