Wednesday, May 19, 2004

9 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: going through the lost library card basket, and creating the Upcoming Fiction &Nonfiction lists.

* The Man Who Swore At Me In Traffic [a.k.a. TMWSAMIT] (on Friday) waltzes in again to use Word. Pleasant, for now. Tries to chat with me. As if I can't read lips... [grrr--this is a small town after all!]
* Pencil
* Patron for whom I tried to purchase a book for our collection asks about it; I query if he needs that book (since we can't get it from B&T) or just something on the subject. Just the subject. So I'll find something else...
* Pencil
* Librarian JK stops to chat about the end of the school year
* Pencil (Mr. Ick)
* Restroom [a desperate-looking man]
* "Can you look at this? I can't see what I'm doing wrong" on the Internet [need dashes between mmddyyyy, and password can't match user name--which is exactly what the highlighted red text says]
* Local weekly paper
flurry begins
* Indiana Securites Department contact info.
* Word proc
* Word proc [very together, very cute teen]
* "Where do I find this book?" [I point, because I have 3 people here right now, suddenly, and the phone is ringing]
* Local yellow pages
[phone] Do we have books that list colleges? Good, she'll send her 16-year-old daughter in to start researching.
* Reviews of boats, like the Kelley Blue Book. YESS! I found one after much banging through the 'net
* Local paper returned
* Mr. Ick returns pencil and complains about others who don't do so
* "Why did my pictures print so weird?" [I wish we knew--she says she'll come back tomorrow and try again; how nice]
* TMWSAMIT assures me that he really (really) only printed 5 pages [whatever, just go away]
flurry over....whew
* No Social Skills is here; he only mutters at me today [backslider]
* Pay for (weird) print jobs
[People crack me up: a woman is having a hot flash--not the funny part--even though it's about 60 degrees, and then putting on more makeup, all while sitting at the Internet terminals]
[Long discussion with Library C of order of worship request for book...too long to explain really]
[Telecom guy here to fix cordless phone problem]
* High school year book from early '80s [Whoever heard of a public library that doesn't keep the ONLY HIGH SCHOOL IN TOWN's yearbooks?! We are that library!]
* 1989 Mercedes repair (Chilton's)
* How to add person to Yahoo! address book
* Stapler
* Stapler
* How to reply to message in Yahoo! [sigh]
[phone call from family member--I know, we're all shocked]
* Kleenex. And People magazine
[Librarian A is in the building! woo hoo]
* Yahoo! man stops to check to see if I think he'll have any trouble logging into Yahoo! as he travels [well......he's really a nice man, so I'm nice back to him]
* Stapler (same woman)

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