Thursday, May 04, 2006

7:30 - 9:00 p.m.

I've switched with Librarian D so that I now work on Thursday evenings. I'll be pulling some more Ref Desk hours, I expect...but Thursdays tend to be quiet.

What I'm doing between questions: working on the latest Demand order cards

BOARD MEETING NIGHT (natch--I'm in my best ratty, torn-up-at-the-cuffs jeans...)

* ESL tutor comes to make copy for her student at our printer/copier
* Reset time on internet; and "How do I get to R----'s Woods from here?" [oy--there are no straight streets between here and there, but we sort it out once she realizes it's near the police station...hmmm....]
[Noisy family arrives; girls immediately start arm-wrestling over the computer...and the mean librarian--me--says, "Girls!! Girls. That behavior is unacceptable!" Their dad shoos them off the computer and I flirt with the little boy]
* How to print in color
[I check with Circ: any changes since I last worked a night?? They can't think of anything]
[Circ clerk asks me how to print on the regular printer--not the receipt printer--from the circulation software--we can't figure out]
* How to print in color [one of the noisy girls, who is much quieter now]
* Change card number in SAM
[There is an awful lot of giggling going on by the internet computers--I'm going to have to go talk to them...two adult women, one of whom has been a regular here for almost 8 years!]
* Same little girl wants to know why the right edge is cut off when she prints [I show her how to reset the page "sideways"]

* [phone] "Can I print from a flash drive?" [Yup]
* State manufacturers directory
* "Where is Juvenile Poetry?"
* Little Girl: "How do you spell 'Chicken Little'?"
* Manufacturers directory guy needs help finding transformers; I sign him up to use the Internet to research one company more fully
* Headphones [for the boy I was flirting with]
* Two books in the Redemption series reserved for patron
* Flash drive people arrive to print
* Look up card number for SAM use, and the printer isn't first, then suddenly it is
* Pen
* Flash card: can he print? [I don't know where our camera card USB thingy went, so he's using our new printer with camera ports]
* Stapler
* Help with printing (transformer guy)
* Add to patron's print account
* Camera print-out guy just finishes at 9 straight up

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