Thursday, May 11, 2006

2:00 - 3:00; 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

What I'm doing between questions: running inventory lists, fixing miscoded nonfiction books--no, they really aren't fiction.


[Librarian F calls and asks for help in "fixing" the new monitor where she's working; it's too bright. She's having a hissy fit, so I go show her--if you can believe it--how to use the buttons on the bottom edge of the monitor. So techy...]
* Nearby schoolhouse being torn down (lots of flap in the paper about it)...patron went to that school--should she contact someone? [I send her to the Historical Society]
* "I printed something yesterday--do you still have it?" [uh,no]
* Finance, not really investing, general stuff [I walk him and his coffee cup to the stacks]
[While I'm gone, Librarian H gets shanghaied into answering questions on a price guide for action figures [nope] and Microsoft Office [yup]

[The coroner is doing a program in our meeting room right now--there appear to be about 70 people wandering into the building looking for it]
[I cut up scratch paper]
* [phone] History of psychology books on CD, which he's already searched on WorldCat
* More time and help printing images
[As I walk past Internet stations, I see a guy scanning quickly past a whole lot of bare skin--they turn out to be bare bottoms...just that...very weird]
[Serial Killer* walks by, carrying coffee. Very prosaic. If only he weren't so scary-looking]
* Pay for print jobs
* More time on Internet
* Drinking fountain?
[Art teacher is in here inspecting his students' artwork--this week is the school district's art show]
* Print jobs won't go to color printer...another girl pipes up and says it wasn't working for her earlier. She was told by "the librarian" to move to another printer. [I write up a note for Librarian H and IT Guy to look at it tomorrow]
* Sign up for internet access

I'm off to the circ desk for the last hour of the day.

*He's not really a serial the best of my knowledge

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