Wednesday, May 26, 2004

2 - 3

What I'm doing between questions: those missing lists, and ILL prep.

* [phone] Broken Vows; Wings like a Dove; and When You Preach, Remember Me (3 different videos) [must ILL all of them]
* Pay for prints (40 cents with a $20)
* Scooby Doo Snack Tracks [shockingly we don't own it (not); so I do another ILL to add to the growing pile...]
* Cell phone
* Billy Joel Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2 (ca. 1997)
* Calculator for them to use [nope]
[call from family member--how do they know I'm at Reference??]
* [phone] Da Vinci Code reserve (I'm not linking!)
* Stop joyriding in the elevator, kids!
* Criss-cross
* Internet signup
* Word proc (guest pass sign up) [can't find password cheat-sheet] ; turns out he really wants to copy a bunch of CDs and he needs a specific computer, which is in use
* Internet signup
* Print job payment
* [Phone] Can she check out telecourse tapes before the course actually starts? [sure]
* She needs to listen to a CD; we have to find a PC that has the right software [3rd time's the charm]
* Printer is out of paper
* Guy copying CDs finally has a computer that will work for him
[page tells me that the CD guy is a Follower-Arounder and creeps out her and the other pages]
* Print job payment
* Scratch paper
* Criss cross returns
* Telecourse tapes? [same girl]

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