Friday, May 28, 2004

3 - 4

What I'm doing between questions: finishing what I started earlier, and creating order records for Demand books just ordered.

* Local phone book [and then she calls someone on her cell]
* Pencil
* Genealogy
* Internet signup with no card (I don't THINK so!)
* Reset timer for Internet user
* Internet signup (same girl; she just paid for a new card)
* Pen. And calculator [I show her how to find in on the word proc]
* Sleek needs paper. It must be the day
* Paper
* Book not on shelf; "Recently Returned"-->check the shelving carts
* The pages are here [since Librarian J is gone, they check in with me. I guess]
* Paper
* Someone turned off the Internet printer [grr--it takes about 5 full minutes to restart itself]
* Heartfelt thank you for extending the guy's time
* How to spell 'cousin'
[it's 4:05--where's my relief!?]

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