Friday, May 28, 2004

10:10 AM - 1:00 PM

Librarian J went home with a migraine. So there goes my day...
What I'm doing between questions:
    checking books against FirstSearch
    separating those in our database/catalog from those that aren't
    ordering FirstSearch records
* Pen and paper (with hand motions)
* Pencil returned (different patron)
* Patron tries to pay, but he has an outstanding balance in his printing account
* Word proc (New Mom Librarian, with baby) [I get to hold the baby, who is happy as a clam looking at our light fixtures]
*[phone] Word proc signup for tomorrow
* Wills [quick, online; I talk her into some books too]
* The Man Who Swore At Me In Traffic [a.k.a. TMWSAMIT] is here to use a word proc [he also has claimed, to other staff, that we discriminate against him because we block chat rooms on the Internet, and that means he can't use German singles websites...he's not German: he's Martian]
* "Why can't I save to my CD?" [New Mom Librarian--she's off to find Sleek, the tech]
* TMWSAMIT needs more printer paper
* [Phone] "Can you used shredded newspaper as mulch?" I give her the number for the Univesity Extension office
* Reserve for Glorious Appearing
* TMWSAMIT asks if the courthouse is open all day today--while I'm still working with previous patron. [I don't know] Are we open after 12 today? [Yes] "Oh, well, then they will be too?" [huh? Wish we could close as often as they do!]
* More paper for my TMWSAMIT... [I think he's printing his personal manifesto]
* "Can I print off my email here?" [ayup]
[I ask Sleek about downloading a screensaver; someone on staff asked me to do it yesterday but I wanted to make sure it wouldn't blow up the PC]
* You have to tell it to print 3 different times; it is annoying. Sorry.
* More staples [we need an office supply cart just for TMWSAMIT today!] -- [I'm shortening his name to MWS; tired of typing the whole thing!]
* MWS now wants to know how to access recent Supreme Court rulings, but he really wants me to do it for him
* Dream interpretation. In Spanish [one of the ones we found is a Carlos Castenada, which the patron gently tells me has really got nothing to do with dreams. I can't even find "ensoƱar" in the dictionaries!]
* Pencil
* More paper for MWS; says he's writing a book
* Internet access blocked; he's got an overdue magazine, the overdue notice was returned to us and he owes money. Oops
* Omygosh--someone besides MWS uses the stapler! I almost want to hug him!
* Books on photography
* Calendar for June
* MWS counts up his prints--132--pays, and leaves [sounds of great rejoicing!!
* Two more clicks before it will print
* Whew lunch hurrah

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