Friday, May 14, 2004

1 - 2

What I'm doing between questions: replacing old Time-Life books with newer-looking copies that were donated.

* "Can you play chess online against the computer instead of other people?" [yes, but not till the end of the school year when we turn the games back on]
* Local paper
* [phone] Used medical books, source. I suggest the nearest college, or hospitals. She doesn't have a computer and she doesn't have the titles yet. Eventually, I find out that she's taking a course in medical transcription and that the school is selling the books for $250 (for 5 titles). I try to explain that $50 is a pretty decent price for a textbook. She's not she's going to start making phone calls. Good luck
* [phone] Nighttime is My Time reserve
* [phone] Thespian needs Social Security by Andrew Bergman for audition. [He also wants to chat and talk about directions to the library and chat and tell me about the last play he was in here in town and chat...sigh]
* Grand Dragon : D.C. Stephenson and the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana or anything about him that we have [shockingly--or not--we don't have anything]

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