Wednesday, May 05, 2004

9 - 12 noon

What I'm doing between questions: my regularly scheduled trudge through all the reserves. This time the mess is compounded by the Local Large Public Library [who shall remain nameless so I can swear at them]. They have decided, because they're idiots, that they are taking their marbles out of the consortia and playing, by themselves. Stupid, stupid. [But it will be good to see them go, as they are the cause of many many issues across every area of library service...] Venting over.

* Today's papers [haven't gotten them to the reading room yet--nice man volunteers to take them all with him]
* Word proc
* One of our regular Investment Guys is shocked that he is the first to log on the 'net today
* Word proc (times two)
* First word proc guy starts chatting me up as he waits for the copier to warm up [ick]; finally sits down at the Internet
* A current calendar
* "When did we start blocking the state lottery site?" [good question--I look up last night's numbers for him at the ref desk instead, which is all he wants]
* In a business letter, where do you put the person's title--above their name, or below?
* Pay for prints? [nope, you only did 2, so they are free]
* Chatting Up Guy needs a key counter for the copier [no, just put money in the slot]
[Why, at 9:35, is the main printer just now warming up? It always takes a full 5 minutes to recalibrate after someone turns it off, which some 'helpful' patron just did, apparently. Probably Chatting Up Guy...]
* Internet signup, during which I somehow cause barcode reader AND the keyboard at this terminal to stop working, but the mouse is fine
[after crawling around behind the CPU for 10 minutes, trying assorted things--today's the day I had to wear a skirt!--I give up and shut everything down and reboot. So I have now had to cut/paste and delete the original entry....good thing it's quiet, eh?]
* Multiple Streams of Income on cassette [I do an ILL for it] and anything on tape by Robert Kiyosaki [we have something on our shelf]
[I start coughing up a lung--it's a beautiful day!!]

* Pay for prints
[ok, I think I'm done coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose and otherwise being grossly disgusting]
* Mr. Ick here for paper and pencil
[there have been at least two separate people standing behind me using the tax books or something for about 20's a bit creepy]
* Son of Mr. Ick returns pencil [I feel a bad-movie flashback coming on...]
* Internet signup and the barcode reader blows up the computer again [GRRRRR]
* Magazines that show roofing and siding choices and nothing else [I introduce her to the siding and roofing websites that let you change the colors around to your heart's content a la The Sims--she's very happy!]
* Internet signup, and I don't blow up the PC! [yippee]
* Word proc
[I am 1/4 of the way through the reserves...sigh]

* Word proc
* How to register as a business in the county/state
[I just realized that two catalog terminals aren't turned on...yep, I'm wide awake today]
* [phone] Grand Canyon Suite on CD [checked out; put on hold]
* Word proc guy thanks me and leaves [thoughts I shouldn't be thinking...]
* Grand Canyon person calls back to see when I think the CD will be back [?]
* Microsoft Excel books

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