Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1:00 -2:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: planning for upcoming inventory project.

  • Spanish keyboard: naturally, since techy librarian just left [new computer means the plug on the keyboard doesn't fit in the USB port; we have no splitter to bridge the problem, BUT there is one computer left that still has all the right the children's room. All of this takes 20 minutes, while I'm doing these other things]
  • Local newspapers from 1898 on microfilm
  • Restrooms
  • Pouring rain--people dash out to shut car windows
  • Restrooms [must be all the water falling outside...]
  • Pay for print jobs, and more time online? [sure, he's a regular and only three computers are in use]
  • Head of circ attempts to find the bottom of the junk drawer (pens, staples, letter openers, paper, paper clips, glue sticks, scissors...) [I commiserate but tell her I gave up organizing that drawer years ago]
  • Old newspaper woman returns asking if there is an index.... [no, not really, unfortunately]
  • Look up card number? [no, no ID...I send him up to use the laptops with the YA Coordinator]
  • Poems by Richard Wilbur [I show her the anthologies; we don't have anything]
  • Sign up for internet [can't, there is no parent is here to sign for him...I send him upstairs too]
  • "My password won't work" [I delete it and tell him to start over with a new one]
  • [Shelver asks if full cart of books are orphans; I come up blank. Then, "Yes."]
  • Password dude finds a floppy in disc drive, which turns out to be totally stuck [message left for IT Guy]
  • [phone] Reserve Breath of Snow and Ashes on CD for patron
  • Poetry patron returns triumphant: we DO own something by Mr. Wilbur. [my question: why isn't it in the catalog??]
  • Spanish keyboard guy brings back keyboard; he also replugged-in the 'regular' keyboard for me
For early afternoon on a weekday, this was a surprisingly busy hour!

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